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  • This show is starting to suck...

    Now I love the show the Game but latley since they got pooch hall an tia off the show it has really gone down not to add miss london can't act at all. I just think it's time to let the show go cause it's not good anymore the stories don't make any since to me now one week someone addict to something then the next week someone having an afair with someone please stop this is makeing black show look very bad . we already don't have nothing good to look at now.. Hell I dont like the show that comes on after the Game but it better this yr then it was last yr. so I might have to keep looking at let's stay together I'm done with the Games it's not a good show anymore an all these stars they keep bring on the show wtf for i mean every now an then it's fine but not every day . it's to run down I'm go back the past seasons an that 's will be the end of my game addiction.
  • pretty bootsy

    Yeah it is getting pretty bootsy, too many stars, need to just stick with an occasional one here and there but the show is not as exciting as it once was.
  • Change Isn't Always Good

    I watched last night's episode of The Game and I am sorry to say that there was just no chemistry among the new cast members. I am not sure why TV executives always feel the need to fix a series that is working by getting rid of all of the players who made the series what it was to begin with. The Game has truly been butchered by the powers to be. The central characters of Malik, Tasha, Jason, Derwin and Melanie made the show what it was. The addition of Brandy was a hit but now there is nothing that ties the characters together. It is just another mishmash "wanna be" comedy and that is too bad because The Game use to be a winner.
  • Great Great Show Honestly

    This show is honestly the best drama adult show i have ever watched in my life but after the show left the CW it's changed instead of getting better it got worst like the directors started to take the show more serious they got rid of he laugh commentary after a funny thing happened inside of the show i noticed there wasn't any more laugh that's what really reduced the score from being 10 and another i heard this season coming up they got rid Pooch Hlall- Derwin Davis and Tia Mowery - Melinie Barnett Davis there not returning and i think that i am either if youn know what i mean but the show is still good on Bet it's just not just as good
  • Tia leaving the show!

    I can't watch this show without her. I started watching this show because of her and Derwin. Won't watch the show if she's not on going to be a permanent cast member. And no one should. We the veiwers wanted this so back, not for you to take our main cast members away.
  • Tia Mowry Not Returning

    I think it is crazy that the main character would be reduced to recurring role! I am happy that Pooch Hall has decided to return, but however, I was very interested in how both characters, Melanie and Derwin would grow. I honestly don't think I will be a regular this season. I have always watched the show but now I am no longer interested and like Melanie, I won't be coming back.
  • WTF!!!

    If i cant watch reruns to catch up my shows online then maybe i dont need to watch it at all....
  • "The Game" has really gone downhill since BET butchered it!

    That's NOT a good sign if the two main characters aren't returning to the show. We'll see what happens...I thought it went downhill ever since BET got ahold of it.

    In all seasons prior it really was a GREAT show but this last season was just bad. Very, very bad. My question is what happened to the original writers/directors/staff persons for The Game? BET failed to keep the characters true to who they really were and who the audience came to know and love. I found myself asking "who is THIS person" each time I watched a new episode.

    Tasha Mack was really not the Tasha Mack that we all fell in love with and could relate to. Derwin Davis was this really sweet, thoughtful church-going guy, now what has he become? Self-centered, egotistical, extremely full of himself while wearing out the word "legacy". They got rid of Kelly Pitts...WHY? Not to mention switching out Britney (a.k.a. Brit-Brat) for some other girl who looks way older than a teenager. Coby Bell (a.k.a. Jason Pitts) is now doing "special appearances" and/or guest starring on the show? Really? Brandy Norwood (as much as I love her) just does not fit into the show's dynamic and we all know SHE ain't hardly Jason's type. Bring back Kelly and the real Britney.

    BET hit the loyal viewing audience with waaaay too many changes to this once really good show. Overall, I'm really disappointed with this last season of The Game.
  • NAME CHANGE: "The Game" is now "The Ghetto!"

    REALLY?!?! I am so utterly finished with the media, with all of its non-African American (white) financiers, telling us to stay in our place ... you know ... the ghetto. It's called institutional racism. It's the same "Stay in your place" mentality that tells us that we cannot participate. We are not good enough. So much so, that even we, the most resilient people on earth (African Americans) have embraced and put into play a mentality of keeping our own people down.

