The Ghost Squad

Channel 4 (ended 2005)





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  • Great show that never was given a chance...

    This show had the potential to become a long-running series. It was never given a chance by the network. That is a shame because it was witty and clever. The storylines were able to draw me in every time. For each episode, the format was the same, but the difference in execution made it interesting.
    The cast were all amazing. Elaine Cassidy did a great job carrying the show. She made very interesting acting choices and was never afraid to portray the darkside of her character. On top of that, she and Jonas Armstrong had amazing chemistry. Emma Fielding was a great boss. I don't the reason why they cancelled the show. Failing ratings? Or the graphic-ness of the show? But I think they made a big mistake. I hope they will release it on DVD one day.
  • Great series with one major fault...

    Amy gets involved in the Ghost Squad after being framed in a death in custody in her own station. She is teamed with Pete who is quite cute and you get a sense of trust from. Both of these characters are really brought to life with some great acting and impressive storylines (after the first episode was a little predictable). But as my summary says, there was one major fault. I'm not big on offensive language but can tolerate a bit if a good storyline is involved. In this series though I found the use of the one word to be very excessive and detracted from the series. Overall a good series, just a pity about the language.
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