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  • I look forward to every episode and I'm greatful for the chance to see how life is at the Playboy Mansion. Class act as usual.

    I can't quite put my finger on the reason I enjoy this show so much. I'm a 46 yr old mother of four men, Grandmother of one grandson, not the target audience I'm sure. I TiVo every show and have watched each episode several times. I think the girls are so cute and I see why Hugh Heffner has chosen to surround himself with three distinctly different personalities wrapped up in three distinctly different packages. Why not? The commitment is there from and to the girls. Like the magazine, the show is so tastefully done and happily they have left out any drama that could be candy to negative critics. I love the relationship between the girls. It's not perfect, like any family, and they allow you to make up your own mind about the relationships with the aid of the skipping record sounds and facial reactions. Holly's beauty, class and sweet special relationship with her Puffin makes what usually would be considered an irritating laugh, an endearing trademark.
    Bridgette, my personal favorite, is such a sweetheart. I love the fact that she has more realistic female curves. I think she is an awesome role model for anyone to admire. She is real, creative, and considerate and seems to take nothing for granted. I hope she gets a direction like Holly has. She deserves happiness and success of her own.
    I enjoy Kendra's free spirit. Wow can that girl move her ass. As a Mom, I have to agree with her Grandmother, the grill is difficult to see in such a beautiful mouth, but you can't take anything away from this girl without looking like your trying to change her. She's silly and spoiled and a joy to watch.
    I have to give the show a "10" and I look forward to new episodes and hope the girls keep Hef young and healthy for many years to come. Thank you for sharing the playboy mansion and the life within it with its many fans.
    C. Irwin, Hollister, Ca.
  • Awesome look into the often "mysterious" world behind the doors at the Playboy Mansion, and a great glimpse behind-the-scenes at the magazine

    I must admit, I didn't start watching The Girls Next Door until the 3rd season. I have since then caught up by watching re-runs on E! and downloading episodes from the web. The reason I didn't watch from the beginning is because I had the "dumb model" stereotype stuck (unfairly) in my head.

    I saw Holly on an entertainment news clip sometime during Season 3 and TOTALLY fell in love! FYI-I'm a straight female, so I use 'in love' as a term of endearment for a remarkable best friend.

    I started to catch the show each week and it continues to entertain me in amazing ways. I always feel like I've learned something after seeing the show--anything from trivia about the inside world of Playboy to learning new things about the many cities they have travelled to.

    I have always found Hef VERY intersting and often mysterious because there has never been a lot of information published about his private world. I'm so amazed with every new item I learn about him.

    And then there are all of the girls. They are adorable!! They are smart, inspired, friendly, fun, gorgeous, and their beautiful personalities are completely contagous!!

    I always end up uplifted with a smile on my face after watching an episode. I think I'm officially obsessed with the show now-I keep changing my rating every few weeks, and I've finally claimed it's a "10" in my world.
  • E!'s look at Playboy Girls in their natural habitat!

    Oh, I admit it, I love these gals. My husband and I watch faithfully and just howl at their antics. It's such a "de-mystifying" of the Playboy Mansion, you'll love it. The girls are cute, fun and there's always a new situation to giggle about. The girls have a bridal shower! The girls go skiing! It's Hef's birthday! There are also moments of "history"--Barbie Benton comes by to talk about the glory days. Hef wanders around and laughs his strange 'gaffaw" now and again, but lets the girls shine. Whomever came up with this concept is a genius. Not only does it showcase all things Playboy, it actually makes porn look "wholesome" and fun! Even when the girls are naked it's almost like seeing dolls--with things fuzzed out. HUGE guilty pleasure!
  • the best show on the e channel

    the best show ever on the e channel ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever as you see i like. it the best show ever on the e channel ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever as you see i like it.the best show ever on the e channel ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever as you see i like it.the best show ever on the e channel ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever as you see i like it an now on to wacth the seasons on dvd
  • I think I speak for the whole world when I say this show is great, and fun to watch.

