The Giblet Boys

ITV (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Diamonds are for Never
      It looks like it's party time as mum leaves the Giblet Boys on their own, due to her pregnancy - but she wouldn't really do that, would she? Would you? Have you met these boys?

      While she's laid up in bed, it's down to dad to keep things moving, and, unlike the boys imagined, he has no intention of giving them an easy ride. Times are grim, but then Pud finds a diamond that leads to huge trouble with burglars and moles.

      Digging under Mum's beloved garden,the boys search for more diamonds, as well as the burglers. Events are sure to take a turn for the worse, when, amongst other things, the tunnels created collapse leaving a wacking great hole in the garden! Mum won't be too pleased...

      Last in series twomoreless
    • The Offal Truth
      The Offal Truth
      Episode 6
      Mum and Dad take the boys on a camping trip, making them promise not to misbehave, and search for the legendary Beast of Bogwash. They are threatened that if they misbehave, they will be sent to Monster Camp, a Boot Camp to improve behaviour.

      Having arrived at the camp, the boys bump into the girls, who go by the name of Offal. They challenge the boys to find the beast first, and the race is on!

      Having strictly forbidden them from doing so, and having just bumped into an old enemy, how will Mum react? Will the boys find the beast first, and escape Monster Camp? Only the unfolding of the episode will tell...moreless
    • Close Encounters of the Giblet Kind
      After learning about the SETI@Home Project at school, Scurvey argues considerably that there is no life on other planets. He challenges Pud and Kevin to a bet that there is no alien life.

      To ensure their victory in the bet, Kevin and Pud build a fake alien, and try to trick Scurvey, who foils them almost immediately - then decides to use the fake alien in his school project.

      With Miss Cabin realising that the alien is fake, and Mum threatening to eat Scurvey for Sunday Roast if he fails his project, events start to get very interesting...moreless
    • No, We Do Have Bananas
      When the TV conks out, Scurvy, Kevin and Pud need to devise a way of obtaining a new one without forking too much out. They notice that if they buy £64 worth of Bananas from their local supermarket, they will have earned enough reward points to obtain a free widescreen home movie system!

      Wheeling home trollys and trollys of Bananas, the boys see that Dad is trying to tidy the home, in preparation for a visit from his Boss, to secure himself a job.

      Realising that they have a few too many bananas, the boys try unsucessfully to sell some, and have to bring them all home. This, along with Dad accidentally listening to the tape of the rise of an East End gangster instead of his self-hypnosis tape, leads to some interesting situations!moreless
    • Pirates
      Episode 2
      Having created a large leak due to pirate games, Dad calls in Grandad to discipline Scurvy, Kevin and Pud. Their punishment: go on a canal holiday with Grandad.

      Whilst on this holiday, their long boat is pursued by pirates, who eventually kidnap Grandad and tie the three boys up. Never ones to give up, the boys manage to free themselves, and through a cleaver(ish) plan devised by Pud, rescue Grandad.

      The boys later on decide to gain revenge by scuppering the pirates’ boat. Unbeknown to them, however, the pirates had been hired by Grandad all along, as a team-building exercise for the boys – they won’t be happy with the damage caused to their boat!moreless
    • Werewolf
      Episode 1
      After discovering a shouting competition to win a mega-sensitive microphone, Scurvy, Kevin and Pud set to work practising.

      Meanwhile, after banging his head, the dog is taken to the vet by Dad. At this extremely unusual veterinary clinic, Dad is bitten by a strange red-eyed monster. The vet, unperturbed by this, gives Dad a 'Hair Pill'.

      That night, a full moon is present. The 'Hair Pill' starts to take effect, and Dad begins howling in a very peculiar way - could it be a case of a werewolf bite?...

      The howling was exactly what the boys were after - taking Dad to the competition, events unfold in a very unpredictable manner!moreless
  • Season 1
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