    The thing that attracted me to this show was the way these women handled their business. Cosmopolitan and sophisticated, whether in the board room representing their intellect and wielding their power, or in the bedroom, claiming and taming their men. Tasha previously portrayed a woman who worked hard and used her brilliance and savvy to become more than just a stereotypical teenage mother from the ghetto. This new(er) version of "The Game" turned "The Ghetto"

    And the men, Balla's ... literally and figuratively; doin' their thing to lift themselves and their families up. In the earlier version of the show, we saw camaraderie and competition, both on and off the football field. These "once great" athletes, around whom the show revolved and evolved, rarely ever see any action now. They've all gone to the way of drugs, sex and little else.

    I get it. "Sex sells," but damn, it's not everything. And yes, black folks can operate on a multitude of levels, and make it work!
  • I loooooooooooove me some Melanie and Derwin.

    Derwin and Melanie are great actors I love them. They are so sweet together. Derwin is super sweet. He is funny I love that. Keep it up guys. Loveeeeeeeeeeee it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Back on top!

    After a few so-so weeks, the series is finally getting back to the comedy/drama that once made it amazing. I've been hooked every Tuesday and the show is only climbing higher! I love watching Melanie's struggle to find herself independent of Derwin and how strong she's been this season with Janay rubbing in the fact that she can't have children.

    Now that Tasha and Melanie finally worked things out just bring back Kelly and have Tasha and her work things out and we can get our girls back!

  • This season

    I've watched this show from the beginning and always loved it....until now. I hate the changes to Melanie and Tasha. Melanie is extremely needy and Tasha is extremely desperate. Tasha was always strong and edgy but now she's desperate and over the top ghetto. The Tasha of old would never put a prostitute on retainer. Also hate the war between Melanie & Tasha. The friendship between very different women was part of the appeal of the show.
  • Not feeling this Season of The Game

    Don't like the twist on the new shows Tasha paying for sex...NOT

    It was bad enough that Kellie is no longer in the show,now they have Tasha and Melanie fighting each other...enough already
  • Ghetto fabulous

    The show has gone DRASTICALLY down hill this season. It's ghetto fabulous with cheap & tawdry episodes. I enjoyed the show when the focus was on comedy, with intelligent black women. Now with the focus on sex and cheap cattiness, it seems as if the appeal of the show is dumb-downed. I won't continue to watch if this continues. I do however like the addition of Brandy.
  • Not Happy

    I think the game is aweful this season!!!!! I keep watching, hoping for something to change and my disappointment still stands. I have loved this show since the beginning of it and I would rush home from work to make sure I was done with everything so I could enjoy it without interuptions. Thats not the case anymore, so maybe its time to cancel it!!
  • About Tasha and Melanie...

    I hate how they have turned Tasha and Melanie against each other......especially how they have Tasha acting all bad azz towards her, but earlier in the season, she was having nightmares about Kelli whipping her butt!!! SMH!!! I mean, REALLY!!! Also, Melanie supports Derwin through all of his BS and now she ends up with NO FRIENDS at all.....What's that all about!!! And for Tasha to have the NERVE to throw it up in Melanie face about her not being able to have kids is just cause for an AZZ WHIPPING!!!!! That is just WRONG!!! I hope it all gets CURVED around and these two can straighten out their issues....... :((((
  • Good show

    Needs a little help seems somewhat unrealistic. Tasha and the Melanie Comments about her being barren is not cool. Brandy she's cool I think she should be with T.T. The show to me was a little more interesting last season. Hope it picks up soon....
  • Great Show

    I love the show && I'm glad BET picked it up for us. This is the first time, I feel BET is actually listening to its viewers and acting accordingly. I love this season, I really feel like all the characters are growing in their personality and attempting to become better individuals while retaining their spunk. I would really hate to think that people would turn on the Game after BET and the characters worked so hard to get the show back. && THis is one of the best shows BET has had to offer in a long time, be grateful people.
  • Viewing standards

    I feel The game is NOT very interesting this season and if it continues on the path that it is going I will not be watching it at all. I mean we know Malik never should have bought the biggest house he could and Melanie and Tasha are feuding but last yr you would leave us in suspense now I really don't care to know. Please step up the game because everyone I ask are truly dissatified with the show. Sorry but pls do better. Thanks.....
  • The Game

    The Game episodes are way to short. Need a Hour.

