The Game

Season 1 Episode 12

To Baby...Or Not To Baby

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 29, 2007 on BET
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Melanie and Derwin discover that Melanie might be pregnant. Melanie realizes she is not ready for parenthood and puts off taking the pregnancy test. Excited about the possibility of a baby, Derwin plans to surprise Melanie with a half-time proposal during the game, but Melanie tries to stop him when she discovers she is not pregnant. Derwin proposes anyway and Melanie accepts, feeling pressured on national television. Wendy Raquel Robinson, Coby Bell, Brittany Daniel and Hosea Chanchez also star.


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  • i liked it

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  • I really enjoyed this episode. Well worth watching!

    This was a very special episode. I chose the classification of revealing because it let the viewers know that even though Melanie gave up her dream of going to John Hopkins to follow Derwin to San Diego she is not ready to give up her dream of becoming a doctor and I think that is great. Melanie has given up alot for Derwin to further his career and show him she supports him but at the same time both of them are still young and if she had been pregnant then I could see them going ahead and getting married. I want to see Melanie achieve her goal. I was so shocked that Derwin went ahead and proposed even after he found out she was not pregnant. I think that says alot for him as well because he wants to be with her and have a family so this shows what a great couple they make. I also loved the part where Jason gives Kelly the "big" ring just to show her he loves her and with him being so tight with money that really said alot about him. Loved this episode.moreless
Tammy Lauren

Tammy Lauren


Guest Star

Lonette McKee

Lonette McKee

Mother Pitts/Jason\'s Mother

Guest Star

Charlie Robinson

Charlie Robinson

(Jason's Father)

Guest Star

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