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  • Season 1
    • The Wedding
      The Wedding
      Episode 22
      Eliza's urge to call Teddie mommy make her give up her dream wedding and have it right away instead of waiting for 6 more weeks. They all rush to the City Hall, but there's a weeklong waiting list. Teddie manages to convince the City Hall worker to marry her that afternoon. Trying to make things a little less rushed, she gets the waiting room decorated and asks Alan to buy a cake (and he mistakenly buys a wooden one). While waiting, Teddie accidentally sits on Hillary's berry danish and her butt gets all blue. She has to rush to the dry cleaner's wearing Hillary's hookerish outfit from last night's party, and like things couldn't get any better, she has to bribe the dry cleaner too. After she can't get the money, Teddie steals the dress - or at least one she thought was hers... How will it all end up?moreless
    • White Moms Can't Jump
      It's mother's day and everybody gives Teddie something, except for Carter, who seems to be having a hard time with his new mom. Carter has been accepted to the varsity basketball team and Teddie, feeling that Carter's rejection is due to lack of attention, decides to help Carter play and not just sit on the bench all game. Carter playing is everything but good, and he ends up spreading his ankle. The incident announces itself when Carter makes Teddie disappointed by telling her that he does not considers her as his mother. Teddie decides to take things into her hands...moreless
    • Girls' Night Out
      Girls' Night Out
      Episode 20
      It's Teddie's last week as a single woman, and her friends decide to take her for a bachelorette party. After a few embarassments from Teddie when she mistook a priest and a cop for strippers, they end up in a bar playing pool, and Teddie can't stop remembering the good road trips she used to take when she was young in her first car. For her surprise, Hillary and Judy found her old car and take Teddie to see it. There, she remembers how she sold it to her boyfriend, after he was "stolen" by her best high school friend, Ashley. Well, isn't Teddie surprised to find out that the same Ashley owns the car now... Meanwhile, Carter tricks Max with "the best juice to clean pennies"...moreless
    • Spontaneous Combustion
      Teddie does not wants to give her apartment away to Judy because she has plans to make love with Max...
    • The Prime Directive
      Teddie takes Carter to one of her big parties and there he meets some of Teddie's famous friends. He mingles with them and thinks they're his friends. Back home, he feels way too important to be with Isabel and acts like a jerk to get rid of her, so she ends up dumping him. He wants to go to a party he was invited, but Teddie tells him those people aren't even going to remember him. Still, Carter decides to go and is disappointed when Teddie's friends ignore him... Meanwhile, Hillary gets a date with a guy she used to babysit for.moreless
    • Hot Potato
      Hot Potato
      Episode 17
      Teddie is still trying to please everyone. She buys flannel sheets for everybody, but they all complain about it; she makes fondue for dinner, but they want pizza. No matter what, Teddie never seems to get it right. So in one more effort to please everybody, she gets a cat who has a demonic behavior. Crushed, she calls a pet therapist, who ends up revealing more about Teddie then the cat itself...moreless
    • Sex, Lies and Videotape
      Teddie is in charge of the house and has to take care of kids, which she takes as a challenge to proof that she is able to be a mom. She wants to be cool so the kids will like her better, and lets do stuff they wouldn't normally do if Max was around. Carter asks to go out with Isabel, and Teddie decides to extend his curfew for one extra hour. Carter shows up at home one hour passed his curfew slightly drunk and smelling like beer. Teddie grounds him, but now she has to do something about it when Max comes home.moreless
    • Photo Finish
      Photo Finish
      Episode 15
      Teddie is asked to pose as one of the "women we love" for a special "women of the year" Enquirer. Teddie is very happy and feels very important, but the photographer takes advantage of her enthusiasm and induces her into making more sexy poses. After the shooting is done, Teddie realizes that she led herself be carried away by the photographer and what first was an excitement turns into a problem once she realizes the photos are a little too revealing. When her friends convince her that the photos are OK she buys a bunch of magazines and spreads them around the house so Max would see them. The problem announces itself when Max's parents make a surprise visit.moreless
    • There's a New Bride in Town
      When Judy is dumped, Teddie sets her up with Russell. Teddy gets angry when they decide to get engaged.
