The Gavin Crawford Show

Season 1 Episode 4

In Your Dreams

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    • Gavin (wearing lipstick): So I start talkin` to him, tryin` to tell him what's wrong with his car. I notice as I'm talkin`, he's kinda focusin` in on my lip area. And I ain't no dumb-bum, ok, so it don't take me too long to figure it out. This guy...he's hard of hearing. He's reading my lips. So what I do, I start enunciating everything very clearly so he can understand what I'm talkin` about, eh. Don't make no difference...he's still just starin at me. Then all of a sudden, it hits me eh. My freakin` lipstick. Like I been in the back of the shop all mornin`. I wasn't expectin` to see nobody. I even forgot I had it on! Now I'm talkin` to this guy, he probably think's I'm the freak eh, `cause I probably got lipstick smeared up to here, or worse yet I even got it on my teeth maybe even. I'm thinkin` 'Classy, Nicky. Real classy.' So what I do, I crouch down to the sideview mirror of the re-apply. `Cause I mean you gotta re-apply.

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