    I would give this show two thumbs up! It's amazing to see the different lifestyles of the girls, but they all blend in together. Like on ebig happ family. This show is cool, fun to see alll the different animals, outfits cars and staff. it let's you know that there 's more to these ladies and hef than just there beauty. They are very smart to and fun and very busines oriented. Like the old saying goes there's strenth in numbers and these trio proves that knocking us over with there gorgeous 'ness and smart antidotes! Much love ladies from the in crowd!
  • about hef and his 3 girlfriends and their lives.

    i enjoy this show. its greeat to see the lives of the girlfriends.
    The girlfriends names are:
    1. Holly Madison - she is hef's number 1 girlfriend and they share a room together and she wants to have his baby.
    2. Bridget Marquardt - she is hef's number 2 girlfriend and she is also the oldest out of the 3. she has a degree in communications and also some more degree's.
    3. Kendra Wilkinson - she is hef's number 3 girlfriend and is the youngest and more wilder then the other 2. kendra enjoys sports and watches football.

    This show includes the lives of the girls at the mansion and the other bunnies who come to do photoshoots.
  • the hue heffner girls are at there best!!

    They're often blond, very ambitious and always beautiful. They're the young women who travel from towns and cities across America in hopes of sharing one man's incredible dream: life at the Playboy Mansion. This unique eight episode reality series takes viewers beyond the gates and behind closed doors to reveal the world of Hugh Hefner's mansion as it has never been seen before: through the eyes of the women who live, play - and, of course, party - with him. It's the secret side of an American legend and the fabled home that has captivated the imagination of mil- lions.the gurls are at their best. This show is fun to watch.
  • rate the girls! THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR

    I like the show but WHY is Kendra still their? When she comes on I turn the channel. She's a ghetto want a be and a thorn in the shows side, no class at all. What are you thinking about Heff? The other two girls have class and great to see, I really don't think Holly and Briget like her either. Heff needs to replace her before its to late. I would strip her of all the gifts she has recieved and put her on the next bus back home. Even better send her into the ghetto wear she wants to be and let her see what its really like. She's a very lazy little girl in a womens body.
  • The real life Charlie's Angels, and Hef's starring as Charlie!

    I don't think the feminist movement will be benefit much from the "girls" being on TV. However, I really don't think the average person, myself included, really cares about the feminist movement in relation to TV. The ladies on this show live a fairytale life. One filled with luxury, opulence, fame and pampering. This is the type of life most women dream of. Ok-minus sleeping with a decrepit Hugh Hefner. The strange polygamy-like arrangement Bridget, Holly and Kendra have with Hef is only a small part of this show. The rest is filled with silliness, hijinx and plain old fashioned fun. I induldge in this show because it completely the opposite of my life. Hey, if I can't live in a mansion and be treated like a princess all day, at least the Girls Next Door can.
  • These girls so HOT

    Well this show is basicly about 3 hot girls who live in Playboy Mansion, they are HOT dont know if I mentioned that... so yea they are obsessed with there dogs. Why ? I have no idea, but hey THERE HOT so who cares right? I relly only watch this shows because THERE HOT and yea i think thats why you should watrch it unless your a girl.... that would be kinda creepy. but yea girls watch it for different reasons hopefully. So yea you should really watch this show cuz those three girls are so so so so HOT!!!!
  • Best Reality show out there!! I can't wait for the seasons to come!

    I absolutely LOVE this show. I think the girls are wonderful people, and I cant get enough of it! I usually hate reality TV, but this show just seems so much more real then anything out there. I have season 1 and season 2 on DVD, and its one of the best things I have ever bought. The commentary adds something special to each show, and it really helps you to understand what is going on in each clip. I know to me, the girls live fascinating lives, but the best part they dont take any of it for granted! (I wish we could say that about a lot of other "reality TV show stars!") Hopefully this show will last for a long time! I know I'll keep watching it!!! :)
  • ...

    Personally, I like "The Playboy Organization". Hugh Hefner took a simple concept of a men's magazine with "girl next door" type nude pictorial and grew it a recognizable multi-national organization.

    What Hugh Hefner has is three twenty-something women, all with different personalities, but are typical platinum blondes with all the right attributes, who are his 'girlfriends'. These women all live at the huge and fabulous Playboy mansion and share Hugh Hefner when needed. There are cute little squabbles, cute little jealousies, wonderful little parties, they all share the magazine projects and they all share Hef. They're SO cute!! It's such a cute portrayal, right? You've got to be kidding. Or better yet, to whom are they kidding - the guys who write to "Penthouse Forum"? (Sorry, couldn't resist.) What a crock! But... that is the beauty of the show.

