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  • A scary confirmation these gals' brains don't match their chest size.

    The era where you had to achieve something to be on TV is over. Now, it's official: you have to be on TV to achieve something.

    What's the deal with every semi-celebrity, that he or she thinks his/her life is interesting, and interesting enough to be the subject of a TV show?

    While Heffner's life would be worth following and documenting (behind the scenes and an history of his business), we are stuck with these average blonde bimbos that only distinguish themselves from a kentucky farm-girl by having had the chance to cross heff's path...

    One message to 'real TV' producers: keep going with shows like these, and it all will be just a remote, blurry memory.

    Now, back to your regular programming...
  • This show is disturbing on so many levels...

    The idea behind this show is a wrinkled old 81 year old Hugh Hefner, the King of ---- er -- Adult Magazines, has a harem of beautiful women young enough to be his granddaughters .... ugh .... I know the old coot pays them alot of money to hang out at his Playboy mansion, but the idea of these women doing "things" with that old prune is deeply disturbing on soooooooo many levels. My CREEP-O-METER is off the scale with this show. Well, theres nothing much on Tuesday evenings, so I started channel surfing and I find things like this.... sighhhhhhhhhhh....
  • Haiku: Blond brain-dead bunnies. Play with dirty old geezer. Predictable end.

    Now, I'm not going to pretend that I wasn't interested in the show (just look at the "Top Contributors" for this show, and you'll see who the target audience is!), and I honestly have no idea which girl is which (nor do I care), but for the total of 15 minutes that I watched this show over the months (how long has it been on?), I now know why the now-ancient "Playboy After Dark" show was cancelled: there's only so much T&A one can take! And, for the record, I had a "key" to the now-defunct Playboy Club in NYC, but, seriously, I went only for the buffet . . . and, yes, I'm talking food, here!!! Hey! Get your minds out the gutter! This is a family website!!! ;)

    First, I have a big problem with an 80-year old dating two 20+ year olds and one who is so under age that she wasn't even allowed to appear with the other two in Playboy-featured liquor ads!

    Second, the show collapsed when one of the girls left after demanding that Hef marry her but he denied her (talk about ways to avoid a palimony suit!), and another left for a younger man (wow! there's a shock!), and I'm not sure why the third one left, but she currently has her own show on the Travel Channel which got boring after 6 minutes (watching the clock tick second-by-second was less excruciating than the show and her whiny voice!).

    Third, I happened to catch what I presumed was the final show, where a despondent (good acting?) Hef was seen shuffling aimlessly around the mansion, but immediately perked-up at the bevy of bimbos waiting to take the others' place at the head (no pun intended) of the table!

    Oh, what passes for entertainment, these days!

    It is said that everyone's entitled to their 15 minutes of fame. Hef, thanks for the mammories, but it's over: there's free porn on the net, and you're a scrawny, dirty, old man, who needs Viagra just to get out of bed! I envied you once, but, now, you just sicken me! And girls: You left the sweetest deal on the planet!!! How much proof do we need that your combined IQ is exceeded only by that of a gerbil? I give it three years before you're all about as popular and remembered as the Spice Girls!
  • Just what the world needed more Hugh Hefner.

    I seriously tried to watch this show, but I just don't get why it needed to air? Personally, I've never had the urge to know what goes on inside the Playboy Mansion or just how stupid some of the girls who live there are. I really tried to give this show the benefit of the doubt, but all I saw where girls in their bikinis hanging out on a bus with Hugh Hefner. Perhaps the show is more than that, but that's all I got out of it. To me, it's just a glamourization of sex and pornography and not appealing to me at all.
  • rate the girls! THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR

    I like the show but WHY is Kendra still their? When she comes on I turn the channel. She's a ghetto want a be and a thorn in the shows side, no class at all. What are you thinking about Heff? The other two girls have class and great to see, I really don't think Holly and Briget like her either. Heff needs to replace her before its to late. I would strip her of all the gifts she has recieved and put her on the next bus back home. Even better send her into the ghetto wear she wants to be and let her see what its really like. She's a very lazy little girl in a womens body.
  • the hue heffner girls are at there best!!

    They're often blond, very ambitious and always beautiful. They're the young women who travel from towns and cities across America in hopes of sharing one man's incredible dream: life at the Playboy Mansion. This unique eight episode reality series takes viewers beyond the gates and behind closed doors to reveal the world of Hugh Hefner's mansion as it has never been seen before: through the eyes of the women who live, play - and, of course, party - with him. It's the secret side of an American legend and the fabled home that has captivated the imagination of mil- lions.the gurls are at their best. This show is fun to watch.
  • These girls so HOT

    Well this show is basicly about 3 hot girls who live in Playboy Mansion, they are HOT dont know if I mentioned that... so yea they are obsessed with there dogs. Why ? I have no idea, but hey THERE HOT so who cares right? I relly only watch this shows because THERE HOT and yea i think thats why you should watrch it unless your a girl.... that would be kinda creepy. but yea girls watch it for different reasons hopefully. So yea you should really watch this show cuz those three girls are so so so so HOT!!!!
  • Stupid, Lame and a waist of Film.

