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  • It's an all right show

    The Game was the second spin-off series I watched before I knew the parent show, the first is Angel. The show was okay, though I have only see some of it on tv and online. Now I don't mean to compare to things to another, but The Game is kinda like Futurama. I know Futurama is a cartoon and The Game is a live action show, but here are some hints on how these shows are alike (in my opinion): 1] the main characters are somewhat in their 20's, 2] both of them have been cancelled after 3 or 4 seasons, 3] the two returned a few years later but on a different network and 4] both are being cancelled again. That's all I can say about it. ANYWAYS, the show was good, but it changed quickly.
  • Former die-hard fan of this show...

    What kind of tv show has ONLY TEN EPISODES in a season?? Six months between seasons and that's it? What's the point??

    Also, what was the point of Jason putting all that effort into his relationship with Chardonnay, and he didn't even love her?? The writers did a good job taking 9 episodes to make Chardonnays role make sense, and then?? Very bad writing.

    Kelly used to be great, but she came back looking like a clown did her makeup. Seriously, she used to be cool. Totally not worth bringing her back.

    Due to the lack of actual episodes, I'm out. Not worth waiting six months for barely half a season.
  • Child_Hush!

    With a nearly-50 Tasha having a baby with one of two-men that she dogged out, the same ol' Malik, and the boorish and tired shennangans of Blue and Kierra, The Game has become more like a bad car accident from which I can't look away! Kelly coming back and the Jason and Chardonnay-thing were glimmers of hope but overall, the storylines were straight out of the Jerry Springer/Maury Pauvich playbook. And the characters, whoa! Really immature for the ages that they are supposed to be portraying. It is a shame, I expected more from Mara Brock Akil.
  • We got played on BET

    What happened to the football team including their personal lives off the field. That's what the title say The Game. But this is what happens when you take quality show and give it to BET!!

  • The game

    I think brandy and jason should stay together and kelly should move on with her life if not people will stop watching the show

  • Why only 10 episodes???

    I am very disappointed that there is only 10 episodes this season. I hope that the show is on a hiatus and return in the summer, But it does not look like it. I love the game and I Luv, Luv. Luv Chardonnay. Ever line that she says I usually have to rewind it and listen to it again. She is hilarious and on point. Brandy's timing is amazing. I can't understand why some one would say Chardonnay is annoying, this is what made me write this post (which I rarely do). I can understand a little what they are saying about Blue and Kierra but the show is awesome. Lauren London is one of those actresses who we thought was going to have a hot career, but she simple just fizzled. I am disappointed at that too because I wanted to see her win. Hopefully in the future we see her blossom, or maybe all the hype about her was premature. And CLUCK Jason for breaking my girl Chardonnay's heart. She should take half of what he has since there is no pre-nup. But Chardonnay better stay in the show that is when I will boycott. Unless Brandy will be on her own sitcom (crossing my fingers).
  • Another Season

    I have been a fan since day one. However it has lost it's flavor. Derwin and Mel needs to come back. Perhaps Med School can get a Job there in San Diego and they've maybe had a baby while gone. Derwin is offer a nice sum to comeback because of the way they treated him. Because blue just haven't handled up to the hype. Because they become a little boring at times. Kelly does add space and I love brandi to but just not for Jason. He's more passive and lame now. Good at first but it was drama with Kelly. They are boring now.. Jason and Chardonnay that is and Ms. Tasha well she's kindda stepped off her game this year. The baby daddy should be Pookie. I am so tired of Rick Fox I didn't like them as a couple once Pookie came on the sense. Tasha needs to Management Derwin and Malik and juggle a baby too. Pookie has a stern fatherly character he fits the part better.
  • The Game

    They need to drop Blue and Keirra,and bring Derwin and Melanie wasn't broke so why fix only give this show one more year.
  • the game needes to change

    the need to quiet this whole kirra and blue thing no one likes there characters the dont even know what they want they should take both of them of the show. Tasha is pregnant first of all shes tooooo old but of they have to make her character pregnant the father should be pookie i ust to love rick and Tasha but there relationship is too much about sex. then they should make malik finally settle down with some one. one more thing BRING BACK DERWIN AND MEL because blue and kirra SUCK everytime you turn around there always fighting over something stupid somethings gotta give. last but not least DUMP CHARDONNAY i hate her bring back kelly permanently
  • The Game has become painful to watch...

