The Gavin Crawford Show - Season 1

(ended 2003)



User Score: 121

Episode Guide


  • Love is in the Air
    Love is in the Air
    Episode 13
    Public displays of affection gross out Gavin. Mary Pat finds the perfect man, but is afraid he's too perfect. Porn star Hugey McNutts does "lady porn" and falls in love with his co-star. Teen angst goth Heather Scranton has Red Ronny Rocker over for dinner to freak her parents out. Club kids Jayson and Troy decide to be in love - even though they aren't attracted to each other.moreless
  • Fancy Lady
    Fancy Lady
    Episode 12
    Gavin can't seem to get any respect from his bank, but Mary Pat's new power suit gets her respect from everyone she encounters. Frustrated, Gavin tries to melt her with a glass of water. Stoner bike courier, Top Knott, talks about political activism. He chains himself to a building and watches kids walk off with his bike. Librarian Verna Howard joins a pyramid scheme. Magicians Karl and Katrina Von Dinkk go to a marriage counsellor who has "the magic."

    Colin Mochrie guest stars.moreless
  • Funkytown
    Episode 11

    Gavin meets a cute boy in a trendy store and decides to funk up his wardrobe so he can fit in. His silver outfit doesn't impress Mary Pat. When suburbanites Betty and Ed Bucchan try Viagra, Betty can't get Ed to go near her and she keeps hearing strange noises in the garage. Senior citizen Enid Whipley takes her job as a ShopMart greeter very seriously, which Mary Pat painfully learns when she doesn't stop to get greeted.

  • Gavin Does Time
    Gavin Does Time
    Episode 10
    When Gavin gets arrested for unpaid speeding tickets, mail destruction, resisting arrest, assault and robbery, he finds Mary Pat isn't much help at his trial. Red Ronny Rocker becomes obsessed with death metal and tries to outsmart the cops. Magicians Karl and Katrina Von Dinkk want out of their marriage, but the magic binds them together. Susan McKenzie is always in court - suing just about everyone she comes in contact with.moreless
  • Naked and Flaming
    Naked and Flaming
    Episode 9
    Gavin meets a creepy photographer in the subway washroom. Figuring a well timed scandal is always good for a career, Mary Pat dares Gavin to go back and try to score, while she goes to get some nude pictures taken. Nerdy Mark Jackson finally gets a girlfriend and she's a real knock out. Red Ronny Rocker writes some rock sensations that are filled with not-so-subtle sexual innuendo. Ed and Betty Bucchan join a swingers club - but Ed gets more than he bargained for when Betty meets her special friend, Maurice.moreless
  • Havin` Muh Babay!
    Havin` Muh Babay!
    Episode 8
    After an encounter with a cute kid, Gavin tries to convince Mary Pat that they should have a baby. Mary Pat admits to being afraid of children and her fears are realized when she goes to visit her old college roommate. Librarian Verna Howard's famous twin sister comes by the library just to remind Verna how much better than her she is. Long-term couple Kevin and Kyle find out adoption isn't easy. Supermom Jordan Jacobs takes her family out for dinner - much to the dismay of everyone at the restaurant.moreless
  • Before and After
    Before and After
    Episode 7
    Gavin becomes the poster boy for his gym. Mary Pat takes a yoga class, but gets uncomfortable when instructor Michael Michaels gets a little too close. Marissa and Patricia have trouble complimenting each other's newest additions. Marissa gets upset about her granddaughter's piercings and ends up piercing herself.

    After folk singer Ron Breeze discovers naturism and makes his house a clothing free space, his wife Ocean gets back at him by inviting her mother over. Gay club kid Jayson thinks he's internally homophobic - but he can't love everybody.moreless
  • Secretive Agent
    Secretive Agent
    Episode 6
    After seeing something suspicious at her house, Gavin thinks his agent is a murderer and he's next. A sceptical Mary Pat agrees to protect him. Patricia's near death experience gives Marissa a new outlook on plastic surgery and how to get it cheaper. Fashion designer Uwe Meyer is kidnapped by an obese obsessed fan who forces him to design her a plus-sized gown. Overworked porn star Hugey McNutts thinks people are coming on to him wherever he goes - his sexy psychiatrist isn't much help.moreless
  • Sim Gavin
    Sim Gavin
    Episode 5
    Gavin can't stop playing "Virtual Neighbourhood" and Mary Pat can't get enough energy supplements. Their addictions cause the destruction of Gavin's apartment much to the dismay of a hunky local fireman. Fitness guru Michael Michaels falls in love with himself; finally a relationship that works. Supermom Jordan Jacobs shares her joy with a supermarket clerk. Verna's likely gay co-worker David gets her hooked on Cosmo quizzes - if only she did the "Pitbull or Poodle" quiz…moreless
  • In Your Dreams
    In Your Dreams
    Episode 4
    Marypat convinces Gavin to try stand up at Marcus open mic night. Marypat and Marcus have become an item and Gavin is less than impressed. Red Ronny Rocker plots to fill in for the Rolling Stones by starting a temp agency for rockers. Uwe Meyer launches the third world fashion fund, and Gavin's agent Ginny recalls the good old days when actors were actors - and so was she.moreless
  • Leggo My Eggo
    Leggo My Eggo
    Episode 3
    Gavin mixes up cell phones with Australian feminist Len Henderson who's lecture Marypat attends with disastrous results. Fashon God Uwe Meyer tries to give a superhero an image adjustment. Society mavens Marissa and Patricia investigate vaginal rejuvenation surgery, Hapless teen Mark jackson runs for class president and Gavin's constanty scheming agent Ginny gets him a great new job as a bus boy.moreless
  • Holy-Oh's
    Episode 2
    Gavin's, Holy-Oh's ceral commercial turns out to be a hit with religious fanatics, much to the amusement of Marypat. Jayson Explains his philosophies on Life death and travel while Ed and Betty organize the Church of Oprah. Local zealot, Christian tries to spread the word at a drop in clinic and Folk Duo Ron and Ocean Breeze investigate their past lives.moreless
  • Culture Club
    Culture Club
    Episode 1
    In the first episode of The Gavin Crawford Show's four episode first season, Gavin, fed up with small theatre decides to go "commercial", meanwhile his best pal Marypat takes over his role in an avante Garde theatre piece run by Marcus and Ross. Ed and betty Bucchan get a foreign exchange student from Buffalo, French kids show host rene cancon plots to take over English Canada and Opera Star Giancarlo dahveed tries to bring opera to the streets. Look for Cameos by Deb McGrath (Hilda Banks), Tracey Dawson (Heather Scranton) and Lisa Brooke (Katrina Von Dinkk).moreless
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