    Some guys will watch this and fall into the "crock". Other guys will watch for the eye candy and skip the informative narratives. (And there are plenty.) Some women will watch and be totally disgusted that an 80 year old man who talks openly about taking Viagra, and has had a below the waist implant romps around with these three twenty something 'girl friends'. Still other women will call them nothing but gold digging tramps who 'rob the old age home' for men with money and connections and have no self respect or morals.

    But...other cosmopolitan women will look at this and know it's 'full of it' because no woman is comfortable in sharing her man with any other woman, let alone live in the same house with them and also work together. They would kill each other, and Hef would have to find other women for his enjoyment. But these women don't. And week after week they get cuter, and more delusional about their individual relationships with Hugh Hefner. If you watch the program knowing that, it is entertainment, you can't help but laugh.

    But make no mistake, this show is as crafty as Playboy Magazine itself. And while it looks like these gals have the "upper hand", it's Hugh Hefner at his wittiest and smartest pulling 'just another one' on the media market. Ya gotta give the man a hand for that, 80 years old or not. Now that's real entertainment.
  • the good life!!!

    i absolutely love the show.The girls live the most amazing lives! To be invited to the mansion and meet hef in person is like my ultimate dream and these girls live there,get to be hefs personal girls, travel to beautiful places and experience the most awesome things!All 3 girls are so special and beautiful.Along with hef, they make a great family. I would like to see hef propose to holly someday.She truly loves hef and i get the feeling he knows she's the one to live out his days with. She knows the business from every angle and i believe she would se to it that Playboy would run the same in the event of hef's demise. {which i hope is many more years to come} i personally love the girls, their personalities and the fantastic life they lead! I would love to live life in their heels, pumps or sneakers!!
  • "The Girls Next Door." I give it almost a ten but not quite because it sometimes can get a little out of hand. Deffinantly a great show though to watch. A girl and boy appropriate show for probably 14+. Great show overall and terrific job girls!!!!!!!!!!!

    "The Girls Next Door." This show appears on 'E' Entertainment channel and is a great and well rounded show. It covers a lot about Playboy modeling, having a great life, and living it to the fullest! I would say that Kendra, Holly, and Bridget make the best Girls Next Door and no one else would do as good as them. I loved the fact that Carmella DeCesare guest appeared on the show because she is a very successful model and grew up in Ohio where I live! The Girls Next Door is an A+ show that should be on more and the seasons should deffinantly pile on. If you have not started watching this show then start! But the only side-effects are that you will not be able to stop watching it! Bridget, Kendra, and Holly, good luck to all of you and happy hopping! Thank you everyone and have a lovely day!
  • fallow the lives of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends.

    Wow I did not think that Girls Next Door would be that good of a show but I was mistaken this show is awsome. I think that it was a wonderful idea to give Holly Kendra and Bridget their own show. I think that it is really funny to watch the three of them as they live the life of luxgury just because of who they are dating. I like that all three girls have totally different personalities and that is good because it would be a little boring if they all acted the same. I think that Bridget is the funniest of the three.
  • Hot women, Playboy mansion, great times!

    How could you not love a show with incredibly hot women on screen from start to finish? It's genious! Bridget is the smart one with a passion for the holiday Halloween. She has brains and beauty. She knows that she needs to make the most of her fifteen minutes, and she is. Kendra is the jock of the group. She needs to get something going, her time is almost up. Holly belives that she and Hef will get married and have children some day. I wish her the best of luck with that. Maybe Hef could have kids with all three, and start a show called the kids next door. It is a funny show. The camera men use great angles to achieve maximum skin. The editors do a great job cutting and using sound effects, especially with the animals. It never fails to entertain.
  • This show is disturbing on so many levels...

