The Gadget Show - Season 1

Monday 8:00 PM on Channel Five Premiered Jan 01, 2004 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Summer Special
    Summer Special
    Episode 13
    This week is The Gadget Show's Summer Special. Suzi Perry goes to the south of France to test portable speakers. Jason Bradbury and Ortis Deley test jet skis and compact cameras. Jon Bentley goes to Tunisia to test translators. Last in the current series.
  • Roller Coasters, Biometrics and Lawnmowers
    This week Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley test roller coasters at three UK theme parks. They then test roller coaster simulators to see if they produce a similar thrill. Jason Bradbury tests USB powered gadgets to find his top 5. Meanwhile Jon Bentley tests lawnmowers.
  • Fitness, Video Blogging and Gadget Lights
    Suzi Perry returns in this episode and finds the top 5 gadget lights. Ortis Deley tests boxing gadgets by taking on professionals and Jason Bradbury tries the latest skates. Jon Bentley trials video blogging.
  • Wind Power, Car Stereos and the Ultimate Gadget Chair
    Jason Bradbury and Gail Porter test wind powered gadgets such as kites and buggies in Weston-super-Mare. Jon Bentley tests car stereos with singer Katie Melua. Ortis Deley helps construct the ultimate gadget chair.
  • Websites, Camera Phones and Wifi Routers
    Jason Bradbury and Gail Porter test websites in this week's challenge. They pitch iTunes against Spotify and then try and organise a flash mob using Facebook and Twitter. Jon Bentley tests the latest camera phones and Ortis Deley tests WiFi routers to find his top 5.
  • The Gadget Show Big Experiment
    Jason Bradbury and Jon Bentley attempt shoot a football past the sound barrier using different means of power. Gail Porter experiments in the kitchen and Ortis Deley investigates wireless power in the United States.
  • Bicycles, Wetsuits and Eco Televisions
    In this week's challenge Jason Bradbury and Gail Porter test hybrid bicycles, computer games and wetsuits. Jon Bentley tests eco friendly televisions and camera phones. Ortis Deley meets a robot capable of mending itself. Gail also lists the five best gadgets from this year's The Gadget Show Live.
  • HD Camcorders, Football and Crowd Gaming
    In this football themed episode, Jason Bradbury and Ortis Deley test high definition camcorders to record a football match at Woking Football Club. They then try crowd gaming and finally find extremely expensive gadgets which only footballers can afford. Meanwhile, Jon Bentley investigates movies on demand with movie critic James King. Gail Porter guest hosts.moreless
  • Rugged Phones, Torches and Outdoor Cooking
    This week Jason Bradbury and Ortis Deley go outdoors for the challenge to test rugged mobile phones, torches, grass sledges and outdoor cooking equipment. Jon Bentley tests the latest netbooks with newsreader Julie Etchingham. Gail Porter steps in for Suzi Perry who is away due to illness and lists the top five free software.moreless
  • Downhill Racers, All-In-One Computers and April Fool's Gadgets
    Jason Bradbury and Ortis Deley build their own downhill gravity racing kart with the help of Loughborough University to take on the Lotus built 119c at Cadwell Park. Jon Bentley tests all-in-one desktop computers with Linda Barker and Gail Porter finds the best April Fool's Day gadgets.
  • Old Gadgets, Flasks and Hand Held Gaming
    Suzi Perry and Jon Bentley compete to sell their old gadgets for the most amount of money. Suzi using online methods such as eBay and Jon selling to shops. They must then use the money they make to buy the best possible computer. Jason Bradbury tests the latest hand held gaming devices and Ortis Deley is challenged by Vic Reeves to build an autonomous shopping trolley.moreless
  • Personal Music Players, Vacuum Cleaners and Digital Picture Frames
    Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry test personal music players designed for use while exercising and pitch the sound quality of CD, vinyl and MP3 against each other in a blindfold test. Ortis Deley travels to Italy in search of a robotic dog and Jon Bentley tests upright vacuum cleaners with Kim Woodburn. Suzi also gives a list of the top five digital picture frames.moreless
  • Special Effects, 3D Television and The London Toy Fair
    In this new series Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry each make a short film in this week's challenge. They must each use special effects with Jason using home software and Suzi enlisting the help of special effects experts. New presenter Ortis Deley glimpses the future of television, looking at the latest 3D TVs. Jon Bentley scrutinises home phone deals and Jason visits The London Toy Fair.moreless