The Game

Season 2 Episode 20

Baby Come Back

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 18, 2008 on BET
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The new coach seems more interested in getting to know Kelly than making a new deal with Jason. Meanwhile, After tracking down Melanie to confess his love for her, Derwin ends up in a fight with Jerome. Malik also confesses his love for Robin Givens.

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  • Definitely nerve racking.....

    This season finale was just like last season's, full of cliffhangers and leaving you wanting more. The song that ended this episode was......just awesomely fitting. Derwin having Jennay that she is pregnant was believable but I'm not sure if she is lieing but I learned something from this show, expect the unexpected so who knows what to expect. Jason and Kelly plot is very bumpy but I hope they work it out next season and not break up. Malik and Robin is very interesting, I'm appalled but hope it's not another get together and break up marriage. Melanie trying to come back to Derwin is once again blocked because something is in the way. I can't wait though for next season just like this season, I hope it is chock full of great storylines.moreless
  • Was it me or this episode had no sound? I had to put my close captioning on to see what they were saying. I hope the CW will run this episode again.moreless

    Was it me or this episode had no sound? I had to put my close captioning on to see what they were saying. I hope the CW will run this episode again. I felt some type of way. It was the usual great show. I watch every episode. I was really looking forward to this one. I wonder if One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl are ever messed up? Probably not. Everybody Hates Chris was messed up too, but Aliens in America was fine. There aren't that many black shows or characters on the CW since it became the CW so I expect the ones that are left to be in good condition. Is this alot to ask? I guess so. Oh and by the way I'm from Pa.moreless
  • yowser yowswer ..more twist and turns.. heartbreaks too

    yowser yorser.. So many loose ends. I think Derwin got caught up.. Janee' is not preggers.. They used condoms.. remember when she found the teddy bear. Jason is really fowl for doing his wife like that... Malik and Robin.. i smell annulment. But yowsers.. Melanie and Derwin and now Janee' ..more heart breaks on the way. excellent episodes . lots of twist and turns!!!! I am really nervous about Derwin and Melanie.. this whole season I have been on the edge of my seat thinking well they get back together or wont they. Now with Janee in the middle next season will be a rollercoaster. I think Jerome was wrong to punch Derwin.. I never did like him ..but again this was a great episodemoreless
  • Oh snap! Just when you think that it gonna go one does the complete opposite.

    The season finale was off the chain. Robin and Malik..I can't believe they actually got married. It'll be real interesting to see how that goes next season. As for Kelly, I would have done the same thing. Jason did her wrong and I don't blame her. As nice as Jerome is I really don't want Melanie with him. As far as Janae goes, I don't think Derwin's the father...she may just be going to him for the money...goldigger! But I'm glad that Melanie finally came to her senses!! I cannot wait until the fall when the new season comes out. I have no clue what to expect!moreless
  • This episode took me by suprise, especially Jason. I really couldn't believe he would sacrafice his wife like that just to get what he wanted. Melanie and Durwin are so keeping this show going. I wouldn't be suprised if Durwin doesn't go back to her.moreless

    I think this was one of the best episodes for this show. It left me sitting on the edge of my seat. I was near tears throughout the whole show. The end is what did it for me. I couldn't hold on any longer. I can't wait till the next season. I'm so wanting to know what happens. Oh my goodness, I just can't believe Melanie and Durwin. This is a great show. I hope it never ends. I really want to know when the next season starts. I've looked on the net to get an idea when the next show will start, but have had no luck. If anyone knows anything please let me know.moreless

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