    The first episode was great! Although there were disagreements, both between the men and women, they always seemed to come together to support one another, but in this season, the love is gone. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!! Also, there are so many sterotypes in this season, it's hard to concentrate on the great talents of the show. I'm African American, but like some of us black women know, we all don't behave the way they are portraying us in this new season. As we know, Tasha has always been upfront about her feelings and was very entertaining in the beginning, now she is just plain "ghetto" and represent so much of what a women her age shouldn't be. It's nothing wrong with having a voice, but bring back the class she exemplified in the first season. Also, no one wants to see Malik broke down, we enjoyed him being rich and arrogant, that's what made us love him. We want the funny "TeeTee", not the serious one with all the great advise. It's nothing wrong with adding some spice to their characters, just don't loose what the audience feel in love with from the begining. Brandy was a great addition, she can hold her on. I love her strenght as a black women, but not really feeling the name Chardonnay, they definiately could have done better with that one-but yet again, there goes another stereotype, but it's not cute. If Jason makes another comment about black women, I'm going to scream. Please flip the page on this character and get to something more deep than just his issues with black women and why he loves white women so much. Black women get tired of being reminded why our black men refuse us when we support them in everything they do, even when they treat us wrong at times. I MISS THE OLD WRITERS, PLEASE BRING THEM BACK OR THE SHOW WON'T MAKE IT TOO MUCH LONGER. The buzz is out, people are very disappointed, but it's not too late to make a change, so producers and writers of the show, take notice to what is being said on this review blog and lets get back in the game. REAL TALK!!!
  • NEED HELP!!!!!

    T- mack is to over the top, Malik has become a WEEP,I'am a recovering acoholic and my life got better and I got off my pitty pot. Brandy does fit, seem as though this group is to fast for her. MR Pitts is a goofy lite skin blackman who likes WHITE women. A black woman is not going to make him black.The sexy little doctor and the now foot ball star are, they kool ! AISO T-MACK DRINKS TO MUCH.
  • I love this show

    I love this show.. I love the advertising ..hence how it was incorporated into the show. I m sure this is whats coming to other shows. Since TiVo .. No one watching commercials anymore so what better way to advertise. Besides that. I thing this show is great with serious/funny. A++ glad to see it back
  • Unrealistic!

    I like the show and I love the people on the show, but im not feeling these scenarios. The actions and reactions of alot of the characters do not seem realistic!! The baby mama telling the wife "oh maybe this would be a good time to get the cupcakes out of the oven" yeah right, this would never happen in the real world. I need to be able to relate to some of these scenarios or im gonna lose interest!!!
  • I'm totally feeling the hookup of Chardonnay and Jason

    This has always been a good show. But adding a guest star of the caliber of Brandy Norwood is making it better and more interesting. It doesn't seem as superficial because Chardonnay is tackling some deep and meaningful issues. The marriage between Jason and Chardonnay seems so real because they share a lot of onscreen chemistry and it's funny the way it happened. I'm looking forward to more of these two in the future.
  • I love Brandy on the show

    I love Brandy on this show. I think she fits right in and gives a whole new perspective on the Jason Pitts character that we didn't know and understand before. I think that is important. And I think Brandy is a beautiful and very talented actress who is perfect to play this important role.
  • The show

    I do not like Brandy on the show, she always had that arrogant air about her. I would to see Tasha Mack put on a few pounds. She is too bony and looks better with meat on her bones.
  • Not feeling Brandy

    Not believing the Jason and Chardonnay marriage... Why go there? Still hoping Jason and Kelly get back together.

    Brandy's look doesn't jive with the group...producers, please re-think this one. As for the rest of show, well, you set the bar high and this episode did not meet expectations...still a loyal fan...but expecting so much more!
  • Loosing viewers

    I hate that Brandy is on this show. She does not fit in. This show is going to loose a lot of viewers
  • Thank you BET for such an entertaining show! I am so happy I bumped into this show online recently and i got a connected to the story instantly. Showing the life of African Americanathletes as we saw a couple of real stars in this show.


    A radical departure from portraying black Americans as drug peddlers, gangsters and prostitutes. Shows how the extremely rich and young African American athletes live their lives. The characters are a perfect combination. Derwin and Mel, Good guy/girl (gone bad) playing the lead role, Jason pitts and wife (pretenders), malik and Tasha (mama's boy/ghetto mama). This all depicts the struggles of average American Athletes the good, the bad and the ugly. Overall I think it depicts the strong will of these people. Story of love, betrayal and splendour. I could go on and on... a great show. Please we need similar stories to inspire us!!!

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