The Garry Moore Show

CBS (ended 1967)




  • Season 6 Episode 10: December 3, 1963

  • In addition to this show, he also stars on television's I've Got a Secret.
    Originally, Moore was a radio continuity writer. He was working for radio station WBAL in Baltimore, Md., when a comedian became ill many years ago. Moore was rushed in as a substitute for the comedian. Later he became an announcer and sports commentator, then went to work as a writer and comedian for Club Matinee.

    Subsequently he teamed with Jimmy Durante, was host of Take It or Leave It and Breakfast in Hollywood. He landed his current evening The Garry Moore Show in September of 1958. As of tonight Garry will have broadcast 2,615 radio shows since his debut on WBAL, Balitmore in 1939. And a total of 2,885 television appearances since his initial one in 1950.

  • Season 4 Episode 4: October 17, 1961

  • Carol Burnett was presented the March of Dimes Horizon Award in recognition of her star personality on television. Presenting her the award was Garry Moore whose program has given the actress a fitting showcase to demonstrate her talents. The two other actors receiving the award were humorist Milt Kamen for his work in radio and Jerry Orbach for his work in the Broadway musical, "Carnival".

  • Season 4 Episode 3: October 10, 1961

  • Frank Fontaine created the character of John L.C. Sivoney, sweepstakes winner.

  • Season 2 Episode 28: April 19, 1960

  • The Program Rehearsal story as Jimmy danced with the dancers, sang a chorus in a medley and plunged headlong with Garry (Junior) Moore into one of the tongue-twisters from their weekly radio show of the middle 1940s, the one about Junior's job: "Tell me-how is your new job at the rathskeller cellar cellar smeller for the inside insecticide guide of the fumigation and extermination foundation in a junky joint near Jacksonville called Jasper Junction, Junior?"

  • Season 1 Episode 20: February 17, 1959

  • The Jack Dempsey vs Lou Firpo boxing match was one of the most bizarre matches in the history of boxing. Jack Dempsey amassed a record of 80 fights, with 60 wins (50 ko's), 6 losses, 4 draws and 6 no decisions.

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