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  • Words cant describe how rubbish the new show is! BIG thumbs down!!

    I totally agree the show is sooooo boring with out Bridget Kendra and Holly I miss them ! And I hate what that Crystal said ' Im not the new Holly. Holly is the old me!' PLEASE she wishes lol Crystal and the twins are a joke plus two sisters sharing the same man! Talk about incest!!! Grose!! Please, Please, Please do NOT waist your time watching this CR*P go and have a CR*P instead it would be a much better use of your time and much more enjoyable!
    What were you thinking hef?x
    Holly, Bridget and Kendra we miss you puffings x
  • Stupid, Lame and a waist of Film.

    Lame, Stupid, and a Waist of time. I use to watch this show all the time. I never missed an episode but, the show is now what it use to be. I don't think I will ever watch it again. I find the new girls are Stupid and dumb. The show is boring and Lame. If you have not watched the new episodes, your not missing anything. E and Heff have both made a major mistake. This show and the new girls have ruined the Playboy name. They are loosing viewers. I would much rather watch Kendra! If you liked the old show and the old girls then you need to watch Kendra's new show, Titled Kendra. It's more exciting and way more funny.
  • We miss Holly, Bridget and Kendra

    This show is so disappointing!!! I really believe that Hef cares about the girls and i have no doubt that he cared about Holly and she cared for him.. I am not going to watch the show no longer just for this reason..Kristina Shannon has alot to live up to when it comes to Holly..and the other two Crystal and Karissa Harris CANNOT hold a candle to Bridget or Kendra..sorry girls go get a real job!!!!!!!!!
    This show would be so much better if the NEW GIRLS wouldn't be so stupid and nasty!!!!!!!!!!! So Hef have fun paying there way and buying there things when they don't deserve it..they are just there for your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Haiku: Blond brain-dead bunnies. Play with dirty old geezer. Predictable end.

    Now, I'm not going to pretend that I wasn't interested in the show (just look at the "Top Contributors" for this show, and you'll see who the target audience is!), and I honestly have no idea which girl is which (nor do I care), but for the total of 15 minutes that I watched this show over the months (how long has it been on?), I now know why the now-ancient "Playboy After Dark" show was cancelled: there's only so much T&A one can take! And, for the record, I had a "key" to the now-defunct Playboy Club in NYC, but, seriously, I went only for the buffet . . . and, yes, I'm talking food, here!!! Hey! Get your minds out the gutter! This is a family website!!! ;)

    First, I have a big problem with an 80-year old dating two 20+ year olds and one who is so under age that she wasn't even allowed to appear with the other two in Playboy-featured liquor ads!

    Second, the show collapsed when one of the girls left after demanding that Hef marry her but he denied her (talk about ways to avoid a palimony suit!), and another left for a younger man (wow! there's a shock!), and I'm not sure why the third one left, but she currently has her own show on the Travel Channel which got boring after 6 minutes (watching the clock tick second-by-second was less excruciating than the show and her whiny voice!).

    Third, I happened to catch what I presumed was the final show, where a despondent (good acting?) Hef was seen shuffling aimlessly around the mansion, but immediately perked-up at the bevy of bimbos waiting to take the others' place at the head (no pun intended) of the table!

    Oh, what passes for entertainment, these days!

    It is said that everyone's entitled to their 15 minutes of fame. Hef, thanks for the mammories, but it's over: there's free porn on the net, and you're a scrawny, dirty, old man, who needs Viagra just to get out of bed! I envied you once, but, now, you just sicken me! And girls: You left the sweetest deal on the planet!!! How much proof do we need that your combined IQ is exceeded only by that of a gerbil? I give it three years before you're all about as popular and remembered as the Spice Girls!
  • The Girls Next Door is truly addictive viewing. We've seen the end of the original GND, It's an end of era. There is never a dull moment with the girls! I'm sure to give the new girls a chance too,but It just might not feel the same with 'replaceme

    The Girls Next Door is truly addictive viewing.
    Although we have seen the end of the original Girls Next Door, It's an end of era. I'm not too keen on these newbies that have moved into the Mansion, after all the likebility of the show was based on the girls themselves, not that it was the Mansion and Mr Hefner.. let's get real the fans watched for the girls not thoses other factors! So I would love to watch the show spin offs or programs they enter into in the future. (Such as Kendra's planned show "Kendra" and Bridge'ts travel show "Bridget's Sexiest Beaches."

