The Gates

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Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 20, 2010 on ABC
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The lives of the Monohan family become unexpectedly complicated after moving into their new home in an exclusive community called "The Gates." In his new job as Chief of Police, Nick Monohan becomes involved in a missing person's case on his first day as he learns his neighbors are hiding their involvement in the case as well as a family secret. Just when his family is finally settling in, Nick receives bad news.moreless

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  • Supernatural suburbia

    The pilot was pretty good of this show but it had a couple of large problems that I think can be fixed with time. Mitra is gorgeous and her character is very intriguing, the scene with the sink was just enough of a grusome scene for this to classify as horror. The Chief of police and his family are suppose to be average joes but are way too boring. The drama of their past lives offers some interest but their family interacts are pretty banal. Charlie and Andies love story was quite realistic, but seemed pretty boring. I really like the idea of Brett/Lukas and the pack because of the metaphor of needing to find a place to run wild and cause trouble outside of the typical boring life. However there was just too much going on in this episode. Devon/Peg drama seemed interesting but they didn't get to it, Marcus/Leigh had some quirky banter but it didn't really have any purpose. And something about Dylan, was really overplayed.

    All in all a decent show that I will keep watching, but hope it gets better.moreless
  • 101

    Like many of you I saw 2000 commercials for Scoundrels and The Gates while watching TV and thought both looked absolutely dreadful. But a wise man once said that you can't judge a book by the cover, so I decided to give this a shot.

    Rhona Mitra is good in the role of the vampire housewife, Claire. Like Morenna Baccarin of V, this is a great casting by ABC with a very different looking woman that is believable as a supernatural phenom. She is the lone star of this show.

    But everything else just feels like a cheap attempt to replicate the unprecedented success of HBO's True Blood from the cops to the other vampire characters. Just no originality in anyone else.

    The show was not terrible, but it has a long way to go before I consider myself a fan.moreless
  • The first episode of what looks like a promising show

    I saw a couple of trailers on You Tube for this and they weren't that great but peaked my interest just enough to check it out and I'm glad I did.

    We were introduced to a gated community apparently built to house and protect "people" with supernatural powers,abilities,traits which is when you think about it quite original.

    Apparently the 1 rule in the community is you aren't allowed to reveal your true nature or act on it such as "running" with the pack of wolves inside the gates or apparently eating people when you are a vampire should be interesting to see what happens when you break that rule.

    The main characters(The Monahans) seem to be the near perfect example of what a happy family should be though it is evident from this episode that their past is anything but perfect.

    I'm looking orward to seeing how they fit in and how Charlie adjusts to dating/flirting with a girl who has a jealous werewolf boyfriend.

    There are also a couple of witches in town - 1 good 1 bad with some Anakin Skywalker\Obi-Wan Kenobi type stuff going on which should prove fun to watch.

    Perhaps my only criticisms of the episode is that Dylan Radcliff the male vampire reminds me way too much of Carlise Cullen but perhaps in time I'll get over that and also there was 1 glaring oversight on behalf of the werewolf Brett - Just before he started to lunge at Charlie he was fully clothed then he morphed into a wolf(or at least started to) but was tackled by his friend who urged him not to do it(use his ability) like that while laying in the grass you could clearly tell he was wearing black underpants - Wouldn't they have disintegrated with the rest of his clothes when he changed? I know it's ABC so they couldn't have him totally naked on screen but still would it have hurt to put a tree or something in the way so it didn't seem like he was wearing indestructible underpants!

    Anyway those two things aside it was a great episode and I'm looking forward to some more.moreless
  • Pilot:Hope it Stays a while!

