The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.

NBC (ended 1967)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • 4/11/67
      Mark inherits a home in England. April, who is key witness against a Thrush Agent, has been threatened. Waverly suggests April stays with Mark until the trial. Unfortunately, a plot is afoot to kill Mark so that the stately home can be inherited by another relative.
    • 4/4/67
      April poses as an airline stewardess; Mark is disguised as a big game hunter. Both are on board a plane carrying a number of scientists to a Council of World Scientists meeting. One doctor aboard has developed a substance that, carried by harmless birds, can cause slow death to humans. Also on the same flight is the doctor who has developed the antidote. Waverly fears a confrontation between the two hence April and Mark on the scene.moreless
    • 3/28/67
      Waverly believes that a Japanese war criminal is active again. Mark and April go to Hawaii to investigate their only lead, his sister. When their informant is killed, it's obvious to Mark and to April that the sister is involved.
    • 3/21/67
      THRUSH has developed a new mobile force, enabling them to disrupt UNCLE operations. Mark infiltrates the group and tapes their transmissions. When making his getaway, he manages to lose the incriminating evidence and gets shot in the leg. April is assigned to the case, much to Mark's annoyance, in an effort to suppress THRUSH's master plan.moreless
    • 3/14/67
      A former classmate of Waverly's owns a bodyguard service. When one of the clients is murdered, only the body guards were present but they don't recall it happening. Waverly sends April and Mark investigate.
    • 3/7/67
      A French School for Civil Administrators always plans a commando exercise for its graduating students. Waverly knows that there is some kind of hijack being planned so he sends April and Mark to investigate.
    • 2/28/67
      An ambitious old gangster is determined to obtain power of a small Mediterranean country; however, he has two people to remove if he is to legally gain control: the Duke and Major Stella. After he successfully murders the reigning Duke, April and Mark are sent to encourage Major Stella to take up her new post.moreless
    • 2/21/67
      Utter Anguish Gold Mine has an important natural resource; Titerian crystals that have the power to kill. When the mine owner dies, UNCLE faces stiff competition from THRUSH to obtain the valuable crystal.
    • 2/14/67
      Marks lands himself in trouble when he loses a tape that contains vital information about THRUSH's plans to switch influencial world leaders for replicas. April and Mark set out to retrieve the tape before it's too late.
    • 2/7/67
      Baroness Blangstead has created a new serum that gives eternal youth. She is more than happy to offer this 'gift' to the wives of politcal leaders in exchange for top secret information. When April and Mark's informant is murdered, they set out to capture the Baroness.
    • 1/31/67
      THRUSH is determined to eliminate the three sons of King of Drublegratz so that when he dies, they can gain control of the country. When one son dies in mysterious circumstances, April and Mark are sent to protect the remaining heirs.
    • 1/24/67
      Highly successful thief Horsh is captured by April and Mark while in Venice. As they escort him to the Yugoslavian border, he escapes. Afterwards, April finds herself in trouble when she tries to capture him. It's up to Mark to rescue her and prevent the theft of valuable artefacts from the Vatican.moreless
    • 1/17/67
      Dr. Vladimir Toulouse has successfully invented a pill that gives excessive strength to all those who take it. He informs UNCLE that unless they give him a substantial amount of money, he will release an army to destroy the world. April and Mark are sent to quash the villain before it's too late.moreless
    • The U.F.O. Affair
      Episode 16
      A hit is put out on April by the leader of a crime syndicate when it emerges she is close to exposing them. However, the hitman has other ideas and forces April to join his harem. Meanwhile, crime boss Dossetti plans to pillage the Royal Palace and is need of a distraction.moreless
    • The Faustus Affair
      Episode 15
      A complete stranger offers Professor Quantum anything in the world for his new invention, a Light Variator. April is employed as a lab assistant and finds that the Professor is truly smitten by her charm and beauty. He is prepared to give her his new invention, but only if she will accept his advances.moreless
    • 12/20/66
      UNCLE is assigned to protect the jewels of Topango; however, April is duped and drugged whilst at the airport and Mark goes missing. Protecting the king, and keeping the diamonds safe, prove to be a difficult mission.