    The original girls next door allowe us a sneak peak behind the gates and the life of fantasy.

    They are very 'girly life,' and were spoiled with parties, clothes, travel, dining, glamourous photo shoots, the animals surrounding the mansion & their pets. There was always funny lines and ditzy moments.. and you feel as if the girls really could be your bestfriend in the way they share their stories with you. Holly, who at the time, was the 'number 1' girlfriend is a personal fav, she was the glue of the show. Briget love of all things spooky like Halloween and dressing up was great to watch.
    Kendra is always funny, and grew on me, she matured ALOT, throughout the first 5 seasons, I'm plreased she has moved onto her own show on E! There is never a dull moment with the girls! I'm sure to give the new girls a chance too, but It just might not feel the same with 'replacements.'
  • This show proves that if you find enough hot girls, anything can be watchable.

    While The Girls Next Door is pointless and redundant, it is still a very addictive show. The only real reason a guy would watch this is because of the ridiculous amount of sexiness and skimpiness. All three of the girls are gorgeous, and they do enough different things to keep the show interesting. One thing that surprised me was how smart Holly and Bridget are. They're not geniuses but they have a certain charm about them that shows there are real, (somewhat) thoughtful people underneath the silicon and makeup. This is a stupid waste of time, but if you want to see really hot girls running around in bikinis every week, this is the show for you.
  • ilove you all and Mr.Hugh.what is it like to live in the playboy masion Mr. Hugh is a very generous man.Im from jamaica.Im 20 and just a big fan. I think you all are very nice to mr Hugh. have you all ever been to Jamaica. mellyqmel@hotmail.

    Girls i really you all and not to mention Mr.Hugh. I ma a big fan and one of my wish is to meet you all i really hope thast wish can come through i just pray to god above to fulfil it. I always watch your shows. I wonder what is it like to live in the playboy masion Mr. Hugh is a very generous man and God would be please with him. I am from jamaica and i have never been out of Jamaica which travelling as always been one of my dreams.I am twenty years old and just a big big fan of you all. I think you all are very nice to mr Hugh and he is so kind. I wath the episode with the acting and you all have some acting skills. I like that you all try to include other playmate in your sleep overs, can i be invited? lol. I just love making friends and if we were all friends i'll be extatic.
    have you all ever been to Jamaica its great here the sunshine, beaches, hotels and the list goes on and on. Rihanna and Chris Brown where here in this year.
    I know most of the time celebrity they are busy they dont get to check there mail and they have agents are some1 that check it i hope you get mines and really put it in consideration.

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  • good show on E about three of hefs play boy bunnies helping him run his empire

    So these three girls are very good looking I get that and I believe that is one of the core reasons many people tune into this show but I also think its more annoying then anything and feels a little to staged for a reality tv show but all in all there is a ton of people out there that like it for its humor and scope and I guess I like holly but that kendra is just annoying just listen to her laugh and you'll understand and somtimes I think Hue Hefner can get pretty angry at them for the stupid stuff they do like when they got paint all over that white rug
  • Dont tell my church, but I'm hooked on the girls next door. Please marry Holly Hef. And why can't she have a baby, surly there's enough love and money for one more.

    I recently had surgery and spent alot of time stuck in a chair where my only entertainment was the boxed sets of the girls. Dont tell my church. Please marry Holly Hef. And why can't she have a baby, surly there's enough love and money for one more. I love seeing who comes to your parties. The girls seem so down to earth and don't seem to take all the wealth for granted. I'd like to see one of you especially Hef on dancing with the stars. And how about an episode showing all the girls who have been GIRLfriends. It may take 50 shows but that's all right.
  • Who would think the Girls of the Playboy Mansion would be my addictive viewing, and I'm a girl!