    The idea behind this show is a wrinkled old 81 year old Hugh Hefner, the King of ---- er -- Adult Magazines, has a harem of beautiful women young enough to be his granddaughters .... ugh .... I know the old coot pays them alot of money to hang out at his Playboy mansion, but the idea of these women doing "things" with that old prune is deeply disturbing on soooooooo many levels. My CREEP-O-METER is off the scale with this show. Well, theres nothing much on Tuesday evenings, so I started channel surfing and I find things like this.... sighhhhhhhhhhh....
  • I looked forward to watching the Snowboarding episode on Girls Next Door-something my family did in Alaska as well. It was great to see Sean White & watch the girls take lessons. The place they stayed was beautiful & they were treated royally as always

    I watched the episode-Snowboarding - the girls are always great about trying many new things, BUT - there was a huge mistake on this show - Holly referred to living in Alaska and catching & eating Elk all the time..... There are no Elk in Alaska - there are Moose and Caribou & Bear, but the Elk are in Washington where she really lived most of her growing up - lots of Elk in Washington and Oregon.
    I was born and raised in Alaska - if comments are going to be made about their childhood homes, then let's get the facts accurate, at least.. No Elk in Alaska! She might like the taste of it, but she tried it somewhere else....
  • great show

    I love this show. I watch it every sunday night, and I also watch the repeats during the weekday. Personally Holly is my favorite. Bridget is my second favorite. Kendra is my least favorite because I am not into sports as much as she is. But I still think she is great. The show wouldn't be good if one of them was missing from it. I am so glad season three has started. I have a feeling that it will be the best season yet. My favorite episode so far is the calendar one. Of season two it's the episode where they go to paris.
  • You would think only the shallow and empty-headed enjoy this show...but apparently not.

    For some reason beyond me, I really enjoy watching this show. The way the girls think (or just not think) is hilarious. I especially enjoy how ghetto Kendra is in comparison to Heff's classic yet very very understated style (does he never get out of the robe anymore?). I guess I've always liked the Playboy logo even before I knew what it stood for. Now that I do know what it stands for this show oddly helps fend off some of the negative opinions I've had by showing why Heff is so famous and popular and why the Playboy name is such a big deal.
  • Oddly my new favourite show!!! OBSESSED

    It is very strange to thinking that me being a girl (that is straight) would want to watch 3 girls that live in the noutorious Playboy Mansion with there lives based on nudity. The Playboy image. I was surprise to find things are Playboy Mansion are a lot quieter than you'd expect from the rumours that have always been heard, but I guess a lot of that happened in Hefs younger days. I am absolutately obsessed with show and I'm not really sure why. I love the three girls, they may all be blonde with big boobs, but they all have totally different personalities, especially Kendra, which makes the show every interesting to watch. The parties and things they get up to are the envy of pretty much any one, I wish I could have that type of lifestyle, maybe minus the 81 year old man....Hef it lovely don't get me wrong, but a man that old is definately not my type of thing. Any how I encourage everyone to give show a chance. My boyfriend is pretty happy that I enjoy watching it, because he is allow to watch naked/girls with me and not told off for it! So it's bonus for both us of! Enjoy xxx
  • The Girls Next Door is a fascinating show about three beautiful women yet still pointless, who live and are dating the Playboy Owner, Hugh Hefner. Apparently, the three women share Hugh in most areas of life even though it is three women, a little weird.

    The Girls Next Door is only a decent show because the three women are incredibly beautiful and hot and watch them trot around in tiny outfits, but the show really has a meaningless plot even with being a reality series. Furthermore, it is rather a pointless series because it is just about three dumb blonds that use and hang around the billionaire for personal gain except give the old man attention. Apparently, Holly is madly in love with Hugh and is getting married and wants to have his child. How lame? Talk about a gold digger. The other two women, Bridgett and Kendra, are just as clueless as Holly. The pretentious and meaningless show really goes nowhere except display the life of Hugh with his three unintelligent women, yet beautiful, which at the same time, nobody cares, and nobody should care. Overall, it is not a great show for entertainment but not for right entertainment.
  • Hef's girls

    I think the girls are great. My son and I watch this show every Sunday night. We just crack up. All three of them are just beautiful. Holly has gorgeous eyes. Bridget is more intelligent than people think. And Kendra is hilarious. Most people think they are just dumb blondes, but they aren't. I don't know how they can keep up with all the mail that they receive. It seems that they are constantly carrying a stack of pics to sign and send off to people. Girls if you read this, keep up the good work and good luck to ya.
  • so funy!