    • 12/13/66
      When Joey Celeste, a major gambler, approaches UNCLE with a plan to inform on his bosses, he finds himself the target of a hitman. It is April's job to ensure Celeste makes it from Italy to the UNCLE headquarters alive.
    • 12/6/66
      Wealthy circus owner Sadaricci obtains money by dubious means. When an angry countess discovers his stock market dealings are the cause of her financial hardship she plans to reveal his fraud. Sadaricci murders her but finds that UNCLE are on his case.
    • 11/29/66
      April is attacked by an Eagle when retired THRUSH agent Gita Volander puts a new invention to the test. When the inventor manages to make the eagle disappear from the air and re-appear in a cage, Volander gets excited about the possibilities it has to control humans.
    • 11/22/66
      Out in the South Pacific, THRUSH finalise their plans to dominate countries in the region through establishing smuggling lanes for submarines. Mark manages to steal the blue prints but he and April are forced to abandon ship. When April finds herself imprisoned by the ruler of a remote Pacific island, Mark comes to her aid. However the ship's captain also arrives on shore and wants revenge.moreless
    • 11/15/66
      Professor Antrum has spent many years trying to locate the lost city of Atlantis because he believes some rare crystals that can concentrate the sun's power are there. When he is kidnapped by THRUSH, April and Mark are sent to find him. However, things don't go to plan when they are kidnapped themselves.moreless
    • 11/1/66
      A doctor finds his own life is in danger when he creates a powerful serum that enables the minds of dead people to be given to his living relatives. A cult with a lethal scratch called The Cambodyses, THRUSH and UNCLE are all eager to get hold of the mind changing serum and the the doctor's granddaughter.moreless
    • 10/25/66
      A microdot planted by THRUSH in some Danish cheese creates problems when Stanley Umlaut eats it. April and Mark travel to Denmark to find Umlaut and ensure his safe release when he is captured by THRUSH.
    • 10/18/66
      The leader of THRUSH: Central America, DeSada, plans to have sole power of a powerful new rocket. In an effort to keep the information to himself, he has the machine's designers kidnapped. April and Mark find themselves embroiled in the world of bullfighting as they try to locate the kidnapped men. However their problems are compounded as they also have to contend with DeSada's scientist who has created a machine that wipes peoples' memories.moreless
    • 10/11/66
      UNCLE security is threatened when THRUSH steal a Monotori; a vital listening device used by UNCLE agents. Waverly is concerned that THRUSH plans to use the device to ruin a conference between world leaders. April and Mark are put on the case to retrieve the stolen item before havoc is created.moreless
    • 10/4/66
      Belly dancer Mata Hurens has an important message to deliver to Waverly. When she dies in a train explosion en-route to meet him, April Dancer is determined to find out who is reponsible. To flush out the assassins, April disguises herself as Hurens.
    • 9/27/66
      Agents April Dancer and Napoleon Solo are on a mission to retrieve a half-penny that will lead to the whereabouts of Vito Pomade's daughter Lisa. However they find themselves chased around London by inept assassins, lead by Mother Muffin, who are desperate to kill April and Solo, obtain the coin and capture Lisa.moreless
    • 9/20/66
      Mark Slater is requested to visit the Arabian Stae of Zalamar to guard the ruler, Ali Hassen. However things don't go to plan and Hassen's daughter Fatima is kidnapped. Agent April Dancer is called in to act as Fatima's double while they struggle to rescue the real Fatima before it's too late.moreless
    • 9/13/66
      THRUSH agents have developed a new drug and they intend to use it to gain world domination. When Mark Slate informs UNCLE of their plans, April Dancer is given the reponsibility of ensuring that an antidote to the drug is available. Unfortunately it is in the form of fleas on a dachsund.moreless