The Girls Next Door

Season 1 Episode 8

Midsummer Night's Dream

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2005 on E!

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  • The girls are getting ready for the most important event of the year, the Midsummer Night's Dream Party!!

    I really really liked this episode! I think it`s absolutely great to see how things work out in the Playboy Mansion, how the staff puts everything together for this great party that only lasts 6 hours! Really, those guys working in the mansion have to have a lot of patience!! I would not last a day, it`s veryvery demanding!
    I also adored seeing Anastasia`s makeover. Before the party I thought she wasn`t very beautiful, but in the end when you see her with her outfit, WOW, she`s just like bridget! She looks gorgeous and very thin. It`s great to see everybody`s expression when she comes into the room!
  • This is episode is definitely one of my favourites by far!!!

    I love this episode it's sort of like the story of the ugly duckling (no saying Anatasica is ugly by the way) who turns in to beautiful swan, except it all happens in a couple of days. I love seeing the make over, she is absolutely stunning and look unbelievably like her older sister Bridget! I wish the 'Girls Next Door' could adopt me and give me a make over for one of the biggest parties of the year at the Playboy Mansion! It's is incredible what a good maker can do someone, Hef didn't even recognise her! GO GIRLS!!!
  • Stuck up? I think not! Go bankrupt because of their looks? Probley!

    A know a couple of people can join me when I say I felt sorry for Anastasia! Her sister is in playboy magazine, she has a boyfriend, she can get whatever she wants, etc and then there Anastasia who is just \"staying\" with Briget. I\'m glad they finally did something for her! I must admitt she came out beautiful but did you notice how much work had to be done and hwo much MONEY had to SPENT! The girls use half his money on just thier looks! I mean come on you dont need to go buy fake boobs you can just use a tissue or something! In my conclusion I applaud the girls for being so kind but I\'m just shocked on how much they had to spend to make themselves look good when they are already young beautiful girls.