The Girl from Tomorrow

Season 2 Episode 10

In The Nik Of Time

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 15, 1993 on The Nine Network
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In The Nik Of Time
Nik uses the Time Capsule to travel back to 1990 and finds Alana and Silverthorn. Draco plans to turn Jenny and Petey into Moddies.

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      • Vance: The weapons are on the supply ships, Manager. Launch will be in an hour.
        Jenny: No! If you blow up the Peace Platforms, the world will be destroyed.
        Draco: How do you know about that?
        Jenny: My friend Alana comes from the 31st century. She knows what's gonna happen.
        Draco: If she comes from the 31st century, then the world can't be destroyed.
        Jenny: What you're going to do changes history. Before, only the northern hemisphere was destroyed. Now, the entire world dies.
        Draco: Well, I've got the Time Capsule. If anything goes wrong, I simply go back and change it again.
        Vance: I'm sorry, Manager, but we don't have the Time Capsule.
        Draco: What
        Vance: Well, it was stolen before I could secure it.
        Draco: Then, get it back!
        Vance: Well, I'm afraid that's impossible, Manager. It's no longer in this time.

      • Alana: But you just went through the Time Gate.
        Nik: I came back in the Time Capsule.
        Alana: How?
        Nik: Oh, I got Lorien to open it.
        Silverthorn: Where is it?
        Nik: I don't know. Someplace that smelled awful.
        Alana: The tip.

      • Draco: I would never have thought taking over the world could be so simple. All you need is a time machine. And I owe it all to a bunch of children.
        Vance: Brats.
        Draco: We were all young once, you know.
        Vance: Really, Manager?
        Draco: You haven't had much experience with children, have you, Vance?
        Vance: Thankfully, no.
        Draco: Do you remember what it was like?
        Vance: What, Manager?
        Draco: Being a child.
        Vance: I was small as a child, Manager. It wasn't very pleasant. That's why I became a Globecop. I didn't want to get picked on ever again.

      • Irene: Global and Interstellar Research. Could that be Globecorp?
        James: It's possible. Five hundred years is a long time for a company to expand.
        Alana: Draco's office is on the top floor. We have to get the Capsule up there.
        Irene: How?
        Silverthorn: (to James) Maybe you can pretend to be Captain Zero of the Intergalactic Time Police and just arrest everyone.
        James: Yeah, very funny.
        Eddie: (laughs) Yeah. Or we could get a copy of Slime Monsters from Planet X and scare everyone out of the building. Eh?
        Irene: Eddie, you're almost as clever as Petey.

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