The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show - Season 4

CBS (ended 1958)




Episode Guide

  • One Week to Live
    One Week to Live
    Episode 33

    Gracie gets the mistaken notion that Harry Morton has only a week to live.

  • Gracie Buys a Toaster Wholesale
    Gracie needs a new toaster. When George suggests that she consult a fellow club member who deals in wholesale appliances, Gracie finds that it is easy to save money.
  • Gracie Runs for City Council
    After talking to a candidate for city council, Gracie decides to run for office against her.
  • Gracie Thinks Harry Von Zell is Broke
    Gracie has the mistaken impression that Harry Von Zell is broke, and, of course, endeavors to help him.
  • Gracie Discovers George's Secret Weakness
    After reading an article claiming that most men have a secret vice and questions everyone she knows trying to find out what George's is and discovers everyone's in the process.
  • Raccoon Coat Story
    Raccoon Coat Story
    Episode 7
    Blanche, wanting to get rid of Harry Morton's old Raccoon coat, asks Harry Von Zell to hide the coat at the Burn's house hoping he won't miss it. After Gracie finds the coat and gives it away, she has to come up with another one when Harry finds out the coat is missing.moreless
  • Gracie Goes to Psychiatrist for Blanche's Dream
    Gracie visits a psychiatrist for dream analysis.
  • Gracie Wins a Television Set
    Gracie gets a chance to win a TV on a quiz show but doesn't know the answer. When she calls back after the fact with the correct answer she thinks she has won and goes down to pick up her set.
  • George Gets Black Eye From Open Door
    George's business manager, Al Simon, puts his brother on the payroll and he ends up breaking his leg on ski trip. When the insurance adjuster comes over to investigate, Gracie misleads him into thinking George has filed a fraudulent claim.
  • Harry Morton is Missing
    When Gracie and Blanche go to see a late movie, Harry Morton decides to catch up on some sleep but everyone thinks he has gone missing.
  • Gracie Gets A Jury Summons
    The prospect of Gracie being called for jury duty evokes much concern from all her friends.
  • Vanderlip Buys Black Negligee for His Wife
    Mr Vanderlip wants to buy his wife a negligee but tells George he would be embarrassed to go into a ladies shop. George offers the services of his personal shopper but when Gracie overhears him ordering it on the phone, she thinks he is stepping out on his wife and decides to try and stop him.moreless
  • No Fan Mail For George
    After George has his feelings hurt when Gracie and Harry Von Zell get all the fan mail, Gracie asks Blanche to send him a fake letter to cheer him up.
  • Gracie and George Have a Mystery Anniversary
    Harry Von Zell hides a package for his friend at the Burns house and Gracie thinks the present is a surprise from George but she can't figure out what the occasion is but decides to plan a party to celebrate whatever the occasion is so George doesn't think she forgot a special date.moreless
  • George Teaches Gracie Not to Spread Rumors
    When Gracie reads part of a telegram left by a woman at the Western Union office, she thinks the woman is dieing and wants to contact the womans relatives. George convinces her not to spread the rumor about the woman but she ends up starting a different one about George.
  • Burnses and Mortons Choosing Movie to Attend
    The Burns and Morton's invite Harry Von Zell to join them for a movie but finding one that none of them have seen proves to be a challenge.
  • Emily Vanderlip's Elopement

    Gracie runs into Emily Vanderlip at the shoe store and thinking she wants to elope with her new boyfriend decides to help her out even though Emily has no intentions of getting married.

