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  • What a great show! Really too bad..

    So somehow this show completely escaped my radar (even on netflix for the last 2 years or so,) and I just binge watched all 13 episodes of this show over the last 3 days. I knew going into it that it was going to cut off on a cliffhanger, and usually knowing that prepares me for a show that will be brief, but man after watching it I'm just so mad they ended this show after one season. I recognize nearly everyone in this show from other series, and a ton (and I do mean A TON) of these people ended up on Teen Wolf, so I guess I can't complain too much, as I never would have been able to enjoy them there if they'd stayed put. But what a great idea for a show.. A semi-procedural drama about supernaturals with just the right amount of soap.. Sure some of the performances were a bit melodramatic, but they were meant to be, and the acting towards the end of the season improved dramatically for many of the characters. Yet another show gone before it even had a chance to hit its stride... Absolutely worth a watch.
  • Why Mess up a perfect thing

    I must be honest I love this show more than True am greatly disappointed in ABC. The show had everything a sci-fi fan could ever wish for. The cast really did their part in playing the characters I made it seem so real. I hate that I only knew about the show through Netflix. I even told friends and family about it and we start getting into it immediately,to only learn that there will be no more seasons. I must admit that I watched the whole entire season one day. I'm truly heartbroken! I have been on the internet trying to find ways to purchase the second season that is how bad I really want to see the show. please someone bring back the show. if not Netflix could you please take over and give the fans what they want.

    I dont care how the ratings are for this show! This was the best series Ive seen EVER! This series is comparable to the TWILIGHT SAGA in my eyes, and with more seasons you will have soooo much more followers! I dont even have cable tv, I watched the whole season on Netflix, but this show makes me want to get cable. We need to know what happens to charlie and andie, and devin and everyone!!!!! You have to bring this show back!!!!
  • the gates

    you need to make more . i love the show and so does my family
  • Hear our voices

    With Netflix putting up all of these series that got canceled after one season everyone is starting to realize that this is the kind of stuff everyone wants to watch, it might not have been the right time, or media. Bring back what the people want, or the only real actors will be reality TV "actors". And trust us, NO ONE likes those.
  • Never knew about the show

    I never knew about this show until I saw it on Netflix. It's better then VD on the CW. Why only one season?. Please, please bring it back! If not on tv then Netflix TV.
  • Hello my names Kim

    I never heard of these show till i was on netflix looking for somthing to my liking to watch when i come home from school. Since i started watching these show i couldn't stop watching i love these show better yet i adore these show i love shows that has to do with vampires, werewolves, and etc, im into things like. I love everything about these show and to watch the last episode and leave me wondering what the Charlie Monohan might be is pretty exciting so please bring it back because I'm sure there a whole lot of people like me that are wondering what happens next and if you can't bring it back on the put on netflix or just make it a DVD with seasons going on and on because these just became my new favortie show whether on DVD, or NETFLIX please bring it back because im die to know what season 2 brings and if the Monohan stay in the gates
  • We Need The Gates Back

    Just watched the entire first season on netflix and loved it this show was awesome please bring it back to tv or netflix straight to dvd doesnt matter how just want more more more
  • 1 # gates

    please bring the tv show gates back !. I love this tv show. it's great. I love how the supernatural beings protect each other from other people who don't understand the unknown !.
  • Unfinished Gates

    The Gates is a genre television show with a fascinating premise; a gated community that serves as a sanctuary for vampires, werewolves, witches, and other supernatural creatures. The arc of the series follows the new police chief of a gated community, called The Gates, who has a dark past and discovers that some of the residences are not what they appear to be. Unfortunately the early episodes have some structure issues, and are unable to balance the main plot with the subplots. But after a rough start, the series finds its grove and delivers some compelling and action-packed episodes. Additionally, the show's ensemble cast is fairly strong and features a number of interesting recurring characters. An entertaining and thrilling series, The Gates has a lot of built-in potential for where it could have gone; but it wasn't able to fully realize it within its 13 episode run.
  • season 2 pleaseeee

    Love moviee
  • The Gates

    Loved it please do another season if not on tv on netflix. I have to see what Charlie is and who is the man looking for Leigh and what is going to happen to Dylan and Claire
  • Have to make more seasons.

    its a nice series make it continue
  • Gated Community filled with Supernatural. Wicked!

    This show is well described that supernatural wanna live a normal life like non-supernaturals. I can't believed they didn't continue it. People like to watch dramas of all type especially the zombie or supernatural ones. Reconsider for more fans.
  • Totally need more seasons

    This show could go on for a long time. How could you allow it to just drop off please bring it back with more seasons WE WANT MORE !!!
  • I need this show in my life

    I don't know why it was cancelled. But I'm begging the network to bring it back!!! I noticed some characters are currently in teen wolf. Either way a second season is necessary for us fans. I'm sure they r dying to know what happens next like me.

    I too stumbled across THE GATES on Netflix and i loved this show. i could not stop watching it until i got to the last episode to learn it was taken off the air.

    Are you kidding me this show is great. I still watch on Netflix over and over. this looked to be better than Vampier Diaries.

  • Good concepts never stick around.

    A gated community where supernatural beings live along side normal humans, peacefully. This is a superb show that has a great cast, great characters, and a great story-line. Just wish it had lasted longer on the networks. I wish that a Buffy or Arrested Development would happen and someone would bring this back. But I am not holding my breath. Worth a watch with your loved ones.
  • vahid

    plz season 2
  • Waaaaoooo!!! Please bring this show back!!!

    I want moooooore!!!!
  • Please bring the show back!

    like others i did not know about the show till it was on netflicks.
  • What the hell????????

    I never heard about this show until I came across it on Netflix. Whomever did the marketing and promotions for the series sucked because this one was virtually unknown until it was streamed on Netflix.. I love these kinds of shows so I'm always looking for a new one. I found this one and I loved it!!! I see a lot of people saying the same thing, that the show was great and bring it back and they'd never heard of it before. I'm certain that if they went on with a second season it would get a much better rating.

    This also reminds me of the TV show Surface. I'd never heard of that one either until I found it on Netflix, but there was only 1 season and it just never came back. I really hate it when they do that, it pisses me off to have something end on a cliffhanger and never returned to to finish things up.



    Loved it couldn't take my eyes off.. You can not leave us hanging wondering what is Charlie
  • Please Bring it Back!!!!

    I just found this show on Netflix and now i'm hooked! I went online to watch season 2 and was very surprised to see it canceled. They need to film season 2 and let Netflix stream it. I think if the show would have aired today it would have gotten a bigger fan base and been able to stay on the air for at least 4 seasons
  • Please bring it back!!!

    I really loved this show! I had never heard of it until Netflix and judging by the reviews I wasn't the only one. I didn't realize it was only one season when I started watching it; now I'm so hooked and need to know what happens next! This show can be huge with a little more advertising and a good time slot. If CW could have a hit with Vampire Diaries, abc can do it with The Gates!
  • Really good

    It was a little slow at first then it started getting good. I'm very upset it was cancelled, season 1 ended with such a cliffhanger

    The one show they should get rid of is the knock of twlight show. The Gates was a great show and how could u end the show where it left off. Bring it back!!!!
  • the gates

    the best serie i never knew about....great show all around.
  • bring it back!!

    this is the best show that was apparently on TV but no one knew about. where was the advertising? I would have definitely watched this one! I hadn't heard of this show until Netflix. I watched all the episodes in on sitting. It is sooo good. I wish they would bring it back, on TV, on netflix, on the internet. i don't care. just bring it back - with the same actors is possible. such an amazing show!!
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