    Lame, Stupid, and a Waist of time. I use to watch this show all the time. I never missed an episode but, the show is now what it use to be. I don't think I will ever watch it again. I find the new girls are Stupid and dumb. The show is boring and Lame. If you have not watched the new episodes, your not missing anything. E and Heff have both made a major mistake. This show and the new girls have ruined the Playboy name. They are loosing viewers. I would much rather watch Kendra! If you liked the old show and the old girls then you need to watch Kendra's new show, Titled Kendra. It's more exciting and way more funny.
  • I can rent better videos than this boring show.

    Playboy's venture into reality tv is so much duller than the trash exploited out there by survivor clones. Hugh Hefner already have everything in life that he wants. There's no need for him to create bad shows that only clogged up tv schedules already overflowing with reality garbage. Enough of that already. The playboy videos made by Playboy are far better than this reality show, they should consider sticking with that than making ones that can't show the good stuff that are seen in the playboy videos. So why bother making this at all, it's a complete waste of my time.
  • Briget is smart and pretty that what all woman should aim for. Like pinks song.. No stupid girl, no ugly ones that are smart to. We all should be little more like briget..

    Personal, I don\'t care for the show, but I was bored and watch it. It was alright, Only thing I really like Briget. I think men are pig and Woman are idiots that let men treat them like dogs. However, Briget had me confused, I think it is amazing that she going for her Masters and accomplishing to look pretty. If their where any real good men out there not just dogs they would like the same.
  • What a life

    Well I was up late one night because I couldn't sleep and was flicking channels and this is what I stumbled across.
    It reminded me of the Simple Life with blonde ditzy barbie looking girls who think they are gods gift to men.
    Shows like this always make me laugh because some of the things they do are so stupid!
    Heff sure has the life but I dont think I could be one of those girls and share a man, nut my cup of tea but what people do to get famous and a glamerous life ... I mean how serious is the whole thing?
  • Follows three of Hef's girlfriend's lives in the mansion.

    This show is going to be watched by a lot of people for one obvious reason. It's obvious why these girls are with Hef too and it all seems really fake to me. I'm not denying that these girls are very attractive because they are but as a show it's not very entertaining. Eye candy, that's all it really is.
  • fallow the lives of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends.

    Wow I did not think that Girls Next Door would be that good of a show but I was mistaken this show is awsome. I think that it was a wonderful idea to give Holly Kendra and Bridget their own show. I think that it is really funny to watch the three of them as they live the life of luxgury just because of who they are dating. I like that all three girls have totally different personalities and that is good because it would be a little boring if they all acted the same. I think that Bridget is the funniest of the three.
  • I looked forward to watching the Snowboarding episode on Girls Next Door-something my family did in Alaska as well. It was great to see Sean White & watch the girls take lessons. The place they stayed was beautiful & they were treated royally as always

    I watched the episode-Snowboarding - the girls are always great about trying many new things, BUT - there was a huge mistake on this show - Holly referred to living in Alaska and catching & eating Elk all the time..... There are no Elk in Alaska - there are Moose and Caribou & Bear, but the Elk are in Washington where she really lived most of her growing up - lots of Elk in Washington and Oregon.
    I was born and raised in Alaska - if comments are going to be made about their childhood homes, then let's get the facts accurate, at least.. No Elk in Alaska! She might like the taste of it, but she tried it somewhere else....
  • You would think only the shallow and empty-headed enjoy this show...but apparently not.

    For some reason beyond me, I really enjoy watching this show. The way the girls think (or just not think) is hilarious. I especially enjoy how ghetto Kendra is in comparison to Heff's classic yet very very understated style (does he never get out of the robe anymore?). I guess I've always liked the Playboy logo even before I knew what it stood for. Now that I do know what it stands for this show oddly helps fend off some of the negative opinions I've had by showing why Heff is so famous and popular and why the Playboy name is such a big deal.
  • Strangely Amusing...

    This is a show about 3 girls who live with Hugh Hefner inside the Playboy Mansion. It's a really weird show. There's no plot. There's no storyline. There's completely no sense in this show, and most importantly... there's no point.

    Yet, I find this show strangely amusing... not because of the girls in the show... but because... I really don't know.

    Watch it, and you'll get what I'm saying.
  • Hef never seems to disppoint! Hef and his bevy of beauties live the life in the superficial Playboy mansion. Sometimes they even venture outside the Hef compound for sexy exploits catering to the carnal pleasures.