  • Mortons Exchange House With Gibsons From New York
    Harry and Blanche's friends from New York precipitate a housing crisis when they come to stay in the Morton house.
  • Gracie Getting a Business Manager; Roger
    After repeatedly going over her budget every month, George insists that Gracie hire a business manager to manage her finances. When a down on his luck traveling salesman shows up at the door, Gracie thinks he is the new manager and he gladly assumes the role.
  • Gracie Trades Home For Mountain Cabin
    The Burns house is put in jeopardy when a mis-heard telephone conversation between George and Jack Benny gives Gracie the impression that George is quitting show business.
  • Gracie Tries to Get George in College
    Gracie is embarrassed that George is the only one she knows that hasn't gone to college and decides to enroll him in classes.
  • Morton Buys Iron Deer; Gracie Thinks George Needs Glasses
    Worried that he might get into an accident, Gracie calls an insurance agent for a new policy after she misunderstands a statement George made about not being able to see the Morton's new lawn ornament. This episode also features actor Larry Keating replacing Fred Clark in the role of Harry Morton.moreless
  • An Elephant Sits on Gracie's Fender

    An elephant has actually sat on the fender of Gracie's car, and everyone is having trouble believing her.

  • Gracie Helps Mechanic With Girl Friend
    Mike Bruce, the Burns' car mechanic wants to marry his girlfriend Fran but she is only interested in actors. Gracie decides to try and help by pretending that she is unhappy being married to George.
  • Gracie and George Going to the Opera

    Vanderlip invites The Burns and Morton's to join him in their box at the opera but George refuses to go. Gracie and Blanche are devastated and try to figure out a way to trick George into going.

  • Gracie Helps Morton Get CPA Account
    Gracie tells a prospective client of Harry Morton's that he a carouser, thinking that the client is looking for a playboy to handle his business. After the client pulls the account he had just given Harry, it's up to Gracie to try to straighten out the mess she has created.
  • Gracie Has to Sell George's Car by Five O'Clock
    After a the fire inspector warns Gracie about some flammable materials stored near their car, she mistakenly thinks she needs to get rid of the car to avoid a fine.
  • George and Gracie Going to Rose-Marie Premiere
    Gracie and George get a limited amount of tickets to a movie premiere, and pledge them to too many friends.
  • Gracie's Anniversary Present
    Gracie and Blanche try to grill George to find out what he has gotten Gracie for their anniversary and end up thinking he is buying her a plane.
  • Columbia Pictures Doing Burns and Allen Story
    Columbia is doing the Burns and Allen story and everybody wants to get into the act.
  • George and Harry Morton Mad at Each Other
    After overhearing half of a conversation, Gracie thinks George and Harry Morton are fighting and tried to patch things up between them but her actions only make things worse.
  • Gracie Buys Old Movie to Sell to Television
    An astrologist gives Gracie advice that today is going to be a good day for George to make a business deal. When she runs into a salesman that George had already turned down, she offers to make the purchase which sends Von Zell and Morton scrambling to try to get in on it.moreless
  • Jane (Wardrobe Woman) and her Problem
    Gracie thinks Jane and her husband are getting divorced and tries to help save their marriage.
  • George Teaches Gracie Not to Be Careless
    Gracie (mistakenly, of course) gets the notion that Blanche is a kleptomaniac and wreaks havoc by trying to cover up for her.
  • Gracies Old Boyfriend, Dan Conroy, Comes to Town
    Gracie's former boyfriend, a star athlete and basketball coach, comes to visit.
  • George Reading Play to Be Done in London
    Gracie and Blanche try to make Harry Morton jealous. When George tells him of the plan Harry decides to turn the tables on them but mistakes George's visitor from England as the man who he thinks Blanche is trying to flirt with.
  • Dolores De Marco; George's Ex- Vaudeville Partner
    George tries to get his old partners daughter a job in show business but when the girl shows up with the same name as her mother, Gracie thinks the beautiful young girl is actually George's ex-partner and gets jealous thinking that George might leave her.
  • Uncle Harvey's Invention
    Gracie receives some miracle plant food that her Uncle has invented. When George changes out some flowers in the house, Gracie and Blanche think the food really works and want George and Harry Morton to invest in the invention.
  • Filmed Show #84
    Filmed Show #84
    Episode 32
  • Filmed Show #61
    Filmed Show #61
    Episode 9