The Geena Davis Show

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Nov 28, 2000 on ABC

Episode Recap

Teddie goes overboard - again - when Max and Gladys agree to let her help in the arrangements for young Eliza's birthday party. Although she's been told that the party should remain simple and uncomplicated, Teddie believes that bigger is better - and even rents a petting zoo and clowns to prove it. However, her efforts aren't appreciated by everyone, especially the mothers of the other party-goers who are angry and envious of Teddie's obvious talents. While still at the party, friends Judy and Hillary warn Teddie about the three women who have just nominated her to take charge of the children's school auction.

Believing that Judy and Hillary are just being cynical, Teddie agrees to head the auction and meets the three women for coffee. After their brief meeting, Teddie discovers a piece of paper that one of the women has left with a reference to her as 'The Stick.' Learning how much she is disliked by them is upsetting to the ever-popular Teddie who then takes advice from Carter about how to deal with the suburban snobs. Following the auction - a resounding success - Teddie approaches the women for their approval. But, it's clear that she is not going to get it.

Teddie does her best to adhere to Carter's suggestions and responds with sarcasm when confronted by nasty Nadine. However, her insecurities rise to the surface and Teddie makes one more attempt to befriend the women who quickly turn on their heels and leave. Max, watching from the sidelines, assures Teddie that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of her. Her own opinion of herself - and those closest to her - is what matters most.
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