The Ghost and Mrs. Muir - Season 2

NBC (ended 1970)


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  • Wedding Day
    Wedding Day
    Episode 24
    A follow up episode to 'Curious Cousin', Carolyn's parents call asking about the captain, her cousin Harriet insists she is dating. When her answer seems more than a little evasive, her parents decide to come for a visit.
  • Curious Cousin
    Curious Cousin
    Episode 23
  • Amateur Night
    Amateur Night
    Episode 22
  • Martha Meets the Captain
  • Pardon My Ghost
    Pardon My Ghost
    Episode 20
  • Dig for the Truth
  • No Hits, No Runs, No Oysters
  • Tourist, Go Home
    Tourist, Go Home
    Episode 17
    The Schooner Bay town council hires Joshua T. Albertson to "fix-it up", in order to rekindle interest and attract tourists.
  • Not So Faust
    Not So Faust
    Episode 16
    The Captain decides to teach Claymore a lesson after Claymore tries to con Carolyn into paying double rent - monthly.
  • Ladies' Man
    Ladies' Man
    Episode 15
    Claymore Gregg is having troubles with women, so Captain Gregg and Mrs Muir pitch in in various ways to help him out. Captain Gregg visits Claymore, who is so despondent he isn't even scared, and coaches him on the proper way to treat a lady--taking her to a nice restaurant instead of a hot dog stand, for instance. The Captain accompanies Claymore to help him with the date, but it still does not got well, so Mrs Muir calls in the favors of two girlfriends to help her boost Claymore's confidence. But that boosting goes a little too far. After a successful evening with Mrs Muir's friends, Claymore arrives at Gull Cottage, to sweep Mrs Muir off her feet for a date later that evening. The Captain threatens to blow the game and chase Claymore off when he arrives later, but wanting to spare his feelings, Carolyn puts on a big act that hits Claymore where it really hurts--in his wallet--and instead of sweeping her away, he scurries off with the status quo resolved.moreless
  • The Ghost and Christmas Past
    Christmas is ringing in Schooner Bay, bringing that special "spirit" in everyone.

    Claymore discovers a baby in his car and brings the small boy to the Muir home, trying to decide what to do with the tot. Carolyn eagerly takes care of the baby thrilled with the cradle the Captain brings down out of the attic for him to sleep in. While Carolyn and Captain Gregg watch the baby fall asleep, Carolyn asks the Captain what his best Christmas had been. To which he replies, that his best Christmas could never be, because it is only a dream.

    As each family member falls asleep, they each share the same dream. The time is set in the 1800's and Captain Gregg is alive just returning from sea to spend Christmas with his loved ones. Each dream becomes specialized according to the person --Jonathan dreaming of toys, Candy of the beauty of Christmas and Claymore getting a good haunting ala Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol.'

    Carolyn's dream takes a different turn as well, with a special time alone on the porch with Captain Gregg. They talk quietly with one another, the love they have for one another shining on their faces. When Carolyn remarks that everything is so wonderful and it seems unreal, the Captain lovingly replies that perhaps it is because it is only a moment in a dream. As the music starts around them, the two realize their deepest wish when they are finally able to share a kiss. The dream fades as we see them standing on the porch, Carolyn held securely in her Captain's arms.

    In the morning they all discover they had the same dream, to which the Captain tells them he had nothing else to give them for Christmas and he hopes they enjoyed it. A phone call comes telling the family, the baby's mother has been found making it a very Merry Christmas for all.moreless
  • Host to the Ghost
    Host to the Ghost
    Episode 13
  • Puppy Love
    Puppy Love
    Episode 12
  • The Spirit of the Law
  • The Fabulous Plus Ghost
  • Surprise Party
    Surprise Party
    Episode 9
  • Medium Well-Done
    Medium Well-Done
    Episode 8
  • Not So Desperate Hour
  • Madam Candidate
    Madam Candidate
    Episode 6
  • Today I Am a Ghost
    Today I Am a Ghost
    Episode 5
    A particularly funny episode where the ghost of a seaman comes looking for his former Captain in dire need. It seems that even though Elroy has been dead for over a hundred years, he can't seem to get a handle on the haunting aspect of his existence. It seems that Elroy is afraid of people.

    The Captain is beyond himself it what to do with him. Not being able to stand him when he was alive, he isn't doing much better now that both him and his former crewman are both not alive; as Carolyn words it.

    Captain Gregg scares Elroy more than helps him and becomes frustrated with the bumbler so Carolyn takes a hand in helping the poor ghost learn to haunt. She assures Elroy that he can scare people, he just has to get the right kind of person to practice on.

    Claymore is the perfect candidate and after breaking a window to get the landlord to come up to Gull Cottage , she persuades Elwood to scare him out of his wits. Elroy is delighted with the results and goes off to haunt the house he has been waiting for all these years.moreless
  • Double Trouble
    Double Trouble
    Episode 4
  • There's a Seal in My Bathtub
  • Centennial
    Episode 2
  • The Great Power Failure
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