    This was a very good pilot. It drew me in from the start and i have never seen a show to have main characters of werwolves, vampires, witches, and something else that has not been reveled yet. It seems like the Gates knows what lies within them and its gonna be cool to see the man characters reveal those secrets. The show had many surprises due to the audience finding out who was who or who was what. I was personally surprised when i see that the sons new like interest is something that they have not said but still supernatural. It was a great pilot and i think it will be a great show to tune into every week.moreless
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John Rodriguez


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Billy Slaughter

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Matthew Cornwell

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Brett Cullen

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McKaley Miller

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    • Frank: Look, Nick, uh, when I built the Gates, I attracted all sorts of people and the one thing that they all had in common is that, for one reason or another, they just didn't feel safe. Now, they're willing to pay a premium, you know, to have a place to that they can come home to at night and feel protected from the dangers of the outside world.
      Nick: Well, I understand that, I do, but what if the problem's on the inside?

    • Leigh: You really want to do this.
      Marcus: We've got to find the car.
      Leigh: Yeah, but we're not gonna find the car. You know why? Because the car's not here.
      Marcus: Chief thinks the Radcliffs are hiding something, and I trust his instincts over yours.
      Leigh: Yeah?
      Marcus: Yeah.
      Leigh: You know the chief killed an unarmed guy?
      Marcus: A guy about to go down for rape and for murder. E-either way, we don't know the circumstances.
      Leigh: My friend in the Cook county D.A.'s office does. Chief goes to bring in the guy for questioning, claims he sees him reach for a gun, and shoots. Department rules it justified, but the chief still retires. It's kind of suspicious.
      Marcus: I think we don't know the whole story.

    • Lukas: Hey, I heard about what happened at practice! It's not like you, Crezski. To violate the code.
      Brett: Yeah, you're the one to talk.
      Lukas: So I may not be a model citizen. But I've never revealed what I am inside the Gates. There's too many around that would kill for privacy.
      Brett: I know how it works.
      Lukas: Yeah, but you don't know how the pack works. Otherwise you wouldn't be with Andie.
      Brett: Look, you want to go, we'll go.
      Lukas: Easy. We're just trying to help.
      Pack Member: You tell him, Lukas.
      Lukas: Anyone other than coach turned you around today, you wouldn't be standing here right now. I think you should come run with us sometime.

    • Dana: You know, this move would be a lot easier on the both of us if you were a football star.
      Charlie: Doesn't seem so hard on you.
      Dana: Are you really that slow? I'm masking my true feelings with enthusiasm, so dad doesn't feel so bad. You should try it.

    • Claire: I should probably call your client. Let them know what happened.
      Mark: That their contractor crashed on his way out of the gates? Probably not the best idea.
      Claire: Well, is there anyone else I can notify? Wife? Girlfriend?
      Mark: Neither, actually. In fact...this may be the...closest I've been to a woman all year.
      Claire: Well, I'm sure it's just a matter of time.
      Mark: I hope so. I don't know how much longer I can wait.
      Claire: Well, I'm afraid you'll have to wait a little bit longer, because married.
      Mark: Well, the good ones are always taken.
      Claire: It's funny. I didn't think you were the type to give up so easily.
      Mark: What about your husband?
      Claire: He's out of town.
      Mark: For how long?
      Claire: Long enough. (goes into kitchen) I kind of have a thing for kitchens. (the kiss, she bites him)

    • Sarah: Where were you?
      Nick: I was on patrol.
      Sarah: At 3:00 in the morning? Please tell me this has nothing to do with the Radcliffs.
      Nick: My instincts tell me that there's something going on with those people.
      Sarah: Your instincts nearly cost us everything.
      Nick: That's not fair.
      Sarah: I'm sorry, but you weren't the only one who suffered through the past year.
      Nick: I know.
      Sarah: Yeah? Every time that case was in the paper, your kids had to go to school.
      Nick: I know.
      Sarah: Then act like you know it. Act like you know that we went through. Our fear. The worry. Not knowing if you and I were even gonna make it. Nick, you promised. You said this was our second chance. Now, we've got a beautiful home and kids who actually seem to like it so far, but it's not gonna work until you understand that you are not just a cop. You're a husband, and you are a father, too.

