The Gadget Show - Season 2

Monday 8:00 PM on Channel Five Premiered Jan 01, 2004 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Halloween Special
    Halloween Special
    Episode 12
    Ortis Deley and Suzi Perry visit the Pasaje del Terror and then set up their own house to try and scare an unsuspecting guest. Jon Bentley enlists the help of Jamie Cullum to test MP3 players and Jason Bradbury tests flying gadgets.
  • Concept Cars, Outdoor and Fitness Gadgets
    Ortis Deley and Jason Bradbury tests outdoor gadgets including kayaks and tents in this week's challenge. Suzi Perry looks at concept cars in Switzerland and Jon Bentley tests fitness gadgets with Dame Kelly Holmes.
  • Mobile Apps, Car Technology and Headphones
    Suzi Perry and Jason Bradbury are each set the challenge of designing an application for a mobile phone. Jon Bentley investigates technology that has been put into cars. Ortis Deley tests headphones to find the best pair on the market.
  • Flashforward Special
    This week is a special episode to celebrate the UK premiere of Flashforward. In honour of the programme Suzi Perry and Jason Bradbury are given the challenge of designing a futuristic piece of gadgetry. Jon Bentley sees some of the newest humanoids.
  • Super Hero, Home Security and Boots
    Jason Bradbury and Ortis Deley take place in this week's challenge. Jason tries to climb a 35m vertical wall and Ortis hopes to become invisible. Suzi Perry finds her top five home security gadgets and Jon Bentley finds the best boots with the help of actor Brian Blessed.
  • Google, Scooters and DJ Gadgets
    This week's challenge pitches Google against the rest. Suzi Perry will complete a series of tasks only using Google whilst Ortis Deley will use anything but Google. Jason Bradbury lists his top five scooters. Ortis also tests the newest DJ gadgets on the market.
  • Modified Cars, F1 Car and Mini MP3 Players
    Ortis Deley and Suzi Perry build a gadget laden car to compete against other modified cars. Jon Bentley tests mini MP3 players with Stephanie Waring and Ashley Taylor-Dawson from the cast of Hollyoaks. Jason Bradbury finds the five most useless websites. Ortis heads to France to drive a Formula 1 car.moreless
  • Flying, Sports Watches and Nettops
    In this episode Jason Bradbury and Ortis Deley try to build a man powered plane with the help of Southampton University. Suzi Perry tests sports watches with Ewan Thomas. Jon Bentley tests three nettops.
  • Satellite Navigation, HD Camcorders and Air Powered Cars
    This week Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry test two new bikes and a range of satellite navigation systems in a race around London as bike couriers. Jon Bentley tests HD camcorders and DAB radios. Ortis Deley heads to France to try a new compressed air powered car.
  • Internet Tutorials, Small Televisions and Seoul vs. London
    This week's challenge is between Jason Bradbury and Ortis Deley. Each must learn a new skill using only the Internet and then after a month, be judged by an expert. Suzi Perry and Jon Bentley compare which city is more technologically advanced, Seoul or London. Jon also tests small televisions with the help of Dawn Porter. Guest starring Antony Worrall Thompson.moreless
  • Wireless vs. Wired, Ovens and Browser Games
    In this episode Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley race to Smeaton Tower, Plymouth from London. Suzi will only be allowed to use wired gadgets and Ortis will only be allowed to use wireless gadgets to aid their journeys. Jon Bentley tests 3 new ovens and Jason Bradbury gives his top 5 browser based games.moreless
  • Remote Control Car, Smart Phones and Robot Penguins
    Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry are challenged with creating a full size remote control car. Ortis Deley swims with robot penguins and Jon Bentley tests smartphones in New York.