    The sneak peak behind the gates into the lives of Hugh Hefner's girlfiends is facinating viewing. They live a fantasy girly life, full of parties, pretty clothes, travel, dining, glamourous photo shoots, the animals surrounding the mansion & their pets, and the interesting relationship they share with eachtother and Hef. The show always has a few laughs and you feel as if the girls really good be your bestfriend in the way they share their stories with you. Holly, girlfiend 'number 1' is a personal fav, you can tell she deeply cares for Hef alot and is not shy about badgering him for marriage and babies. Briget is a girly girl aswell as a lover of Halloween and all things spooky and loves dressing up.
    Kendra is really fun really grows on you, she was very young at the start of the series but seems to be maturing a lot, but you can't hate her tell it like it is attitude. I also really like Hef's secretary Mary, who has been working with him forever, she always serves up a few laughs and tells it like it.

    There is never a dull moment with the girls!
  • Inside the Playboy Girls World

    They're often blond, very ambitious and always beautiful. They're the young women who travel from towns and cities across America in hopes of sharing one man's incredible dream: life at the Playboy Mansion. This unique eight episode reality series takes viewers beyond the gates and behind closed doors to reveal the world of Hugh Hefner's mansion as it has never been seen before: through the eyes of the women who live, play - and, of course, party - with him. It's the secret side of an American legend and the fabled home that has captivated the imagination of millions.
    Good Show
  • Its the best reality show there is!! I LOVE IT!!!

    I LOVE IT!!!! Especially Kendra!! Its my personally favorite reality show there is! I never miss an episode, and watch them over and over again. There are all hot and smart, that makes it even better. Not to many women have both brains and a great body to go with it. They are all very nice and I don't think they let it go to there heads about being beautiful and living in the Playboy Mansion. They are down to earth, especially Kendra. They all have a sense of humor and love to live life to the fullest and I personally do that myself. I hope the best for all the girls especially Holly with Hef!! I would also love to meet them all one day!!
  • Three Hot Main Girls, Their hot friends, One Multi-Millionaire and his mansion?

    The girls next door is about Hugh Hefner and his three lady friends. Holly, who is Hef's #1 girlfriend. Bridgette, who is a giddy blonde still in college. Kendall, who is the athletic blonde who is really loud and immature. The show is a very fun with a nice look of what goes on the legendary mansion on a daily basis. The girls are fun and we get to see all of their different personalities shining through. The kills time if you are bored or can't find anything else on. It is one of my guilty pleasures. Check it out if you ever have time or are bored.
  • amazing these girls are so hot

    i would have to say this is one of the most amazing shows i have ever seen the girls being hot is also a bonus i would watch this shhow for ever if i could so i am going to bring an episode of this show to my grave w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w
  • A light-hearted, must see, feel-good taste of reality at the Mansion!

    For a "girl" in her thirties, this show brings me unexpected pleasure! From the lavish parties, to the entertaining predicaments the girls find themselves in, to the effect they have on family members lives, I thoroughly enjoy a good laugh and the smiles these girls evoke. Bridget is a sweetheart, up for anything that involes fun; Holly, the classic beauty, an animal lover to a fault and Kendra, the young, boisterous wild child who brings humour to the forefront. Thank-you for your holidays, your getaways and most of all, your outright ability to entertain. You're all beautiful girls inside & out, keep smiling & living the dream ladies!
  • I LOVE IT!!!!

    I think we should see more woman of "age" on the show. But, it is definatley my fav. I love this show!! I am a 32 yr old mother of 2. The show allows the public to see that we should never judge a book by it's cover and there is more to the magazine than they think. I personally would love to be able to expirience the life that the staff and family do everyday. Kendra and my sister laugh exactly the same and it is soo funny when we are in the same room together. I was raised with a family who is feels that you need to express yourself in whatever way makes you happy.
  • I'm a mom of 2 and I have to say this has now become my *LONG LOST BEST FRIEND* FAB FAB FAB

    This show is fab, Watching it in the evenings while i do my exercising has become my new *THING*. My hubby dont see what i find great about this show but I love it. All 3 girls are great fun and it takes you away from your everday life. Now I'm a mommie it has giving me something to look forword too. I have to say *MR HEF* in those silky pjs makes me laugh a whole lot haha.

