The Garry Moore Show

Season 1 Episode 1

September 30, 1958

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 30, 1958 on CBS

Episode Recap

This is a crowded night, but the top moment should be the first Garry Moore Show, a full-hour live melange that should be a lot like Garry's old morning show. The commercials will be integrated so that they'll not only be painless, but downright pleasurable. And the show is programmed for only 55 out of the 60 minutes, giving Garry a five-minute leeway with which he can do what he pleases as the show goes along. Among many highspots are a seven- minute comedy song, "I Hate the Country Life," with Garry, Janis Paige, Durward Kirby and three kids cavorting through some special material. Then there's Marion Lome, who'll be a regular with a surprise routine. Guest Gordon MacRae and guest Red Skelton (from the Coast) chatting with Garry on a split screen and doing a six-minute sketch. And 11 Eskimos brought down to demonstrate the fine old Eskimo art of blanket tossing.
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