The Games (Australia)

ABC1 (ended 2000)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • The Press Conference
      A documentary film crew introduces the three-person Sydney Olympics Logistics and Liaison team to the wider television audience. This premiere episode showcases John, Gina, and Bryan's first, disastrous press conference. At the behest of the Minister of the Olympics, they are critiqued on their perfomance by a media consultant.
    • Athletics Schedule
      A talk show host fields a phone call from a woman complaining about the Olympics swimming schedule. At the same time, John is told by the minister's secretary to respond to the accusations and issues being raised. Each time he calls the show, he shuts off his cell phone at a moment to cause heightened embarassement forcing Nicholas to call in. Juggling three phone calls, John is approached by Bryan to discuss contigency funding, the opening ceremonies and the possible disappearance of some money. Getting advice from Mr. Clinton on one phone, John is soon confronted by Gina, upset about the new athletics schedule which features the 1500 metres race on at 4am, Sydney Time. Running leads into an explanation of the plot of Chariots of Fire for Bryan, who has never seen the movie. The reminiscing is interrupted by the arrival of Juan Antonio Samarach who plans to visit the incomplete swimming venue. Following the hard day at work, the trio attempts to evade the camera crew so they can enjoy drinks. The discussion turns into an attempt to define what makes a real Olympic sport, ending with the revelation that Trampolining was made into a gold medal sport for the Sydney Games.moreless
    • Funding
      Episode 3
      Funding for the games becomes a problem. John and Gina review a video designed to promote Sydney as an easy town to get around in, while Bryan meets with a mysterious potential corporate sponsor.
    • Robbo and the 100 Metres
      Jasmine presents some marketing ideas to clear out some "dead wood", Robbo holds a press conference on the environmental impact of the Games, and John and Bryan confront the contractor who built a 100 Metre track that doesn't quite measure up.
    • Past Sports Stars and Gender
      The eligibility of a competitor who has had a sex change is argued, Bryan and the Secretary to the Minister discuss the seating arrangements for a Regional Delegates meeting, and Gina juggles supervising the Olympic stadium construction and answering calls on a special Olympic hotline for international callers (open during Australian business hours only).moreless
    • Millennium Bug
      Millennium Bug
      Episode 6
      Gina is very excited about her new Voice Recognition word processing software, John and Bryan attempt to fax an important budget document they don't actually have a copy of anymore, and John discovers (much to his surprise) that he had volunteered several months ago to prepare a report on the Games' Y2K compliance for presentation to the IOC's Director of Technology in about an hour. Finally, the trio attempt to hold a live online press conference.moreless
    • Dead Man
      Dead Man
      Episode 7
      The swimming schedule has been disastrously modified at the last minute. Meanwhile, Gina and John are asked to babysit an IOC member who has turned up dead the day before a major Dinner, while Bryan and Jasmine go to meet President Mandela and Princess Margaret at the airport.
    • Rural and Environment
      John attempts to explain the swimming schedule to the camera before going on Lateline to face the Spanish Athletics Association coordinator's concerns about the ozone hole over Australia. Meanwhile, Gina and Bryan meet with the Federation of Rural Progress delegation's proposal for an Opening Ceremony program which has already been awarded to the Germans.moreless
    • J'Accuse
      Episode 9
      Gina tries to explain the disastrous effect a 100% effective anti-doping system would have on athletic attendance at the Games, while Bryan discovers that the Lacrosse facility which Juan Antonio Samaranch is set to tour next week has not, in fact, been built. Meanwhile, John attempts to quell a particularly negative (and uncomfortably accurate) anti-Olympics reporter.moreless
    • A Management Course
      While Gina, Bryan and John are sent on a training retreat in the Blue Mountains they must also deal with a petition asking for the gold medals to be made of gold, and find a venue for the fencing.
    • A Conflict of Interest
    • Horse and Dream Team
    • Transport!
      Episode 13
      John discovers that the aquatic center's diving pool has been built in the wrong place, while Gina does some digging into the new transport agency Nicholas and the Minister are pushing for and Bryan helps develop a brilliant new invention.
  • Season 2