    Cant wait for the next season *over here in the uk* woooo roll on girls next door make it coolies just cant wait
  • Someone stop me from watching this show now!

    Just kidding! The Girls Next Door is my guilty pleasure because it exemplifies the lowest form of reality television. Holly, Bridget and Kendra are Hugh Hefner's current girlfriends and have been for awhile. They all live in the Playboy mansion; Bridget and Kendra have their own rooms, but Holly is with Hef in "their" own bedroom.

    These girls are just simply blessed with access that all life has to offer. They are living in the adult version of Disney World and it just never ends. The TV show "shows" how they live their daily lives. You are thinking - wow that sounds interesting?

    At first, no, but once you watch one episode you just can't stop. It is quite entertaining and you are rooting for these girls to have fun and get what they want, ironically. The only thing that is a big annoyance is that Holly wants to marry Hef and he is not ready to get married again. Personally I think she is wasting some good years on a man who will die in less than 10.

    Bridget is the smartest of the group, she has a Master's Degree and wants to do something in broadcasting eventually. Kendra is a little flighty, but I think that is due to her age and the fact that she has no responsibility to anyone. Holly works at Playboy to show Hef she really loves what he has been doing all these years.

    You can jump in anytime to watch this show, but once you start - you'll never be able to turn back.
  • What a life

    Well I was up late one night because I couldn't sleep and was flicking channels and this is what I stumbled across.
    It reminded me of the Simple Life with blonde ditzy barbie looking girls who think they are gods gift to men.
    Shows like this always make me laugh because some of the things they do are so stupid!
    Heff sure has the life but I dont think I could be one of those girls and share a man, nut my cup of tea but what people do to get famous and a glamerous life ... I mean how serious is the whole thing?
  • I love this show

    This is one of my fav shows it gets better the more i watch it, mostof the people in my family watch that have E! and love it and say they look forward to the new episodes. This show is suprissing at first they are not the "type" that you expect when you hear what the show is about. Holly! Bridget! Kendra! & Hef! Rock! You gotta love the girls
  • This is a must see for anyone who likes excitement, drama, mystery, comedy, musicals, animals, and most of all, ROMANCE!!! Holly, Bridget, and Kendra - get to know each one and then figure out which one you can relate to...

    Relax and let Holly, Bridget, and Kendra take you on an adventurous stroll around the Playboy Mansion. Hob-nob with celeb's like Pam Anderson and Paris Hilton, David Hasselhoff, and, of course, Hugh Hefner and past, present and future playmates! Kick back and play games like; monolopy, backgammon, or black-jack. Maybe watch a movie like Dumb and Dumber, Casablanca, King Kong, or Hef's first movie??? Then you can enjoy your evening at the Palms, the Playmate House, the Playboy Club in L.A. at Studio West (Playboy's studio), or at the Mansion. Spending quality time with all the birds, monkeys, dogs, and the gang will also be time well spent.
  • The Girls Next Door are so crazy...yet funny and likeable, honestly I would never have anything to do with Playboy...but these girls are just so fun to watch.

    The Girls Next Door is one of my favorite shows...I watch it everytime a new episode airs and sometimes I watch old ones for the fun of it. The show is basically about Hef's three girlfriends and their lives. I really enjoyed the most recent one about the girls coming in for the playmate tests. That episode was different bc the girls weren't in it that much. Bridget is my favorite girl. She seems so down to earth and a little less crazy than Kendra. I would recommend this show to anyone that just wants to watch a crazy show. I also really like Bridget's dog Winnie and her cat, they're both so adorable.
  • The Girls Next Door in our area known as The Girls of the Playboy Mansion is a relaxing half hour and a look at a fabolous, dream life...

