The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show - Season 3

CBS (ended 1958)




Episode Guide

  • Filmed Show #40
    Filmed Show #40
    Episode 40
  • Gracie and George Locked Out of Their House
    After returning late from a party, George and Gracie lock themselves out of the house. When the locksmith comes to let them in, Gracie continues to mistakenly lock doors causing the locksmith to work late and get in trouble with his wife.
  • Filmed Show #38
    Filmed Show #38
    Episode 38
    Gracie has witnessed a bank robbery, and is scheduled as a witness against gangster Johnny Velvet. George is expecting to sing at a dinner for Ronald Reagan, but the guest list is dwindling.
  • Trip to New York
    Trip to New York
    Episode 37

    Harry and Blanche Morton are driving to New York, and Gracie tries to convince George that they should go with the Mortons.

  • Filmed Show #36
    Filmed Show #36
    Episode 36
    Some amusement results when Gracie finds a telegram from 1923. In it, George is asked to do a Broadway show, but without his partner. Gracie does not notice the date on the telegram, and tries to figure out a way to make George feel free to do the show without her.moreless
  • Pete and Pete - Gracie's Cousins
  • Surprise Party for Mortons; Sanitarium Routine
    Gracie throws a monkey wrench into a birthday party for Harry Morton.
  • Filmed Show #33
    Filmed Show #33
    Episode 33
    When Harry Morton is busy playing cards at the office and doesn't show up for lunch, Blanche jokes that he was kidnapped. Gracie believes this and reports it. Later an investigator spots Harry with Blanche and tells Gracie who thinks Harry is cheating on Blanche.
  • George Lectures at UCLA
    George gets invited to lecture about TV at UCLA. When George finds out the neighbors are laughing about it, he loses his confidence and decides to decline the invitation. When Gracie finds out, she tries to build him back up.
  • Von Zell's Girl-Friend Between Trains
    Von Zell's college sweetheart is planning to drop by. He has given her the impression that he is married, and Gracie wants to help him appear so. At the same time, Harry Morton has been too much of a doormat to his business partner, Casey, and this relationship needs to be straightened out (by guess who?).moreless
  • Gracie and Cleaning Woman; Vanderlips
    Harry Morton asks George to talk to his friend Mr. Vanderlip, a banker that Harry want to secure a loan from. After the cleaning lady hears George mention the Vanderlips, she tells Gracie a story that Gracie misunderstands. Gracie confronts Mr. Vanderlip with the story getting Harry in trouble.
  • Gracie Takes Spanish Lessons
    Spanish lessons for Gracie and Blanche lead to George getting into some very unexpected trouble.
  • Blanche Secretly Buys a Fur Stole
    Lots of mixups, in both plot and dialogue, as Gracie mistakenly reports to the police that Blanche's new fur stole has been stolen.
  • Misunderstanding Over Buying Mountain Cabin
    Problems arise when Harry Von Zell decides to buy a cabin from a real estate agent who is a competitor to Harry Morton, and Gracie gets the wrong impression that George is the one buying the cabin.
  • Gracie Pretends to Be College Boy's Mother
    When Ronnie, the college boy who does the Burns yard work, tells his girlfriend that he lives at the Burns house after she see him working there, Gracie pretends to be his mother so he won't be caught in a lie.
  • Gracie Reports Car Stolen
    After a streak of bad luck, Gracie asks Harry Von Zell to hide George's car so he won't get in an accident. When George asks Harry Morton to take him to Palm Springs so he can work on his scripts, Gracie asks Harry Von Zell to hide the Morton's car as well.moreless
  • Gracie Gets George in the Army
    Gracie has the idea that joining the Army will be good for George, and enlists him. George is not worried, because a doctor is coming to the house to examine him and he knows he will fail the physical. At the same time, Harry Morton is applying for life insurance and also must be examined by a doctor. Let's hope there is no mixup.moreless
  • Gracie Buying a Ranch for George
    Gracie believes that George wants to buy a ranch. Harry Morton and his partner Casey want to be the ones to sell it to him. But George does not really want to buy a ranch, and, perhaps ill-advisedly, relies on Harry Von Zell to help him get out of it.
  • George an Gracie Hear a Burglar; Up All Night
    After returning late from a movie with the Morton's, George and Gracie think they hear a burglar and call the police. When the police arrive they mistake Harry Von Zell for the burglar.
