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The three break-ups

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    I've been reading about the break-ups between Hef and Holly, Bridget, Kendra, but I haven't figured out why?
    And did they all break up at the same time?
    And is it true Holly and Kendra were fighting all the time the last year they all lived together?

    I was so sad to see three genuine people from an easily fake world leave... But hopefully they'll live good lives

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    Well Kendra left the mansion because she hooked up with and got engaged to Hank Baskett, she was pregnant too so she didn't have much of a choice. Hef's girlfriends have never been permanent so it was going to end eventually anyway, Hef and the girlfriends know this.

    Holly left because she wanted marriage and kids, that wasn't going to happen so she left. Hef says this near the end of season 5 finale.

    Bridgette I'm not sure but you can piece it together, she went away for four months to do her own show, which pretty much meant she was leaving because Hef's not chillin for 4 months without one of his girlfriends. In the baby shower episode this season you see that Bridgette has a new boyfriend too, so it seems that she just simply moved on.
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    I've been listening to the commentary for season 4 and they kind of talk about it. (Well, Kendra and Bridget do--Holly has been very good about not letting too many details of her story get out!) Kendra had already decided that it was time to move on before the end of season 5, because she had never lived alone, and she wanted to make sure she experienced it before it was too late. E! had already decided to do a spin-off on her new life (in the original lyrics to her show it even says "you're on your own now") before she officially started dating Hank Baskett, and they were even concerned about what their relationship would do to the show (and it also took a LOT of convincing for Hank to even appear on camera!) since it was supposed to be about a young woman on her own for the first time in her life. It ended up changing the show for the better and it's even been renewed, with the new season focusing on their new son, Hank Jr.

    Bridget left for a few months to shoot "Bridget's Beaches" and came back to the mansion but didn't feel welcome anymore, so she moved out after Holly left. In the commentary she talks about how her pictures were already being taken down BEFORE she even decided to move out! Her radio show was put on permanent hiatus, even though it was still getting great ratings--but no one told her about that to her face! She had to hear about it from people outside of Playboy!

    Holly has been very secretive about what exactly happened, but you can tell by watching season 5 (and even most of 4) that she was very unhappy. The playful hints she would drop about marriage kind of went from "Can we one day?" to "*sigh* It's never going to happen, is it?" I really felt bad for her, because Hef shouldn't have strung her along like that if he really had no intention of ever marrying her (or anyone else again). He gave her a lot of false hope (even suggesting they start on the family part first in a season 4 ep!) and in the end she did herself a favor and left. Granted, she left him for Criss Angel, but we won't even go into that! She does say that Hef had told her she could "take her time" moving out, and then the next day had all of her things hastily boxed up and thrown into her Playboy West office. She's very bitter in the commentaries (you should hear her talk about the twins!) so you should check them out to hear more. I haven't heard the commentaries for season 5 yet, but they were recorded a week after the season 4 ones, so I'm sure they have more info! (Apparently the girls were so upset about what had happened at the mansion that they originally weren't going to do commentary for season 4 or 5, but the fans demanded it, so they gave in and did them back to back, complaining the entire time!)

    Hope that answers some of your questions!

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