    Who doesn't dreams of being as rich as Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends? They get everything they want even without asking it! Their lives are fabolous and unbelievable. And the show partly breaks the stereotieps against the playmates. We can see that hey aren't as stupid and b*tchy as we used to think they were. I think Holly is actually smart, Bridget is so-so and also Kendra is not as stupid as she shows she is. Of course they play a role, but sometimes we can se it breaks out, for example when they visit their families. Of course it1s not a calm show, but it turns my brain of for a half hour and makes me laugh and feel good! The only thing that bothers me about The Girls Next Door is that Hugh Hefner wears negliges in 90% of the times. Doesn't he know how to dress up? It's ok when only the four of them are at home, but when groups of visitors go to the house it is annoying for me to see him not being dressed up!!!
  • I love your alls show.i watch it eveyday..and everynew episode to..u girls inspire me in so many ways..i love the playboy bunnies i always wanted to be girls are amazing to do the things you do

    I love your alls show.i watch it eveyday..and everynew episode to..u girls inspire me in so many ways..i love the playboy bunnies i always wanted to be girls are amazing to do the things you . how do your girls do what you do..i love watching your show.yea i think holly is the funniest one cause she doesnt care what she does or how she looks she just goes out there and does her thing and thats what i like about her..are there going to be any new shows this year casue you know i would watch them to.i hope there are
  • Great show!

    The girls next door is a great programme and lets us see what the girls really get up to instead of listening to all these rumors.
    Its also influential showing us that anything is possible, as we watch the girls forfil there dreams, showing us that on the inside they are really just like any one of us!
    In my opinion i hope that hef sticks with these three girls and dont have any others as it would just not be the same!
    This show is great and i cant wait to see what happens next time on the girls next door!
    Hollys my fav :)

    hi love this show what a great reality i dea getting into the lives of 3 gawjus women and the 83 year old legend hef. I have to thank Hef for mAking this historic show.Kendra,Holly,and Bridget are all beautiful in so many different ways they all are not just eye candy but very intresting people i have to say it there all fabulas and one day will be a pleasure to meet them all loving the show cant wait 4 season to start heere in the uk so this show is th bst reality tv show on television because there is absolutely nothing fake about it . this show gives us the audience a chance to look into hugh hefner and his wonderful life in the playboy mansion and im sure im not the only one to say this but i envy hugh hefner hahaha jks
  • The Girls Next Door is the greatest ever! My favorite is Holly! She is just so darn cool.

    Even though I still watch cartoons, I am a huge fan of reality shows! The Girls Next Door is just freakin cool! My favorite is Holly coz she's pretty (of course) and funny. I also like Kendra coz when she laughs, its so funny! My least fave is Bridget coz she looks a bit old. (no offense to Bridget fans) And one thing that bothers is me, is Barbi Benton, Hef's former girlfriend. And she is so annoying. Good thing Holly keeps her cool when that old hag visits the mansion. Yeah, why does Hef allow that witch to come to his house? Anyway, I really look forward to watching new episodes of The Girls Next Door.

    i think the show is great.
    go kendra and bridgett.holly stop being so jealous,it shows on your face.heff is a great guy and will keep you his number one girl.even though he is 82 he did not get where he is at for being unaware of his surroundings.
    i think you r all beautiful.holly you sleep with heff every nite,so chill.kendra stay kendra and bridgett stay the good hearted person you r.and holly you r a sweet person,but sometimes you sound very sarcastic to the other girls.
    and when i saw the barbie benton episode you had fire in your eyes.heff your great
  • I love every episode! They are really really really really rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeally cool.

    I love the show!
    From Kendras humerous blonde moments, to brigets dramatic moments. Hef and the whole cast is absolutly Fantastic!
    My favorite episode is when they have the try-outs for the playboy dinner house. Holly said she was like totally rebelous, because she wore this beatiful pink playboy bunny suit and she had a big ball of cotton on the back to look like a bunny tail! She didn't listen to hef at all, and Hef said it wasn't fitting her right! I think she looked really ,really beautiful in it! GO HOLLY! I can't wait for the next one. Cool beans guys!
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