    The girls next door are like no girls I've ever had living next door! I would only wish that a girl that closely resembled one of Hef's beauties lived next door to me (I would even take a girl that somewhat resembled one of his women after 10 beers and poor lighting to live next to me). But alas, this is a reality that only exists nestled in the Hills of LA, behind the salacious gates of Hef's notorious Playboy Mansion. But, as viewers, we can at least vicariously live Hef's life through the magic of televison....only to return to the pathetic life that is our own (compared to Hef's). I would only dream that I could have the sexual energy that Hef has when I am 80 years old....the question is, does Hef REALLY have that sexual energy anymore, or is it a byproduct of all the Viagra? Whatever, the case, that guy is the luckiest 80 year old on the planet!!
  • The real life Charlie's Angels, and Hef's starring as Charlie!

    I don't think the feminist movement will be benefit much from the "girls" being on TV. However, I really don't think the average person, myself included, really cares about the feminist movement in relation to TV. The ladies on this show live a fairytale life. One filled with luxury, opulence, fame and pampering. This is the type of life most women dream of. Ok-minus sleeping with a decrepit Hugh Hefner. The strange polygamy-like arrangement Bridget, Holly and Kendra have with Hef is only a small part of this show. The rest is filled with silliness, hijinx and plain old fashioned fun. I induldge in this show because it completely the opposite of my life. Hey, if I can't live in a mansion and be treated like a princess all day, at least the Girls Next Door can.
  • The Girls Next Door is a fascinating show about three beautiful women yet still pointless, who live and are dating the Playboy Owner, Hugh Hefner. Apparently, the three women share Hugh in most areas of life even though it is three women, a little weird.

    The Girls Next Door is only a decent show because the three women are incredibly beautiful and hot and watch them trot around in tiny outfits, but the show really has a meaningless plot even with being a reality series. Furthermore, it is rather a pointless series because it is just about three dumb blonds that use and hang around the billionaire for personal gain except give the old man attention. Apparently, Holly is madly in love with Hugh and is getting married and wants to have his child. How lame? Talk about a gold digger. The other two women, Bridgett and Kendra, are just as clueless as Holly. The pretentious and meaningless show really goes nowhere except display the life of Hugh with his three unintelligent women, yet beautiful, which at the same time, nobody cares, and nobody should care. Overall, it is not a great show for entertainment but not for right entertainment.
  • I love this show. Since not everyone can go to the playboy mansion and just hang out for a day or two, this show really gives you an inside look at what a day in the life of a playmate is all about.

    I love the fact that Bridget, Holly, and Kendra are all totally different. Kendra being the thuggish-tomboy, Holly being the prissy/cheerleader type and bridget is kind of,well, a dumb blonde! No am i. These girls make plenty of money and they are still down to earth. That\'s what i like about them. Since the show has been on, it has jump started the girls into stardom. They are all doing their own things and also posing for playboy. The show really lets you see that Playboy isn\'t at all what you think it is. Yes it's porn but hey you gotta make your money some way right?
  • Dumb blondes confirm the stereotype.

    This new show, confirms how possessive & controlling Hefner is. It's like these girls are living with their father. He monitors where they go & even has imposed a curfew. The one who I can't believe is even there, is Kendra. She isn't goodlooking or smart. What can Hef possibly see in her? She is just a hillbilly, with not even a personality. These girls think they can bleach their hair & they are hot. Kendra is too immature & much too wild to be there. Look at how stocky & bull-legged she is. How does he pick them?
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  • This trashy show is quite entertaining.

    I am ashamed to admit that I am a fan of The Girls Next Door. This reality series is about the lives of Hugh Hefners top three girlfriends. This show definalty reveals what a womaniser the Playboy founder really is. Even though this show is filled with lust, sex, profanity, and sin I can't seem to stop watching it. Hughs girlfriends are just to pretty to look away from I guess. Each episode is about a day in the life of the Playboy mansion, a Playboy event, or a holiday being celebrated. If you are a fan of the "Real World" type shows and like looking at beautiful women then you should check out The Girls Next Door... but don't tell your wife.
  • Who is the playboy ring girl

    in the episode fight night of the girls next door who had on all black. not cara zavaleta but the other one? shes really pretty. what is her name? Please Help. she has dark brown hair and a really pretty smile. she was posing with 2 other bunnies one had on yellow and one had on green and she gave a peace sign. i think she may have been the one to say look at all the dried blood and the other ring girls said ewww. but if you know who she is please tell me because she looks familar.
  • The Girls Next Door in our area known as The Girls of the Playboy Mansion is a relaxing half hour and a look at a fabolous, dream life...