    • Max Hates Hillary
      Max Hates Hillary
      Episode 13
      Teddie's first suburban neighborhood barbecue goes well, but the late arrival of best friend Hillary is an inconvenience for Max. Following an evening of drinks and girl talk between the two women, Hillary ends up staying overnight and a hungover Teddie deals with Max's obvious dismay. Later, Teddie casually asks Max what he thinks of her flirty, high-spirited friend. When Max refers to Hillary as 'superficial and shallow' and admits his dislike of her, Teddie is determined to turn the situation around for the better. Back at the office, a similar situation with co-worker Alan also promts Teddie to take action.moreless
    • Car Wash
      Car Wash
      Episode 12
      Teddie is convinced that Eliza does not like or trust her when Eliza loses a desired role in the school play and she turns to Gladys to soothe her upset. After being rejected by Eliza's teacher Teddie makes a plan to get a part for Eliza in an upcoming television commerical, but Gladys thinks that it's time for Eliza to learn how to handle disappointment in her life...moreless
    • Momma Bear
      Momma Bear
      Episode 11
      Teddie's maternal insticts kick in when Carter brings home a girlfriend - one that's considerably older and more sophisticated than he. Although Max tries to impress upon Teddie that Carter's new friend is not a threat, Teddie is not convinced when she hears some of the comments the rather mature teen makes to them concerning her relationship with Carter.moreless
    • The Mom That Stole Christmas
      Teddie wants to spend a great Christmas as it's her first Christmas as a mom, so she plans to make her own traditions, i.e. "international Christmas" in which she'll put a piece of every important culture's Christmas together in one. But her plans are ruined when Max brings her mother Joyche home as a surprise so Teddie would not spend a Christmas without her and Joyce wants to have a normal Christmas which is totally different that the one Teddie wants to have. With all of that on her back Teddie is even pressured by her neighbours who want her to decorate her house so their street would win the award for most decorated street.moreless
    • By Teddie Cochrane
      Max and Teddie attend a writer's coctail party where Max is anxious to gain the attention of an important but not so kind magazine editor Michael Carolina. After his hopes go in the water Teddie impresses the ediotr and he wants her to write an article about her relationship with Max. Max is reveling, while she is afraid of what will come out of everything when she realizes that her story is disastrous.moreless
    • The Long Kiss Goodbye
      While working on the wedding plans Max announces that his friend Louis Richards is coming to visit. His visit leaves Teddie in shock when after the dinner Louis kisses her and... slips her the tongue. That makes a big problem and Teddie decides to not tell anything to Max until he kisses her again on a cocktail party...moreless
    • Cooties
      Episode 7
      When Max and Gladys agree to let Teddie help in the arrangements for Eliza's birthday party she goes overboard again and prepares a very big party which makes other mothers of the other party-goers be angry and envious of Teddie's talents. Teddie gets a warning from Hillary and Judy about children's school auction, but does not listens... just to discover that they actually dislike her. Then she follows Carter's advice how to deal with the snobs...moreless
    • There's Something About Max
      A ballroom-dancing class has Max feeling like Fred Astaire. But Teddie would rather exchange partners due to Max's wrong moves ... he has "two left feet."
    • Motherly Advice
      Motherly Advice
      Episode 5
      Teddie and Max attend a pre-marital workshop meetings at the local church and it makes them realize how much they really don't know about each other. Teddie realizes that Max's dreams are a lot different than hers -- and Max tries to boost her confidence. But it all turns around as they attend second meeting. In the meantime, Teddie learns that Carter is being accused of sexual harrassment after he followed her advice.moreless
    • Jealousy
      Episode 4
      What begins as a pleasant night out with Max and her best friends soon turns awkward and embarrassing for Teddie when she bumps into a former flame. While enjoying drinks before their outing to a Broadway play, Teddie is spotted by her ex-boyfriend, Jonah, whom she weakly introduces to current fiance Max. Although it's clear that both men are unfazed by the impromtu meeting, Teddie tries to soothe Max by telling him that he need not feel envious of Jonah...moreless
    • Piece of Cake
      Piece of Cake
      Episode 3
      Teddie still tries to balance between her successful career and home life and she wants to prove to Max that she can make both work at the same time. But things go bad for her when she tries to make dinner for the family and wants to help Carter to make a cake for his school's bake sale...moreless
    • What I Like About You
      When she misses Eliza's play at school, Teddie promises to Max that she won't ever miss any more of the kids events and so she accepts to go to Carter's high school art fair. After balancing between her interview with Hillary Clinton and going to Carter's school event she decides that her promise to Max is more important and goes to the event, but when she gets a rude treatment there she flips the table...moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Meet Teddie Cochran, a bright and brassy career woman who values her independence. Everything changes for Teddie when she meets Max Ryan, a political writer who is also a widower with two children. Following a lightning quick romance and engagement, Teddie moves in with Max and his family in their suburban home. Convinced that she can please Max, the children, and still keep up with single girlfriends Hillary and Judy, Teddie confidently faces the challenges that lie ahead for her. However, she learns early on that parenthood is not such an easy task and her transition into the Ryan household is not as smooth as she expected it to be. Teddie unintentionally upsets the daily routine of the family by eating candy for breakfast, insulting live-in housekeeper Gladys, and wandering the kitchen in her usual skimpy morning attire - a joyful sight for teenaged son Carter, but a problem for Max.moreless