The Garry Moore Show

Season 6 Episode 12

December 17, 1963

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 17, 1963 on CBS

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  • Available on DVD!

    Hard to think that this show was taped less than a month after JFK's assassination, which might account for a bit of down energy.

    However, it's a good pre-Christmas show with some very imaginative and ambitious dance numbers. The first ends with the cast being stuffed into mail carts; while the show ends with a five-minute tap number that seems to have given Nancy Walker a heart attack.

    I'm not much of an Allen and Rossi fan but I guess Garry was, since they appeared so much on his show.

    Kinescope's DVD from has most of the opening animated sequence chopped out but the mid-show break and commercials are in. Closing credits intact, with a nifty Christmas Seals PSA tacked onto the end. May have originally been in color, as the CBS "bloodshot eye" is seen for a fraction of a second before the old standard pre-recorded logo pops in.