The Ghost Squad

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 29, 2005 on Channel 4

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  • There's a very fine line between good and bad...

    This episode again needed to have more Pete in it, just break up the seriousness but anyway there were some great performances in this episode, especially by Brendan Coyle who was very convincing in his role as Ralph.

    Amy goes undercover to find out whether Ralph is a good cop or not as there have been some complaints levelled against him. She hears a lot of lunchroom gossip but finds that sometimes it isn't always the truth.

    The main problem with this one, wasn't the language which was must better executed in this one and not overused, but all the loose ends that were never fully explained. I can only imagine what happened to Danielle, Helen sort of just ended at the miscarriage without too much explanation of what happened to her, and the girls? Well it seemed that they were alluding to the fact that this one was in charge, but it didn't really seem like she was, not a very strong performance there with Natasha (I think that was the character).

    Anyway, good enough to still see me watching next week.
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