The Girls Next Door

Season 2 Episode 1

Here's Looking at You, Hef!

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 30, 2006 on E!

Episode Recap

Holly has Hefs gift all ready but decieds to invite the playmates from the 80's to a little lunch. Bridget has to watch her weight because she wants her gift for Hef to be perfect and you cant look fat when your doing a strip tease!

Kendra's scared Hef wont like her gift because what could top Two new white Peacocks and a strip tease? And just when she thought it couldnt get any worse, her mother arrives! Will her mom wear something sexy or just a sports jersey like Kendra is hoping she will choose. Casablaca night went smooth.(If You dont count Kendra not being able to breath in her dress.) But the Birthday Party was the biggest Playboy Mansion has ever seen! Painted Ladies, Three Six Mafia, Celebraties and much more! Hef said it was the best birthday hes ever had.