    • Dylan: So, you would of killed him. The chief of police. We can't do this anymore. I'm gonna pack you a bag. You're leaving.
      Claire: I'll stop.
      Dylan: Oh, really? What, like last time and the time before last.
      Claire: You don't know how hard this is for me.
      Dylan: How is this hard? I get us all the blood we need form the lab.
      Claire: It's not about the blood! It's about the car pools and the school committees and the dinner parties and the book clubs! No matter how hard I try, I'm never gonna assimilate like you want me to. Not with these…people.

    • Peg: You alone.
      Devon: I was.
      Peg : You know why I'm here.
      Devon: A facial, perhaps?
      : She's the police chief's wife.
      Devon: And in one simple twist of fate, she walked through my door instead of yours.
      Peg: You lured her in. just like all your other clients. Devon, we are supposed to help people with their problems, not exploit them.
      Devon: Peg, I owe you the world. When Frank and I divorced, you were the only one who saw me as more than Buckley's wife. You saved me. You taught me to empower myself through the craft, and I will never forget that. But I'm not your pupil anymore. And unlike you, my clients aren't complaining about anything I do.
      Peg: Because they have no idea what your tea is doing to them.
      Devon: Oh, Peg. I do think you worry too much. May I suggest a little lotus root?

    • Claire: (to Dylan) You did this to me - you made me who I am!

    • Brett: So how do you like this place?
      Charlie: Good, I'm figuring it all out.
      Brett: Well, I guess you figured out Andie and I are together.

    • Charlie: (to Andie) I didn't want to leave Chicago and I didn't want to move here, but the one thing that's been cool about this is meeting you.

    • Dylan: We had an agreement.
      Claire: I know.
      Dylan: Well, then you would know what could happen to Emily if we are forced to leave the Gates. Adopted little girls, they do not survive out there, not with our crowd.
      Claire: I'm sorry.

    • Teacher: Did anyone notice a unifying theme to Flannery O'Connor's stories? Brett, lets kick thins off with you.
      Brett: Um…well, for one thing, the hero character is usually disabled or some way.
      Andie: Right, I mean, I think what O'Connor is saying is that what we see on the surface is not who we are.
      Brett: Exactly. It's what beneath the deformity. The rest, it-it doesn't matter.
      Charlie: Um, I think there might be more to it.
      Brett: Excuse me?
      Charlie: Well, you guys have talked about how O'Connor had lupus, right?
      Andie: Well, I don't know if I'd call lupus a deformity.
      Charlie: Maybe not. But it is Latin for "Wolf." Because as it attacked healthy cells, the skin and muscles in the face would thin, making its victims look more…like an animal. So while some readers might think she was saying appearance doesn't matter, the fact that it's consistent throughout her work might indicate that, at least to her, it mattered very much.

    • Sarah: Things are just a bit, um…overwhelming?
      Claire: A big change can be hard sometimes. You know what? You should go and see Peg. She's a doctor on main street. She's a little holistic, but she has herbs for everything-even stress.
      Sarah: (laughs) Yeah.
      Claire: So, is your husband in one of these boxes?

    • Nick: This is a hell of a setup you have here
      Marcus: Yes, sir. We monitor the entire perimeter 24/7. Over 200 infrared-sensitive motion-detecting cameras, 15 kilometers of interlocking pressure-triggered ground sensors, a 50 terabyte redundant stripe raid- 5 array for data processing and storage. Couple of sweet patrol cars: Hybrids. Try to stay green.
      Nick: Wow. Crime must be nonexistent here.
      Leigh: Almost.

    • Dana: It's more than just a place to live, mom. That's their slogan.

    • Sarah: Pretty intimidating gate.
      Nick: Yeah. I think that's the point.
      Dana: The developer, Frank Buckley, said that no expense would be spared when it came to security. The gates were hand-forged in England-12 feet tall, 11 tons of steel. They've never been breached.
      Charlie: What about people trying to get out?

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: June 7, 2011 on Prima LOVE

    • Featured Music:
      "Radio" by The Moon And Her Mother (when the towns people are enjoy themselves at the fair)
      "Last" by Slow Runner (when Brett watches Charlie meet Andie in secret)
      "I Quit" by Bear Lake (when Andie gives Charlie the lie detector test)