The Gates

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 20, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

The series opens with a woman gardening in front of an idyllic suburban house, with her daughter playing nearby. At the same time a contractor drives down the street talking to a client on the phone about a job he is working on. The mother tells her daughter to put her helmet on if she is skateboarding and when she gets off her skateboard rolls into the street. The car continues to approach as the girls runs to the street. The mother senses danger and follows her to the road, the driver avoids the daughter by swerving into their mailbox and hitting their mailbox. Her daughter leaves for school and the mother, Claire, invites the man in to check on his wound. She stares at his bloody wound intensely. Once inside the man hits on Claire who plays coy and tells him she's married, but when he stops she says he didn't think she would give up so easily. They go into the kitchen and begin kissing until she pulls back, fangs come out and she bites him.
Next, a family of four pulls up to the Gates and are immediately intimidated but Nick is ready to start his job as chief of police. They drive through town and see shops, people walking around because as the slogan says the Gates is more than just a place to live. They pull up to their house and marvel at the and amenities. Sarah and Nick discuss how nice it will be to live in a safe neighborhood. They then drive the kids to school. The son, Charlie, isn't too excited about his new school but is greeted by a pretty girl named Andie.
Nick then heads to the police station to start work and is impressed by the monitoring system. Leigh, a police woman, tells him of a camera that went down in front of a house after a man was hit and was last seen entering the Radcliff's home. The scene cuts to Claire Radcliff who has brought a welcoming dish to Nick's wife Sarah. They go inside and talk about the stresses of moving and about Nick's old job as a homicide detective in Chicago.
At school, Charlie impresses Andie in English by giving his perspective on Flannery O'Connor's works. She finds him after and asks him to join Mock Trial and help them with a booth. Andie then speaks with her boyfriend Brett who seems jealous of her talking with Charlie.
Back at the police station the find a missing persons report and head to the Radcliff's house. Claire is then seenwhen her husband Dylan comes home and is angry at her for feeding and being so reckless. The body is in the garage, he learns as the doorbell rings. Nick questions Claire who tells him that she invited the man in and then told him to go to the hospital. Dylan sends Nick away and then scolds Claire for putting their daughter, Emily, at risk.
At Main Street, Sarah is on her way to Peg for some herbs and runs into Devon, another woman who deals in holistic medicine. At the school, Brett is at football practice while Charlie helps Andie on the sidelines on a lie detector they will use to raise money. Brett sees then talking becomes very jealous and his eyes change colors as he aggressively tackles another player to the ground. Brett is then walking home after practice when Lukas comes up on a bike and asks Brett to come run with the pack outside of the Gates, but he refuses.
Leigh and Marcus are seen discussing the missing persons case because the chief found it suspicious, at the Monohan's they are eating dinner together and sharing their day's stories. Nick mentions his suspicions about Claire and her husband which upsets Sarah because she doesn't want their life to end up like it did in Chicago. Claire is then seen leaving the Gates after bringing cookies to the guard and when Dylan drives the contractor's car out and then dumping his body by the river trying to make it look like wolves by tearing him apart. Nick is then called by the guard who fell asleep while he left. When Nick hears that Claire brought cookies he grows weary of her.
The next day at school, Andie wants to check the lie detector on Charlie, who confesses that being with her makes him nervous. When they leave the auditorium, Brett sees them and is enraged. He goes to the bathroom and his eyes change color as he is overcome with aggression again. Charlie comes in and sees the vandalism, but Brett denies it was him.
At the police station, Nick wants the DA to approve a search warrant on the Radcliff's but he refuses because it goes against the principles of the Gates. Peg and Devon are then seen arguing over the proper way to use the craft and Peg warns Devon against messing with Sarah. The search warrant is denied, but Nick takes matters into his own hand and goes over to the Radcliff's house. Claire hears a noise and jumps down from the first floor down, to listen. Outside, Dylan confronts Nick about his presence and Nick says he had a report of a prowler.
When Nick leaves, Dylan is furious that Claire would have attacked him and suggests that she leaves but she promises she will control herself. At the Monohan's Sarah is upset with Nick for leaving at night and warns him to control himself because she doesn't want things to end like they did in Chicago.
At the fair the next day, Andie talks to Charlie and reveals that she might have feelings for him and they agree to meet later as Brett watches on. Claire asks Peg for something to help with her cravings and she has a confrontation with Devon about who saw Claire with the contractor.
Later in the woods, Charlie and Andie meet but are disturbed by growling from the woods. At the river a body is found, but not the contractors, rather the old chief of police.