The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

NBC (ended 1970)





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  • Best romantic TV series

    I was still a youngster when I saw GHOST AND MRS. MUIR from the TV screen. This TV series very principled and hysterical at the same time. Mulhare and Lange love tandem is really lovable they are really cute couple on screen. GHOST AND MRS. MUIR was all about a man who has paranormal power who fell in love with an ordinary girl . This show is much like" I Dream of Jeannie" but this show has full of romantic moments! I miss watching this show that's why I purchased a DVD set at memorylanedvd .com which provided me great quality DVDs. I really enjoy watching this TV series all over-again and I'm thankful for this chance because all I can say GHOST AND MRS. MUIR is the best feel-good show that deserves a longer run.
  • deja vue

    when knight rider first started i couldn't remember and it bugged me where i had seen Devon before ,its only seeing episodes of this on you tube that i remembered the massive crush i had on Edward Mulhare as captain Gregg as a young teenager watching this in black and white. i felt and still do that it suffered from the 2nd season and that was why it was canceled.

    As they focused on claymore and the slapstick rather than the romantic captain and the very good cast- It seemed to lose validity and poor writers didn't help
  • When Carolyn Muir moves her children and housekeeper into a cottage by the sea in New England, she gets more than she bargained for when the former owner, a sea captain who died a 100 years ago, is haunting the house!

    This show had its moments but this first episode is one of the best. An excellent mirror of the 1947 movie that inspired it, no one will forget Carolyn Muir's first look at the Captain's portrait or the chill that runs down your spine when your hear him telling her to "light the candle." That very first conversation sets the tone for this wonderful series.

    I think the Pilot is well acted and is closer to the movie than any of the others. Edward Mulhare is a superb Captain Gregg pining for the love he thought he would never meet while Hope Lange is splendid as the confused Carolyn who can see him even though he assures her he isn't there.
  • Widowed mother with young children moves into house haunted by sea salt? What a concept!

    Being a child of the '70s (toddler of the '60s), this program was already in reruns when I saw it with mom. As a kid, I thought it amusing to, at times, funny. When I heard that Charles Nelson Reilly had just passed away (on or about 25 May '07), I remembered that he played the bureaucratic descendant of-- and general disappointment to-- Captain Gregg. This program was also the first place I heard of the late Edward Mulhare (better known to me for his role in NBC's '80s television series Knight Rider). I wonder if TV Land can make a little room for it in the near future.
  • A young Widow moves with her family to an old house on the coast of Maine where she encounters the ghost of a sea captain that tries to spook her out of his home. Captain Greg ends up falling for her and a platonic unearthly romance and adventure begins

    Maybe it didn't have the best writers though several episodes in the 1st season stand out way above average. This was a charming romantic show that was great fror the whole family. I enjoyed it as a child and still love it now though I don't watch the cornier episodes that were in the second season as much. 1st season was so much better. Edward Mulhare and Hope lange were superb actors through and through and were completly believable in the parts they played.
    In conclusion if you are looking for escape, romance and fantasy. Great 60's tv stuff.