The Game

Season 3 Episode 22

The Wedding Episode

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 15, 2009 on BET

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  • ummm yeah this show should be canceled!! the writers are messing up it's corny and just ridiculous!! In a time of economic recession money should CLEARLY not be going toward making horrible and unentertaining shows!

    why was this just horrendous... i mean, i can't lie, i had absolutely no expectations for this show. Using the rest of the season as an indicator i thought that the season finale was going to be lackluster @ best!...and it managed to be a lot, a lot worse than that!!

    First the mother is slapping Derwin....really!!! Family talks smack but they will surely be perfect when it comes to visitors and love interests...

    the fact that Jason gets arrested is TOTALLY unintersting to me... as a matter of fact tho, nothing in the show, including Jason, Kelly, Malik, Tasha or Rick Foxx are entertaining...Rick Fox please terminate his contract, we all kno he can't act and he is not that attractive and speaks in a way that is completely unelegant!!! just TERMINATE the contract, find Tasha someone else! please....and that is if the show in it's entirety is not being cancelled...if it is more power! this show has become an competition between the actors in overacting...please CANCEL the show!! Mel and's foolish, married or not the spark was killed long ago...bring back Jerome!

    aight, the end...basically
  • the game is the funniest sitcom ever & i've been watching tv for over 55 years now! haters watch something else please...

    the wedding episode of the game was by far the best episode of all during that last season. i truly enjoyed all of the music associated with the wedding, the various other situations in the background & the finale when poor derwin & melanie were finally wed, alone but so in love with one another! the sincerity of all the acting was so real it was hard to believe they really hadn't struggled to have a life together. melanie & derwin belong together on this show because they are the epitome of young love - naive, innocent, silly, impetuous & often foolish - but in the end, love conquers all! the show is very entertaining & helps me forget about my problems because theirs are so silly & slapstick. every beat down on that show was "3 stooges" hilarous & had me rolling every time. life is too short to spend time looking for the negative in an entertaining sitcom heroes. when i need a laugh, i know i can count on the game to make me laugh; almost every episode i have seen was non stop hilarity no matter which character was featured. and, rick fox don't have to act cause he's still cute. i think he's perfect for tasha & hope they play it that way. she deserves a hot, rich man in her life to take care of her - she worked hard all her life as a single mom so let her be happy. i know i would be! heroes you really must be sad & lonely with no humor in your life or you could see their glass is half full NOT half empty as you see everything. i'm sure i'm at least twice your age & have seen many awful things in my lifetime so i can assure you the game is NOT one of them. do us all a favor & watch something else. there were no useful constructive comments in your whole review. with your input, it would surely be the worst show ever seen on tv. stick with your reality shows; i'm sure they're much more to your liking. just leave the rest of us alone...
  • I like the show very much and i really want to see it again because its something to watch on tv, i all so want to know if thats Derwin's baby and if tasha gets married to Rick Foxx, and Melanie haves Derwin baby.

    I love this show and i want to see it again it is interesting to my and friends that in enjoy the show, i love the hold game they are so cool. I love to see them have fun and do different things in their lifes. so please let us see it again, Tasha, Kelly and Melanie are like thay right in front of me as friends and the guys have the most fun in the show because they play football and they go to partys and if i was their with them i will have fun too thank you
  • The show was great, I enjoyed the last show, and I wanted to see what's going to happen next, I mean who can I talk to, to keep this show on, is there somewhere we can vote to keep it on. I mean its some that I want to watch.

    I really like all the epsiodes, especially the last one, cuz I wanted to see what's going to happen next with derwin having that baby and everything, after they got married, because it really shows a lot in the characters that something has to happen next, because you just can't end a episode like that and not do it anymore. So please please try to keep the episode going so that the true fans can ejoy a show that deals with real life issues instead of watching reality shows all day everyday, because I'm really tired of watching those kind of shows. I mean you never see real shows anymore, I mean y'all already took martin away don't take this one. God bless, qweet
  • I really loved the last episode i love seeing derwin and melanie finally married they make the cutest couple! i love all the characters from the show tasha,malik,tt,jason,kelly everyone and the guest stars! Good show looking forward for episode 4!

    I really like the show i suggest the writers of this show to ignore all the bad blogs! you guys cant cancel this show i love it i look forward watching it every friday at 8:30 and i also watch it monday trough friday on bet at 12noon and at 5pm thats how big of a fan i am so please keep the show i look forward for season 4 please make it happen and to all the fans out there please keep on the good blogs so we can keep the show going ignore all the bad blogs !
  • o-m-gee.the person that commented this episode needs to hush because this is a good show.and nobody asked for your opinion to cancel the show.

    o-m-gee.the person that commented this episode needs to hush because this is a good show.and nobody asked for your opinion to cancel the show.i don't know whats going through your tiny brain but you just need to stop talking cause this show don't like you either. all of the are great actors and i wanna see you go up and act in front of a million people and i bet that you would suck so just shut up. so you need to stop criticizing people and just go. no one asked for your opinion Hun. so you could just go. but anyone ways i love the game its such a good show. i cant wait til season 4. and i really want Kelly and Jason to stop this nonsense. alright so bye...:)