The Gene Autry Show - Season 5

CBS (ended 1956)




Episode Guide

  • Dynamite
    Episode 13
    Gene and Pat save a runaway wagon only to find it empty. Gene finds the driver, who says his only passenger, Driscoll, is missing. Gene finds him at the sheriff's office. Gene learns Driscoll is working undercover for a Colorado mining company. Pat follows him and his men to a mine, where he is trapped inside a cave. Gene finds Pat's horse, and follows it to the mine. The owner of the general store admits to being the missing mining engineer, and lights a stick of dynamite to free Pat. Pat is saved by the cave being blown open, and the store owner is proven innocent. Gene and Pat track down Driscoll and his men, and bring them in.moreless
  • The Rangerette
    The Rangerette
    Episode 12
    Big Jim Weston was sent to prison thanks to Gene. Weston's daughter, Gerry, comes to the ranch and that's when the trouble stars.
  • Ride, Ranchero!
    Ride, Ranchero!
    Episode 11
    Gene's new Flying-A-Ranch for wayward boys is off to a great start. Gene decides to give Big Jim Weston, a jailed convict and son of former rancher Mamie Weston, a second chance as a hand on the the Flying-A.
  • Saddle Up
    Saddle Up
    Episode 10
    Gene is going to try to turn the Flying-A into a home for wayward boys. Gene is fully in charge, but if one little thing goes wrong, the ranch goes to Big Jim, who the leader of the Weston Gang.
  • Feuding Friends
    Feuding Friends
    Episode 9
    Counterfeiting is going on in Red Canyon, and deposits the phony bills in the local bank. Whenever customers make a withdraw, they are handed phony bills. The hotel owner, George Elhart is the ringleader, and convinces people who have been robbed on a stage that the bank is the best place to hide the bills. To break up this counterfeiting ring, Gene and Pat pretend to break up their friendship, and become enemies. George tries to get rid of Gene, but fails. Finally, he hires Pat to dispose of Gene. Faking a murder, Pat and Gene make plans to capture George. George has unwittingly exposed himself, and goes into the hills with his men to hide, where Gene and Pat are ready to bring them in.moreless
  • Go West, Young Lady
    Pat sends out letters claiming Gene is looking for a new spouse. Two women ride into town wanting Gene as their husbands. The problem is, they're both already married. One is a lady who comes from the east Mary Gridley, who's out inspecting the west, while the other is an Indian, Little Mountain, who decides she'd rather have Pat than Gene. Gene orders Pat to straighten this situation out, or else.moreless
  • Ghost Ranch
    Ghost Ranch
    Episode 7
    Gene is the foremen of the Jingle Bell ranch that was recently inherited by Torrey Palmer. Torrey decides to sell Little Champ to the highest bidder. Gene tries to stop her by scaring her off and gets himself and the ranch hands fired.
  • Guns Below the Border
    Gene teams up with Fernando, a Mexican patrol Captain, to find out who is smuggling guns across the border.
  • The Golden Chariot
    The Golden Chariot
    Episode 5
    Pat enters a chariot race at a local fair that's in town. Confident that Pat will win, Gene places a bet, using the budget of an old school that's funding for a new building.
  • Law Comes to Scorpion
    Gene and Pat are on their way home from Mexico, when they find a preacher giving his sermon from the back of a wagon. He was driven out of the lawless town of Scorpion while he was trying to raise enough money for a new church building. Gene and Pat help out with a hatful of silver pesos, and camp out for the night. Chief gambler, Jaycee Cady sends out his henchmen to beat up the Parson and Gene. With the Parson's daughter, Esther, to identify the outlaws, Gene and Pat ride into Scorpion to recover the stolen money. When the money is recovered, Gene and Jaycee are sent to jail. During a fake trial, Jaycee makes a jailbreak. Pat frees Gene, and they find the outlaws hiding in a shack outside of town. Gene brings them in, and brings law to Scorpion.moreless
  • The Portrait Of White Cloud
    Gene and Pat reminisce about the time they helped an old Indian friend, White Cloud. White Cloud had his picture painted by an artist who was framing more than the picture.
  • The Stage to San Dimas
    Gene is in charge of escorting a stage to San Dimas because all the other runs have been cancelled because of an Apache uprising. The stage holds Captain Randy Jones, and a entertainer named Della Dix, who is carrying a fortune in her jewelry. The other passengers are Cliff Barton (her body guard), and Pat, who is heading to recover his stolen mule, Mike. Along the way, they are ambushed by a band of Apaches and two masked outlaws, who run off with Diamond Della's jewelry. Gene chases after the outlaws, learning that Cliff hired them but double-crossed them with fake jewelry, while he got away with the real jewelry. Gene tracks him down, and brings him in, Captain Jones stops the Indian war, Diamond Della, is back on stage, and Pat is reunited with his noble steed.moreless
  • Million Dollar Fiddle
    Famed violin prodigy Reggie Regalado seizes an opportunity to sneak off the train when it stops in Autryville so he can visit Gene's Flying A Ranch. Unfortunately, crooked foreman Buck Bowman and his men steal Reggie's violin for the insurance money.
  • The Million Dollar Fiddle
    Outlaws kidnap eleven-year-old Reginald Redaldo in an attempt to steal his violin, an original Stradivarius.