The George Carlin Show

FOX (ended 1995)


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  • i enjoyed the show alot.i feel like that much truth is seldom depicted.

    i have always liked george carlin.i remember his albums from the '70s and read every book he writes.he's definitely aces with me.i wish that he would get another show on the air,i would definitely watch it.i will say this:i feel like his show was more on the mark than all these modern day shows.i guess that folks have a difficult time with reality instead of a damned horse load of candy floss.i mean these shows now are in the pants or about blowing something up or gets kind of depressing to an old timer 70s hippie type like me.
  • In the early to mid 1990’s, I worked as a page for Audiences Unlimited and I had a great opportunity to see so many classic and not so classic sitcoms being taped.

    The George Carlin Show was one of my favorites. The show used to film on Tuesdays at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, the same night that Friends was shot. The writing was terrific, the cast and crew extremely friendly, and there was a kind of party atmosphere. Some of the audience members had to be reprimanded for trying to smoke pot inside the studio. Not only is George Carlin a comedic genius, he is also a very nice man, and not caught up in the craziness and ego in being a celebrity. Fox killed this show too early, and the episodes have not aired since cancellation. When and if a DVD collection is released, it is a must see. One of the episodes that especially stand out is the one where Tommy Chong guest starred. Also, look for an early appearance from Drew Carey, and Susan Sullivan playing against type as George’s girlfriend. Alex Rocco, Paige French, Christopher Rich, and a pre-Seinfeld “The Jimmy” Anthony Starke fill in the talented cast. A little know classic that was too short lived.