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The Garfield Show

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Everyone's favorite fat cat Garfield returns to television in this new CG animated cartoon. To celebrate his 30th anniversary, every one of your favorite characters return too. Jon, Odie, Arlene, Nermal, and more return in the new series as well. Created by Dargaud Media in Paris, France.

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AIRED ON 3/18/2011

Season 4 : Episode 3

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  • No good

    Lame and bland is what this show is good at.
  • Not even close to being as good as Garfield and friends.

    This show just annoys me to no end. While it may have improved on some things, like finally giving Nermal a male voice and including Arlene, the plots and portrayal of the characters is just really stupid overall.

    I mean, stuff like only Garfield and Odie being able to stop a meatball asteroid? Yea, I'm sorry, but that's too stupid even for Garfield standards. Seriously, what happened to Jim Davis? His earlier works were pretty decent. Now? Garfield is just not funny anymore.

    Guess it's safe to say he's overstayed his welcome and now just a cash cow for his creator. Sad...

  • It is alright

    My favorite comic character is Garfield. His new show is OK, nothing more, nothing less. Garfield and Friends was way better than this. But The Garfield Show is alright. Sometimes it has funny moments but it doesn't beats the comics and the old cartoon series.
  • A superb, yet underrated Garfield reboot

    This show is criminally underrated. It's actually really good on some levels even better than the older show Garfield and Friends.

    The CGI animation is alright, but I would've preferred if the show had hand-drawn animation.

    The voices are pretty good. The main cast has borrowed the voices from the CGI movies, except Odie and Liz, who have their former voice actors.

    Garfield (voiced by Frank Welker) is still the world's laziest and hungriest cat, but he's not as selfish as people think. He does have a hidden heart of gold and loves everyone around him (except

    Odie (still voiced by Gregg Berger) is not a brain-dead idiot, but not THAT bright. He's very kind and cute.

    Jon Arbuckle (voiced by Wally Wingert) is a phony, yet nice cartoonist who takes care of Garfield and Odie. That is not an easy thing, but Jon handles it very well.

    Nermal (voiced by Jason Marsden) is grey kitten who always annoys Garfield. There are several episodes in this show where he's beyond annoying, actually despicable, but he's not always like that.

    Arlene (voiced by Audrey Wasilewski) is Garfield's girlfriend. She is the only female cat in the world who accepts Garfield for who he is, but she's also one of very few characters who can make Garfield realize that he can't behave anyway he want. Their relationship is not perfect, but Arlene will never lose faith in him, because she knows he loves her.

    Squeak (also voiced by Gregg Berger) is Garfield's mouse friend. He's very friendly and loyal.

    Liz Wilson (still voiced by Julie Payne) is Jon's girlfriend. She's also Garfield's and Odie's vet.

    Pooky is Garfield's cute teddy bear. He doesn't have a voice actor.

    The stories vary in quality sometimes. For the most part, the stories are decent. The worst episodes are horrible but the best episodes can actually rival the best episodes of Garfield and Friends.

    Since this show doesn't have any boundaries, the writers have more freedom and can create either the absolute worst or the absolute best of Garfield.

    A few bad things:

    Nermal appears on the show way too much. Also, he's a villain sometimes. I know Garfield and Nermal don't have a very good relationship, but Nermal is the most terrible cartoon villain I've ever seen! He is so sadistic, he makes Garfield look like Fluttershy!

    Garfield is also treated very unfairly in this show. Garfield is always forced to be nice to Nermal -who is barely nice to him! Garfield is also constantly bullied for his looks and not being like other cats.

    Arlene has it worse though. She is in extreme misery sometimes (not Garfield's fault), is only a major character in a few episodes, doesn't have a single episode based on her and doesn't appear enough.

    The best things about this show:

    The character development for (most of) the characters is really great.

    Garfield and Arlene are finally allowed to have fun together. Arlene is also allowed to hang out with Garfield's friends.

    The show doesn't go astray from the original franchise, like Garfield and Friends did.

    The characters are allowed to develop and the writers can write everything they ever dreamed off and never got the chance to write in Garfield and Friends.

    Garfield, Odie, Arlene, Squeak and Pooky are my favorite characters here. Hope to see more of their adventures in the future!

    Final Score: 8/10moreless
  • Actually,well-maked reboot

    I think plots are good.

    Character development is way worse than original,but they're still watchable.

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