    I used to LOVE The Game but the show is nothing like it was! I used to find the show funny and loved the characters but now it's horrible! I can't remember the last time I saw something on it that made me laugh. And Kiera and Chardonnay are just annoying not funny. I stopped watching half way through last season and picked it up again this season hoping it would get better but each episode seems worse than the last one. I think I've finally lost hope, it's the end of The Game for me!
  • It is the Worse!!!

    I once watched Th Game religiously. Since Derwin & Mel left the show, it has changed. It actually started changing towards the last few episodes with Mel & Derwin. The Game Is now a waste of television time and no longer gives us the entertainment we seek. Please just end the show!!!! This Kiera & Blue character are lame and pointless to the show. Jason & Brandy's character are also lame. I miss Kelly Pitts !!! Why is there a grown ass woman playing the role of Brit-Brat???!!! Tasha Mack's character is all over the place which contradicts who she was in earlier seasons. Sorry but I am just unhappy with this show. Just venting.
  • Come back old characters!

    I miss Kelly, so glad she's coming back! Hopefully Brandi will out the picture, her acting drives me nuts! Melanie and Derwin are my favorite! Come back to show!
  • Blue and Keira SUCK!!!

    I love The Game ; it was my favorite show before Blue and Keira. I hate there parts of the show and usually change the channel when they come on. I like Brandi's character its just Blue and Keira that are making me really dislike watching The Game

  • I felt like I was watching a minstrel show

    I thought the era of the minstrel show was over, but apparently it isn't. the writing sucks, especially, the generic (and often outdated) dialogue. all of the characters talk and act as if they are in the 18 to 24 age range. though the Tasha Mack character was always a bit 'hood', there was still a certain level dignity that her character maintained, that was absent this season. it is very clear that the writers out of touch with black culture and instead are doing a poor imitation of what they believe makes a person "black". at this point the loss of Melanie and Derwin is tragic but not nearly as tragic as the rest of the script
  • Is it over for The Game?

    This season has gone downhill and I'm bored. The previous seasons with Mel and Derwin were fabulous, but these characters are just not doing it for me. Blue and Kiera are obvious replacements for our beloved Derwin and Mel. But Blue and Kiera are irritating characters, an irritating duo, and they don't hold a candle to our originals. Oh, and enough of Tosha Mack! Who cares who she ends up with!
  • Is the Game still a great comedy or has it become some trashy soap opera??

    I recently started watching the Game again and was surprised at how much it has changed. It started as a great comedy with the original cast of Melanie, Derwin, Malick, Jason, Brittany etc. but I can't understand why it was changed so much, the new characters don't fit and the dialogue is nonsense like some kind of trashy soap opera. The funny part of this show has disappeared and that's too bad because it was really a good one. Please bring back the original format of this show with the original characters.
  • Game Over

    The show suck. When you have a show built around Tasha Mack's love interest, who is the least exciting character than you know it's gone down hill. The new characters they brought in have the least among of chemistry. Malik's character has not matured. The storyline is all over the place and makes no sense. It use to have you intrigued on what goes on behind the scene with pro athletes. The characters were developed characters. Now it's a mess. The show could have survived somewhat Melanie and Derwin but due to bad writing and horrible dialogue, let this show RIP BET.
  • What is this show about now.

    I just wanted to say another show bites the dust. I was a very big fan of the game from day one also help get the show back on air, now here we come with this mess of a show which is nothing but garbage. Why do people mess of shows this way. The show is no longer the game as it was so really it is nothing but a new show which should be short ran. Sorry, i hate the new show it has no value.

