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The Girl from Tomorrow

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Series 1: The Girl From Tomorrow Synopsis: Alana, a teen-aged girl from the year 3000, finds herself trapped in 1990 with Silverthorn, a criminal from the year 2500. Alone and confused, she befriends a spirited girl named Jenny Kelly. Together they attempt to track down the time capsule which brought her there, while evading Silverthorn. She must convince people of this time period that she is not crazy and that Silverthorn must be stopped before he tries to take over everything. ---------------------------- Company credits: Production Companies * 9 Network * Film Australia Pty. Ltd. Other Companies * Australian Film Finance Corporation (AFFC) funding -------------------------------- Release dates: Australia -- 3 May 1991 -------------------------------- Filming Locations: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia ======================== Series 2: The Girl From Tomorrow Part Two: Tomorrow's End Realizing that they have polluted the time stream with their experiments, the scientists from the year 3000 resolve to return Jenny and Silverthorn to their respective times. Troubles in the year 2500, however, lead to Alana and her guardian, Lorien, returning to a devastated future. They must return to 2500 and change whatever it was that went wrong in order to stop The Great Disaster from reaching Australia. ---------------------------------- Release dates: Australia -- 13 June 1993 -----------------------------------moreless
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  • The Girl from Tomorrow and its sequel deal with issues pertinent to anybody, however possibly apply more to the intended demographic. Issues like identity, ethics and moralilty, which are pivotal in an adolescents' transition to adulthood, are dealt with.moreless

    In addition to the issues of morality and identity, three "isms" are covered in the two series, these being Utopianism, Dystopianism and Environmentalism. The first series focussing more on the identity and morality of the characters, and the second dealing with the battle between good and bad and also the ambiguity that sometimes exists between the two.

    In the first series, while trapped in the past, Alana struggles to fit in in the new time, a feeling many teenagers struggle with when trying to be understood and establish an identity. From the outset there is always a clear distinction between right and wrong. Silverthorn is shown to be the antithesis of Alana's moral character. He is the opposite of everything she is, only out for himself and will manipulate others to get what he wants. The character of Eddie brings a different element to the story. Although he begins working for Silverthorn, it comes to our attention that he is only with Silverthorn because he fears him, thus Eddie at times is shown to be an ambiguous character, swapping sides when it will benefit him. Petey is an impetuous 10 year old and is being bullied at school, at one point the steals Alana's transducer so he can teach his bullies a lesson. When he causes a fire, Alana and Jenny tell Petey that what he did was wrong, he shouldn't have stolen Alana's transducer and that using violence is not the way to sort out ones problems.

    In the second series three time periods are shown, our own present time, the year 2500, and the year 3000. The year 3000 is shown to be an idyllic pleasant place to live. Although it is a beautiful time the people of that time are repairing the damage caused by the Great Disaster, which occurred in the year 2500. In the year 2500 the majority of the world has become a polluted wasteland and the wealthy live on moon bases, while the rest of the people struggle to live on the polluted Earth. The year 2500 shows a possible future for the world if the environment is neglected. Although the second series shows two extremes, a Utopian society in the year 3000 and the Dystopian society of the year 2500, it also shows that the Utopia was born out of the ruins of the dystopian society, showing there is always hope for the future.

    This comparison between the two society serves to teach the viewer that the effects of the past and the present will determine the future of the planet. This point is pushed once more at the end of the second series, when Jenny and Petey begin clearing out all the poisonous cleaning materials from their mother's shop. When asked why they explain how bad things were in the future and that is was people in the past which caused it by never stopping to think about their affect on the environment.

    In conclusion the main topics covered in the series are the issues around finding ones identity, understanding how to behave in a moral way and also to instil a code of ethics in the viewer. The second series serves to show how the world will be it we keep abusing the environment and polluting it without a second thought.moreless
  • Alana, a young girl from the year 3000, is kidnapped and taken to the year 1990. While figuring out how to get back home, she must blend in to a time and place that is very different to her.moreless

    I first saw The Girl From Tomorrow when it aired on the Disney Channel. It tells the story of Alana, a teenage girl who lives in the peaceful enlightened year 3000. The society is very advanced using technology to utilize telepathy in things such as telekinesis and healing. Being kidnapped by a rough warrior from the year 2500, Alana and her captor travel back to the year 1990, where Alana is forced to cope not only with her kidnapper, but with unknowns of this new time period. However, she finds help from her new friend Jenny Kelly and her family. This show opens one's eyes to the possibilities of what the future could bring. On one hand, there is a chance of disaster, but on the other, there's a glimmer of hope for world of peace and prosperity. The show contains elements of science fiction, suspense and comedy. It's great for people of all ages and possibly a wake-up call for people missing the TV shows of their youth.moreless
  • One of those 'OH YES I REMEMBER THAT' moments

    I'm English and the show aired here in the UK a few years after Australia (about 1992 I think), and like many things I watched it as a kid back then and really liked it and then just forgot about it for years & years until a old friend (I've known for years) was talking about the old children's show from our youth brought it up and it was a 'oh yes I remember that it was awesome' moments. Next day went online to look it up and discovered that it had been just been released on DVD not a week before so without haste went straight onto eBay and bought a copy (the DVD's are not region coded but I'm a region free hardcore with multiple region by-pass options at my disposal anyway) and watched them all again and what a day that was, although as I watched all the episodes I remembered the plot outcomes to nearly all of them but that didn't stop me enjoying them. Although when Alana is suppose to be trying Vegemite for the first time that clearly is not the face of someone who really is.

    The second series Tomorrow's End I think is a lot better and I really do think that out of all the 'science fiction thought up' futures there has ever been. The way 2500 is portrayed in this I think is the best as I genuinely do believe that is what the world will be like then, of course like everything that's got Time Travel in it you have to let all the impossibility and paradox's the show generates go in order to enjoy it. It's one show that should be repeated for the current generation of children/young teens to enjoy, of course only someone who was so dedicated to nostalgia like I am would be anal enough to pay though the nose the price of an imported DVD just to watch a children's show again.moreless
  • Another one of those childhood favourites.

    I have a huge number of television shows that were childhood favourites and this is yet another one of them.

    This is another show I love as a kid and has actually been released on DVD. I have the first series I can honestly say I still think it rocks. I've ran through it a couple of time and it certainly keeps me entertained while I do the ironing. I am yet another adult that as kid that pretended to be Alana and ran around with my headband perched strangely on my head pretending was a transducer (which I am not sure if I should be admiting!) and wouldn't want it any other way.moreless
  • The Girl from Tomorrow is really A-MA-ZING!

    The Girl from Tomorrow is really A-MA-ZING! If everything on television these days are as good as The Girl from Tomorrow, I don't think I'll ever remove myself from the television set. Whoever came up with the idea behind The Girl from Tomorrow is a genius!I am very interested to see this movie again and again.