The Gene Autry Show - Season 4

CBS (ended 1956)




Episode Guide

  • Outlaw Warning
    Outlaw Warning
    Episode 13
    Pat convicts Corey Fordham of killing Duane Simmons. Judge Lockwood sentences Corey, but he escapes and plots revenge on Pat and Lockwood. Pat calls in Gene for protection, while he setd up his house like a living mousetrap with rope slings, and alarm signals, and a bulletproof vest. Gene convinces Pat to loan $5000 to Duane's widow Louise, and her children Billy and Betsy so they can stay out west. Corey's men kidnap Pat, Lockwood, and Billy, who came for the money. Corey gives his own trial and sentences Pat and Lockwood to death. Right when the getting gets good, Gene arrives in the nick of time and saves the three, and send the outlaws to jail.moreless
  • Boots And Ballots
    Boots And Ballots
    Episode 12
    Gene is the sheriff of a frontier town during a local election for the town's new mayor. Gene helps out candidate, Mary Sanders, who he thinks would be perfect for the town's new mayor. The other candidate is Thatcher Bowden, who decides to play dirty just to be the town's new mayor. Gene, Pat, and Mary's adopted harmonica playing son, Eddie are supporting her, but Thatcher's men are convincing the town a woman isn't cut out to be a mayor. Thatcher's men then kidnap Eddie, and claim that if Mary wants to see him again, she should drop out of the election. Gene and Pat ride out to Thatcher's place, who won't tell where Eddie is. When Gene hears a harmonica from a back room, he has all the information he needs. After a fight, Gene takes the outlaws in, and Mary is the new mayor.moreless
  • Civil War At Deadwood
    A feud between a Reb and a Yank continues long after war. Gene gets involved when the feud gets out of hand.
  • The Outlaw Of Blue Mesa
    Gene and Pat are riding to Blue Mesa when they save Tom Jackson from a lynching.
  • Battle Axe
    Battle Axe
    Episode 9
    Gene and Pat are called into Jimtown to help Sheriff Dan Carter with the increasing number of crimes. When Gene and Pat arrive, they find an old "Battle Axe", Belle Anderson is the new acclaimed sheriff. With smooth-talking, a gang of outlaws, lead by Vasco are named the new deputies. Gene, Pat, and Dan try to convince her otherwise, but she is reluctant. Dan rounds up his old deputies to capture the outlaws. During a fight, Dan captures the outlaws, and brings them in, and regains his job as sheriff.moreless
  • The Carnival Comes West
    When the carnival comes to town planning on wintering there, Emma Conley, a respected social leader, tries to drive them out.
  • Hoodoo Canyon
    Hoodoo Canyon
    Episode 7
    Jim Saunder's stage line is having a lot of problems and Jim thinks it's jinxed. Gene and Pat try to find the real cause of his problems.
  • Talking Guns
    Talking Guns
    Episode 6
    Gene and Pat are after Mack Healy's gang. The town gossip claims that he doesn't know anything but Gene thinks he does.
  • Sharpshooter
    Episode 5
    Gene and Pat track down a crack rifle shot named Randy Barker who's wanted for killing the sheriff, only to discover he's merely a young boy who claims he's being framed. Gene takes Randy at his word and sets a trap to expose the real culprit.
  • The Sharpshooter
    The Sharpshooter
    Episode 5
    A ruthless sheriff frames a young man for murder. Gene and Pat try to prove his innocence.
  • Prize Winner
    Prize Winner
    Episode 4
    Lover Boy, Pat's pet rooster manages to get Pat and Gene into all kinds of trouble after Pat enters him in the Carterville Fair.
  • Hold Up
    Hold Up
    Episode 3
    Gene uncovers a scheme run by a father-daughter criminal team intent on defrauding an old rancher out of his land. Gene pieces together clues, including a ripped telegraph containing his signature, which leads to a knockdown, drag-out fight.
  • The Hold-up
    The Hold-up
    Episode 3
    An old telegraph operator helps Gene stop a crooked oilman from cheating a rancher out of his property.
  • Johnny Jackaroo
    Johnny Jackaroo
    Episode 2
    A make-believe stage coach holdup planned to frighten some sense into an eleven year old boy backfires and causes all kinds of problems.
  • Santa Fe Raiders
    Santa Fe Raiders
    Episode 1
    After his friend is murdered, Gene helps the man's son take over the family freight business.