  • Miss Melanie and Derwin

    I am not a fan of this season. I begrudgingly watch it. Derwin and Melanie were the best. They had that Martin and Gina vibe. I wish they would do another show together somewhere else as a couple. They were great together. The ghetto characters are taking over the show. Tasha was enough and now Brandy with all her wide eye, neck popping, ghetto mannerism buffoonery. That is not what black is. This is the crack baby generation black. Black women did not act that way before the crack addiction era and neither did their grand and great grandmothers. So that is not keeping it so called real, if you want to really be real, you will look at how black women used to behave generations before. I am disappointed and with the reality shows showing much of the same mannerism, its too much. Cant wait until the new season on Tia and Tamera, such a refreshing show. Its more reflective of who today's black women are showing the class and femininity of the our foremothers and the savvy, modern, career minded black females that our foremothers fought for us to be. Tia and Pooch, have your publicist shop you two to another channel in your own show.
  • new seasson

    I love this show so much and i dont like the fact that derwin was traded
  • The Game is Garbage Now

    This show isn't worth me watching now. I use to set my dvr to record this show now I wouldn't even waste my time or space of my memory.
  • omg!!

    love the quotes at the same time i love the new game show but miss the old one terribly bad
  • The Game is not the Same

    No hard feelings, but I miss the originality of the show and how relevant and inspiring it used to be when it was on the CW. Melanie's character showed young women that they can be in a relationship, but also have a sense of self by following their dreams, going to school, accomplishing your own, and by the time it came to BET Melanie was a house wife (there's nothing wrong with that), but this day and age it's nice to see women progress through challenging circumstances and pursuing their careers like men. The music used to be so captivating through some of the most emotional scenes and now it's just very different. My friend and I were such big fans. When they canceled the show on the CW we were proud to say that we protested online to bring the show back. However, everything changes at some point.
  • This show is starting to suck...

    Now I love the show the Game but latley since they got pooch hall an tia off the show it has really gone down not to add miss london can't act at all. I just think it's time to let the show go cause it's not good anymore the stories don't make any since to me now one week someone addict to something then the next week someone having an afair with someone please stop this is makeing black show look very bad . we already don't have nothing good to look at now.. Hell I dont like the show that comes on after the Game but it better this yr then it was last yr. so I might have to keep looking at let's stay together I'm done with the Games it's not a good show anymore an all these stars they keep bring on the show wtf for i mean every now an then it's fine but not every day . it's to run down I'm go back the past seasons an that 's will be the end of my game addiction.
  • pretty bootsy

    Yeah it is getting pretty bootsy, too many stars, need to just stick with an occasional one here and there but the show is not as exciting as it once was.
  • Change Isn't Always Good

    I watched last night's episode of The Game and I am sorry to say that there was just no chemistry among the new cast members. I am not sure why TV executives always feel the need to fix a series that is working by getting rid of all of the players who made the series what it was to begin with. The Game has truly been butchered by the powers to be. The central characters of Malik, Tasha, Jason, Derwin and Melanie made the show what it was. The addition of Brandy was a hit but now there is nothing that ties the characters together. It is just another mishmash "wanna be" comedy and that is too bad because The Game use to be a winner.
  • Great Great Show Honestly

    This show is honestly the best drama adult show i have ever watched in my life but after the show left the CW it's changed instead of getting better it got worst like the directors started to take the show more serious they got rid of he laugh commentary after a funny thing happened inside of the show i noticed there wasn't any more laugh that's what really reduced the score from being 10 and another i heard this season coming up they got rid Pooch Hlall- Derwin Davis and Tia Mowery - Melinie Barnett Davis there not returning and i think that i am either if youn know what i mean but the show is still good on Bet it's just not just as good
  • Tia leaving the show!

    I can't watch this show without her. I started watching this show because of her and Derwin. Won't watch the show if she's not on going to be a permanent cast member. And no one should. We the veiwers wanted this so back, not for you to take our main cast members away.