The Game

Season 1 Episode 20

The Many Lies of Derwin Davis

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 30, 2007 on BET
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When Derwin is unexpectedly forced to take Melanie to singer Drew Sidora's (guest starring as herself) video release party, he panics over how the meeting between them is going to turn out. Kelly and Tasha continue to grow in their work relationship, while Tasha has trouble finding new clients. Meanwhile Jason struggles with his new parenting responsibilities. Hosea Chanchez also stars.


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  • Derwin takes Melonie to Drew Sidora's release party hoping Drew and Melonie don't meet. Kelly has an interesting way to reel in clients for Tasha. Jason takes on his role of being a father while Kelly is working late.moreless

    The night of Drew Sidora's album release party, Derwin tries his hardest to convince Melonie that she should stay home to study for an upcoming exam. After several attempts, Melonie tells Derwin that she is going. At the office, Tasha is having a difficult time getting clients to sign with her management company. Kelly tells Tasha she should lie in order to get clients. Tasha starts lieing by agreeing to whatever they say, pretending to be Muslim, a church go-er and latino. When the clients start coming in, Tasha ask's Kelly to stay late. Kelly then calls Jsaon and asks him to pick up Britney, go to the grocery store and make dinner. But, through out the evening, Tasha realizes that Kelly is recieving little personal phone calls from Jason. At Drew's party, once inside, Derwin suggests to Melonie that the atmosphere is drug like and everybody is probably high and that they should leave. When that attempt fails, Derwin tells Melonie that she is under-dressed and her hair isn't done right. When Melonie finally decides that they should leave, Mailik shows up with his lady friend Tomeka, no last name, and tells them to stay and atleast have some drinks. Melonie agrees and walks off with Tomeka. It is later revealed that Mailik only wanted them to stay, because he wanted to see Derwin handle the pressure. At the bar, Derwin tries again to get Melonie to leave, however she won't until Drew autographs her cd. She spots Drew and Derwin tells Melonie that he'll go and get it signed. Once face to face, Derwin reveals to Drew that he is about to get married, which catches Drew off gaurd completely and the night is thrown off. In thier final attempt to leave, Mailik stops Melonie and Derwin and reminds them to check out Drew's new video. Melonie is completely thrown off by the kissing scene which Derwin never mentioned and storms off. Back at the office, Kelly recieves a phone call from Jason about Britney being allergic to poppy or seaseme seeds. What Kelly doesn't know is Jason gave Britney seasme seeds and the two later end up in a hospital room. When Tomeka tells Melonie that the kiss is nothing to worry about, Melonie apologizes to Derwin, but not before Derwin and Drew share a last moment where he apologizes and admits that Drew is looking beautiful. Melonie and Derwin finally leave, but Drew is convinced that Derwin will be backmoreless

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