The Genie From Down Under - Season 2

ABC1 (ended 1998)


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Episode Guide

  • The Last Wish
    The Last Wish
    Episode 13
    Bruce and Diana are madly in love and Penelope finally realizes that there’s nothing she can do about it. She hands the opal to her mother, allowing Bruce to reveal who he really is. He proposes to Diana and she accepts.
  • Otto Rules Ok
    Otto Rules Ok
    Episode 12
    Diana joins the environmentalists with Otto because he claims to be a greenie, but it’s just a trick to steal the opal from Penelope. Otto manages to get the opal. He wishes to be the king of England. When he becomes the king, he puts Lady Diana, Darlene and Mossop into the dungeons. Bubbles has a plan to end Otto from being a king.moreless
  • The Heart of Country and Western
    Penelope is shocked when her mother decides to enter their whole family in the Townsville Country and Western Music Festival. Penelope is afraid that she might collapse on stage, but Otto and Conrad think that if she collapses they might be able to get the opal from her. Mossop finds the opal and starts making wishes, not knowing that they will all come true.moreless
  • The Opal is a Boomerang
    Mr. Repo arrives at the Private Collection Of Artifacts exhibition. He has a warrant to take the opal from Penelope. He says that Penelope’s great, great grandfather, Sir Claude, stole the opal when it was on display. Conrad and Darlene also want the opal. Penelope wishes for everything to be sorted out.moreless
  • Stocks And Bondings
    Penelope is desperate to have a boyfriend because she wants to show Marcia and Sophie that she has one. She spots a young teenager, Montgomery St. Ives, and wants him to be her boyfriend. She wanted to get him without the help of the genies, but when she realizes that he is a cad, she turns to Bruce for some help.moreless
  • My Better Half
    My Better Half
    Episode 8
    The wedding is still on and Penelope couldn’t be happier because her mother isn’t marrying Bruce. Penelope really wants to help with the wedding, but she’s so busy with school, so she wishes for a double. Bruce discovers that Nigel isn’t marrying Diana because he loves her; he’s only marrying her because of her money. Now he has to convince Penelope to stop the wedding.moreless
  • Baby Talk
    Baby Talk
    Episode 7
    Back in England, Lady Diana is proud to accept Nigel’s marriage proposal. Penelope would love to help with the wedding, but she can’t because one of her wishes has backfired and she’s been turned into a baby. Penelope still has the opal, but since she’s a baby, no one can understand what she’s wishing for.moreless
  • Lord Of The Nail Files
    Penelope goes on an excursion with her school, but the school is left without any food or water. Marcia steals the opal from Penelope because she doesn’t want Penelope to help the school.
  • Peace In Our Time
    Peace In Our Time
    Episode 5
    Lady Diana thinks that Bruce has been kissing her friends because Penelope said something. Penelope wishes that everyone would tell the truth. When Penelope tells Diana that Bruce didn’t kiss any of her friends, Diana hands the opal over to Bubbles. He wants to spread the message of honesty everywhere and by doing so, he becomes Baba Bubbles. Bubbles wishes that everyone would lose their possessions. They do, but they also lose their clothes and Penelope becomes the owner of the opal again.moreless
  • Chasing the Sun
    Chasing the Sun
    Episode 4
    Penelope wishes for the school to be destroyed because she got a bad result in an exam, but she doesn’t realize that her mother has a meeting at the school. As she was about to change her wish, the genies disappear and arrive back with the master from the past, Murray. Penelope and Murray are in a hurry to chase the sun because they’re making sure that they don’t change the past in order for the future not to be affected.moreless
  • The Cold Shoulder
    The Cold Shoulder
    Episode 3
    Conrad trains a parrot to steal the opal from Penelope in order to show Otto that he isn’t dumb. Conrad manages to get the opal and goes to Bubbles for advice. Penelope agrees to give Bruce half an hour alone with her mother only if he helps her get the opal back from Conrad.moreless
  • The Photo Opportunity
    Even thought Lady Diana can’t remember Bruce’s proposal, she falls in love with him again. Penelope doesn’t believe that her mothers love for Bruce is real and believes that Bruce is using his magic to make Diana fall in love with him. Penelope wishes that Bruce were human for a day. While Bruce struggles life as a human, Penelope gets Baz to grant her a wish. She wishes for a lovely dinner with Prince Umberto.moreless
  • I Do. You Do! Who Do?
    Bruce can’t wait to tell Lady Diana that he wants to marry her, but first he must reveal his true identity. Lady Diana has been wearing the opal for a long time now and she believes that it brings her good luck. When Bruce finally asks her to marry him, Diana wishes the moment last forever, but she is in a trance. Diana can’t remember anything, including Bruce’s proposal, when she's freed from the trance.moreless