    It follows the lives of Hugh Heffners 3 girlfriends living in the playboy mansion - Holly, Bridget and Kendra! It shows parties at the mansion and everything! Omg when i watch this show i just laugh!! Kendra is the funniest although Bridget is my favourite! I like Holly too shes just not as funny as kendra and Bridget.. I have seen nearly every episode and i love every single one of them! I would advise any one to watch it.. Its a little like the simple life but its better! watch it!! brillant show!!
    A + + + + + + + + + + +
  • I came across this by accident - good thing it was.These girls are NOT the brightest! I think the peroxide has done some damage. When did the oldest profession become a reality show. Kendras laugh. My goodness, this movie should be Dumb& Dumber & Dumbest!

    Trailer TRASH GONE WILD!

    I came across this by accident - good thing it was.These girls are NOT the brightest! I think the peroxide has done some damage. When did the oldest profession become a reality show. Kendras laugh. My goodness, this movie should be Dumb& Dumber & Dumbest!

    My goodness I cant believe these girls actually think living with a man old enough to be their grandfather, is sexy. Let alone that they're sleeping with him! My goodness, what will their resume say - oldest profession on a reality show. They must have had poor upbringing, - it shows -no morals!
  • This show is about Kendra , Holly and Bridget , a.k.a Heffs girl friends . Its about there daily life at the mansion and as Heffs girls friends.

    I used to think the show is awesome because these girls are protrayed as b****s for what they do but in the show u can clearly see there actually pretty kool . There pretty funny and normal girls . And it shows hoe heff is too and he isn't a big perve like u would think hes actually a nice guy its hard to believe what he does because of his additude . I have no fav. people in this show all the girls are kool and so if hef . Out of all i think Holly is the one that really loves heff. Like they all love him but Holly shows it more and she would be the one to stay with him forever . She really enjoys his presents unlike the other girls .
  • The "Girls Next Door" narrates the life of Hugh Hefner`s girlfriends, Holly, Bridget and Kendra.

    I absolutely adore the show. I think it`s hilarious and I love watching the life of these three beautiful women.
    When I first started watching the show I couldn`t understand how these three blondes shared Hef, and how they accepted living in the Mansion with the other two.. nowadays I would gladly accept too!
    Al first my favorite was Kendra, I found her the most beautiful one and u must admmit she is hilarious. She is so dumb and her laughter *lol* , and I love the fact she loves sports and exercises everytime she can. But after a while I started appreciating Holly because she is the most dedicated to Hef, and actually I think she is the only one who really loves him. I think the other two r there just because of the great life they have. I must say that I hate when Holly wears those "costumes", like those short skirts with sock over her knees buagh!
    Anyways, now my favorite is Bridget, I think she is the smartest one and she is the most natural of the 3. Even though when she is not wearing make up she looks kind of old. I think she is really sweet. I adore her voice and the jokes she makes.
    About Hef.. he must have been really good looking a few decades ago, actually he still his for his age. I love the fact he`s so good with the girls and specially with their families.

  • hilarious!!

    What I love about this show is that it takes 3 beautful women and portrays them in an honest light. I think people have a preconceived notion of what Hugh Hefner\'s girlfriend would be like, but this show lets us in on the fact that these are 3 intelligent, beautiful women. I mean one even has a masters degree!! I love the funny antics from episode to episode. The \"drama\" that they get theselves into. And you really can see that these women or should I say girls are genuninely inlove with Hugh Hefner. Congrats to these women for standing their ground and being honest!
  • Who is the playboy ring girl

    in the episode fight night of the girls next door who had on all black. not cara zavaleta but the other one? shes really pretty. what is her name? Please Help. she has dark brown hair and a really pretty smile. she was posing with 2 other bunnies one had on yellow and one had on green and she gave a peace sign. i think she may have been the one to say look at all the dried blood and the other ring girls said ewww. but if you know who she is please tell me because she looks familar.
  • I don't tell people I'm a girl who watches this show.

    It's the epitomy of a guilty pleasure. I think it's hilarious with their odd antics and stupid ways of viewing life but I can't help watch Holly's odd brand of devotion, Bridget's ditzyness and Kendras trashy ghettoness. I like Kendra the most because she's just the oddest combination of white trash, stupid, sporty, girly, and above all her faux ghettoness is just decadent.
    It's fun to watch girls do nothing with their lives and yet do it so spectacularly lavishly. It's mindless but entertaining. I watched all the commentaries on the DVD as well while working on other things.
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