The Girl from Tomorrow

Season 2 Episode 12

Kings Of The Dinosaurs

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 1993 on The Nine Network
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Kings Of The Dinosaurs
Knowing that the world will soon die, Silverthorn and Draco attempt to escape 2500 using the Time Gate. Alana, Jenny and Nik attempt to stop the rocket from destroying the last Peace Platform.

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      • Alana: Take Nik in the Time Capsule and go back to 1990. And take these with you. Perhaps if the Transducers are invented earlier, the Great Disaster will never happen at all.
        Jenny: What about you?
        Alana: I can't leave Lorien.
        Jenny: And I can't leave Petey.
        Alana: But you've got to. There's no other way.

      • Hoffman: Draco, you must divert the other ship or none of you will live!
        Draco: Tell me something I don't know.
        Hoffman: The destruction of Peace Platform One activated cellular disruptors in the northern hemisphere. If the other platform goes, the same thing will happen in the south. The earth will become uninhabitable!
        Draco: Then, deactivate them.
        Hoffman: I can't. Without supplies from Earth, the moon base can only survive a few months. If you don't do something, the human race is doomed.

      • Petey: I never got a ride in the spaceship.
        Alana: But you helped save the world. How many nine-year-olds can say that?
        Petey: Just me?
        Alana: That's right. No hard feelings, Captain Zero?
        Petey: Nah.

      • Alana: And history's been restored.
        Petey: Maybe that's the way it always happened. Well, I was meant to steal the robot, so I could get caught in the swimming pool, so Jenny and I could come here and save the world from being destroyed.
        Jenny: Petey, don't even think about it.

      • (after coming through the Time Gate)
        Silverthorn: Draco, this isn't the 20th century.
        Draco: Where are we?
        (Alana, Jenny and Petey come through the Time Gate)
        Jenny: Welcome to the past.
        Silverthorn: Where is this?
        Petey: Five million B.C. I changed the controls while you weren't watching.
        Jenny: Silverthorn and Draco, kings of the dinosaurs.
        Silverthorn: You can't leave me here!
        Alana: Why not? You were gonna leave us to die.

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