The Gayle King Show

(ended 1998)



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  • Dressing Casual and Professional All at the same time.

    Dear Mrs. King,

    I am writing to send you a very heartfelt thank you. I am a single black women of 5 sons, that has and still go through trials and tribulation. When in going through my trials and tribulations you are part of me picking myself up and continue to live each day. How? You have inspired my closet in wearing a dress everyday to work. With the weigh that I carried in my short stature and looking at you each morning just to see what color dress you have on that day help me to get up and get ready for work. I was unable to wear the exact dresses that I admired you in each morning on the CBS morning with Charlie and Nora. I just made away able to me to be a semi-replica of you dress style by hitting the clearance rack and shopping at Ross stores.

    Now I must start all over due to a house fire that I had on July 30 of this year. Two of my sons and 2 grandchildren were in the house but we got out and no one was hurt physically but mentally we are coping each day. However, in coming back to work I am pulling wardrobe back together and it is still under the inspiration of you "Gayle King Career and Casual dress style all in one"

    Thank you for being a black women with style, rythmn, charism and of a great spirit and character.
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