    Who doesn't dreams of being as rich as Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends? They get everything they want even without asking it! Their lives are fabolous and unbelievable. And the show partly breaks the stereotieps against the playmates. We can see that hey aren't as stupid and b*tchy as we used to think they were. I think Holly is actually smart, Bridget is so-so and also Kendra is not as stupid as she shows she is. Of course they play a role, but sometimes we can se it breaks out, for example when they visit their families. Of course it1s not a calm show, but it turns my brain of for a half hour and makes me laugh and feel good! The only thing that bothers me about The Girls Next Door is that Hugh Hefner wears negliges in 90% of the times. Doesn't he know how to dress up? It's ok when only the four of them are at home, but when groups of visitors go to the house it is annoying for me to see him not being dressed up!!!
  • Someone stop me from watching this show now!

    Just kidding! The Girls Next Door is my guilty pleasure because it exemplifies the lowest form of reality television. Holly, Bridget and Kendra are Hugh Hefner's current girlfriends and have been for awhile. They all live in the Playboy mansion; Bridget and Kendra have their own rooms, but Holly is with Hef in "their" own bedroom.

    These girls are just simply blessed with access that all life has to offer. They are living in the adult version of Disney World and it just never ends. The TV show "shows" how they live their daily lives. You are thinking - wow that sounds interesting?

    At first, no, but once you watch one episode you just can't stop. It is quite entertaining and you are rooting for these girls to have fun and get what they want, ironically. The only thing that is a big annoyance is that Holly wants to marry Hef and he is not ready to get married again. Personally I think she is wasting some good years on a man who will die in less than 10.

    Bridget is the smartest of the group, she has a Master's Degree and wants to do something in broadcasting eventually. Kendra is a little flighty, but I think that is due to her age and the fact that she has no responsibility to anyone. Holly works at Playboy to show Hef she really loves what he has been doing all these years.

    You can jump in anytime to watch this show, but once you start - you'll never be able to turn back.
  • An octogenarian keeps a harem of women in a seemingly medieval reality. This show follows the lives of Hugh Heffner and his live in girlfriends.

    I simply cannot stop watching this show. It is fascinating to see three vapid, shameless women following around their 70 something year old boyfriend. Hugh is the master of the mansion. The girls actually have a curfew! I love the episode when he tells them he wants to speak to them. They are all worried, afraid that they 'did something wrong'. This show is like watching a train wreck!
  • This show captures the lives of the illustrious girlfriends of Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy. Hugh Hefner is known for his parties, his magazine and his women. This show takes a closer look into the lives of Holly, Bridget and Kendra.

    I am a huge fan of the Playboy name so I just had to buy this DVD. I love the show. These women are so fantastic. They completely go against of grain of what you would stereotypically expect. Hugh Hefner's Bio is pretty extensive and for individuals who really are huge fans of the playboy history, this show is a landmark of Hefner's surreal life. I am sure you all are as happy as I am to have front row seats that allow you to be apart of it. For those who are new to the playboy name you must admit that the surreality of the lives of this Man and these Women is more than perfect it is interesting. This show allows viewers to see first hand the domestic dynamics of the Playboy Mansion. The ladies personalities are phenomenally different, yet they each find their own way to bridge the gap of their relationship.
  • I think the show is cute,Kendra craks me up.Does anyone know what breed of pup is the one Bridget got?(the new little black one).

    I enjoy this show i think its fun,different,and i love how the girls do things together its cute.I hope it they dont pull the plug on it,at least not so soon.Becasue something exciting is always going to happen!you go girls!bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny bunnies rule!lol,so does baby puffin!awww hefyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol
  • ilove you all and Mr.Hugh.what is it like to live in the playboy masion Mr. Hugh is a very generous man.Im from jamaica.Im 20 and just a big fan. I think you all are very nice to mr Hugh. have you all ever been to Jamaica. mellyqmel@hotmail.

    Girls i really you all and not to mention Mr.Hugh. I ma a big fan and one of my wish is to meet you all i really hope thast wish can come through i just pray to god above to fulfil it. I always watch your shows. I wonder what is it like to live in the playboy masion Mr. Hugh is a very generous man and God would be please with him. I am from jamaica and i have never been out of Jamaica which travelling as always been one of my dreams.I am twenty years old and just a big big fan of you all. I think you all are very nice to mr Hugh and he is so kind. I wath the episode with the acting and you all have some acting skills. I like that you all try to include other playmate in your sleep overs, can i be invited? lol. I just love making friends and if we were all friends i'll be extatic.
    have you all ever been to Jamaica its great here the sunshine, beaches, hotels and the list goes on and on. Rihanna and Chris Brown where here in this year.
    I know most of the time celebrity they are busy they dont get to check there mail and they have agents are some1 that check it i hope you get mines and really put it in consideration.

    Maybe you can contact me at
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