  • Gracie Gives a Swamp Party
    Gracie has a very "entertaining" way of helping Harry Morton in his real estate business.
  • Blanche Wants New Car; Gracie Gets Harry Von Zell a Wife
    Gracie tries to find Von Zell a wife and children so he can save money on his income tax.
  • Gracie on a Train; Murder
    Harry Morton gets into trouble with the police as a result of Gracie's mistaken notion that a man she met on a train is planning to kill his wife.
  • Cigarette Girl; Georgie Jessel; Teddy Bear
    Gracie and Blanche are disturbed by their husbands' extracurricular activities: Harry has been playing poker late at night, and George went to Ciro's with Georgie Jessel, who bought a teddy bear for $50 from a cigarette girl.
  • Tax Refund
    Tax Refund
    Episode 17
    Graice invites the mayor of Los Angeles for dinner. Fletcher Bowron, longtime Los Angeles mayor in real life, plays himself.
  • Gracie Thinks She's Not Married to George
    Gracie has acquired the crazy notion that she and George were never legally married. Jack Benny, a witness to their marriage, visits the Burns household in an attempt to straighten Gracie out.
  • Gracie trying to keep the Mortons From Moving Away
    When Blanche tells Gracie that Harry is trying to trade their house with another couples that live a mile away, Gracie tries to get George to trade their house as well so they can still be neighbors. When George refuses to move, Gracie works on scaring the new neighbors so they won't take the Morton's house.moreless
  • Gracie Thinks Harry Morton is in Love With Her
    After overhearing one of Harry Morton's phone calls arranging to pick-up an anniversary gift for Blanche, Gracie is convinced he is in love with her and goes about trying to save the Morton's marriage.
  • Uncle Clyde Comes to Visit; Renting Room
    Gracie's freeloading uncle comes for an extended visit.
  • Von Zell Dates Married Woman; Jealous Husband
    Harry Von Zell has inadvertently dated a married woman, but Harry Morton is the one in big trouble when Gracie inexplicably (to our logic) poses on the telephone as Von Zell's wife and gives the woman's husband the Mortons' address.
  • Gracie Thinks George is Going to Commit Suicide
    After the dry cleaner finds a note in a suit containing lines George is trying to memorize for an upcoming show, Gracie mistakenly thinks he is planning on committing suicide.
  • Gracie Writes "My Life With George Burns"
    Gracie has written an article for Look magazine claiming that George beat up the gangster Silky Thompson. When Silky comes looking for revenge on George Gracie claims that Harry Morton is her husband instead of George.
  • Gracie Selling Swamp So Harry Will Buy TV Set
    Gracie decides to sell the Morton's swamp land so they can buy a second TV for Blanche to watch their show. When she misrepresents the land as a fruit orchard the buyer sends a lawyer to get his money back and ends up suing for fraud.
  • Skating Pearsons Come to Visit
    Old Vaudeville friends Joe and Molly Pearson stop by for a visit and ask George and Gracie to babysit their son Joey Jr. Gracie calls a child guidance councilor to try to talk Joey out his desire to pursue a career in show business.
  • Sampter Clayton Ballet
    Culture enters the Burns household as Gracie tries to get George to sponsor a ballet company. Some interesting mixups occur, and the episode ends with George and Gracie doing a dance number without music.
  • Gracie & Blanch Hire Two Gigolos To Take Them out
    Gracie and Blanche hire escorts to take them out when their husbands won't go out.
  • Gracie Having George's Portrait Painted

    Gracie hires an artist to paint a portrait of George. But the painter is confounded when Gracie explains that she wants to give the portrait to George as a surprise gift.

  • Gracie Buying a Boat for George
    Gracie thinks George is working too hard and needs a hobby so she decides to surprise him with a boat that he can relax on.
  • George Sneezing; Gracie Thinks He's Insane
    Gracie thinks George has allergies after he practices sneezing for an upcoming show. After talking to a Doctor, she is convinced he needs shock treatments because he has gone insane.
  • Gracie Giving Party for Atomic Scientist
    Gracie throws an elaborate dinner party for a French physicist.
  • Free Trip to Hawaii
    Jane, Gracie's wardrobe woman, wins a trip for two to Hawaii and Gracie tries to play matchmaker between her and Harry Von Zell, not realizing that she is already married.