The Genie From Down Under

ABC1 (ended 1998)


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The Genie From Down Under

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Penelope discovers an opal in an old trunk. She realises that the opal holds two genies that could help her get anything she wishes for. Bruce and Baz live in the opal. Bruce and the opal were brought to England by Sir Claude, Penelope's great, great grandfather. Bruce and Baz have been trapped in the opal for a long time. Now they just want to get out of it and go back to Australia. One day, Penelope wishes she were somewhere else, Bruce sends her to Australia. Penelope hates Australia, but Bruce and Baz love it.
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  • When a snobby pom finds an old opal in a old trunk in her attic, two 5000 year old genies appear that will give her her every wishes comand!!!!!

    I love this show. I think each series is as good as each other. This site doesn\'t have much about the episodes on it!!! (i could change that if i knew how to get onto level 2) but my favourite is defienty series 2 episode 25 \"Ottos Rules ok\". Over all I think that it is a great mix of magic comedy and more comedy. My favourite charector is Bubbles a Rich guy who wants to marry penelopies (the girl who found the opal) mother (diana) but Diana doesnt truley love him. He is funny and mellow. in total genie from down under is a great show that i think almost anyone could enjoy. And since no one else has done are the charectors.


    A stuck up english snob who wants to be popular and hates most of all Australia. When she finds the opal she is scared at first but then she sees its a rock of oppitunity!!!


    Diana is Penelopy\'s mother who as soon as she notices Bruce falls deeply in love with him but Penelopy trys to stop this


    Bruce is a 5000 year old genie who also loves Diana. He is smart and funny and always twistes up Penelopies wishes. because of that Penelopy punishes him.


    Baz is Bruces son, a Genie in trainning. He treats Penelopy as a friend as trys to concvince her not to be so hard on Bruce.

    Miss Mosip

    Dianas housekeer. She very raely get paid but has always stuck by Diana and never will leave her.


    Otto is the owner of Otto Von Myster tours. He is always planning to get the opal of Penelopy but never susseced. He clainthat Penelopys great great grandfather stole it off his family. He is a unclean ratbag that no noe likes.


    Camrad is Ottos 15 year old nephew who helps out will Ottos bussiness. Otto uses his charm to help get the opal off Penelopy.

  • Its The Best Show Ever!!

    This Show Is my Absolute Favourite.

    I loved to watch this show, althought it was 6 years ago that it last aired i can still remember the theme song.

    I just found the book in the library and i'm so happy.

    I'm going to the bookstore to buy it and i'm just hoping that `The Genie From Down Under` is out on Video or Dvd!!!