The Gene Autry Show

Season 5 Episode 11

Ride, Ranchero!

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Dec 10, 1955 on CBS

Episode Recap

Gene's new Flying-A-Ranch for wayward boys is off to a great start. Gene decides to give Big Jim Weston, a jailed convict and son of former rancher Mamie Weston, a second chance as a hand on the the Flying-A. On the way to the ranch, Big Jim bumps into one of the boys, Pedro Gonzales, who immediately recognizes the outlaw as the one who killed his parents. Big Jim of course denies it, when all of the sudden, a stage is held up by Stan Richter and the Weston Gang. Stan's plan is to sabotage the Flying-A so it will go to Big Jim. Pedro tells Gene about the hold up, and Gene rides after Big Jim, who has been hit over the head by Stan Richter to create suspicion. Meanwhile, things are going smoothly at the Flying-A with Gene training Champion and Little Champ for the boys. Gene also teaches a lesson about how to be an American, after Lefty bullies Pedro. Afterwards, the school goes on a field trip. Big Jim tries to destroy the outing by rolling boulders down a hill onto the campsite. One of the boulders crushes Pat's wagon, and the horses run away. Gene, Pat, and Pedro chase after the outlaws, when Pedro finds Big Jim wounded. Pedro at first decides to leave Big Jim suffering like he did to Pedro's parents, but Pedro then decides to take the outlaw to the doctor.
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