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  • We miss Holly, Bridget and Kendra

    This show is so disappointing!!! I really believe that Hef cares about the girls and i have no doubt that he cared about Holly and she cared for him.. I am not going to watch the show no longer just for this reason..Kristina Shannon has alot to live up to when it comes to Holly..and the other two Crystal and Karissa Harris CANNOT hold a candle to Bridget or Kendra..sorry girls go get a real job!!!!!!!!!
    This show would be so much better if the NEW GIRLS wouldn't be so stupid and nasty!!!!!!!!!!! So Hef have fun paying there way and buying there things when they don't deserve it..they are just there for your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The "Girls Next Door" narrates the life of Hugh Hefner`s girlfriends, Holly, Bridget and Kendra.

    I absolutely adore the show. I think it`s hilarious and I love watching the life of these three beautiful women.
    When I first started watching the show I couldn`t understand how these three blondes shared Hef, and how they accepted living in the Mansion with the other two.. nowadays I would gladly accept too!
    Al first my favorite was Kendra, I found her the most beautiful one and u must admmit she is hilarious. She is so dumb and her laughter *lol* , and I love the fact she loves sports and exercises everytime she can. But after a while I started appreciating Holly because she is the most dedicated to Hef, and actually I think she is the only one who really loves him. I think the other two r there just because of the great life they have. I must say that I hate when Holly wears those "costumes", like those short skirts with sock over her knees buagh!
    Anyways, now my favorite is Bridget, I think she is the smartest one and she is the most natural of the 3. Even though when she is not wearing make up she looks kind of old. I think she is really sweet. I adore her voice and the jokes she makes.
    About Hef.. he must have been really good looking a few decades ago, actually he still his for his age. I love the fact he`s so good with the girls and specially with their families.

  • Who would think the Girls of the Playboy Mansion would be my addictive viewing, and I'm a girl!

    The sneak peak behind the gates into the lives of Hugh Hefner's girlfiends is facinating viewing. They live a fantasy girly life, full of parties, pretty clothes, travel, dining, glamourous photo shoots, the animals surrounding the mansion & their pets, and the interesting relationship they share with eachtother and Hef. The show always has a few laughs and you feel as if the girls really good be your bestfriend in the way they share their stories with you. Holly, girlfiend 'number 1' is a personal fav, you can tell she deeply cares for Hef alot and is not shy about badgering him for marriage and babies. Briget is a girly girl aswell as a lover of Halloween and all things spooky and loves dressing up.
    Kendra is really fun really grows on you, she was very young at the start of the series but seems to be maturing a lot, but you can't hate her tell it like it is attitude. I also really like Hef's secretary Mary, who has been working with him forever, she always serves up a few laughs and tells it like it.

    There is never a dull moment with the girls!
  • Ok, they got me

    I was sitting home last night watching TV with my girlfriend when this show came on. i was expecting a quick "turn this crap off"....but it never came. So we sat there and watched 2 episodes.
    I liked the show. Holly is extremely pretty, Kendra sucks, and Bridget is soooo jealous of everyone it's funny.
    Anyway, I question all of these girls' motives for wanting to date a man who is nearly 80 years old... but I'm not watching the show for relationship advice!
  • The Girls Next Door is truly addictive viewing. We've seen the end of the original GND, It's an end of era. There is never a dull moment with the girls! I'm sure to give the new girls a chance too,but It just might not feel the same with 'replaceme

    The Girls Next Door is truly addictive viewing.
    Although we have seen the end of the original Girls Next Door, It's an end of era. I'm not too keen on these newbies that have moved into the Mansion, after all the likebility of the show was based on the girls themselves, not that it was the Mansion and Mr Hefner.. let's get real the fans watched for the girls not thoses other factors! So I would love to watch the show spin offs or programs they enter into in the future. (Such as Kendra's planned show "Kendra" and Bridge'ts travel show "Bridget's Sexiest Beaches."

    The original girls next door allowe us a sneak peak behind the gates and the life of fantasy.

    They are very 'girly life,' and were spoiled with parties, clothes, travel, dining, glamourous photo shoots, the animals surrounding the mansion & their pets. There was always funny lines and ditzy moments.. and you feel as if the girls really could be your bestfriend in the way they share their stories with you. Holly, who at the time, was the 'number 1' girlfriend is a personal fav, she was the glue of the show. Briget love of all things spooky like Halloween and dressing up was great to watch.
    Kendra is always funny, and grew on me, she matured ALOT, throughout the first 5 seasons, I'm plreased she has moved onto her own show on E! There is never a dull moment with the girls! I'm sure to give the new girls a chance too, but It just might not feel the same with 'replacements.'
  • I came across this by accident - good thing it was.These girls are NOT the brightest! I think the peroxide has done some damage. When did the oldest profession become a reality show. Kendras laugh. My goodness, this movie should be Dumb& Dumber & Dumbest!

    Trailer TRASH GONE WILD!

    I came across this by accident - good thing it was.These girls are NOT the brightest! I think the peroxide has done some damage. When did the oldest profession become a reality show. Kendras laugh. My goodness, this movie should be Dumb& Dumber & Dumbest!

    My goodness I cant believe these girls actually think living with a man old enough to be their grandfather, is sexy. Let alone that they're sleeping with him! My goodness, what will their resume say - oldest profession on a reality show. They must have had poor upbringing, - it shows -no morals!
  • Three Hot Main Girls, Their hot friends, One Multi-Millionaire and his mansion?

    The girls next door is about Hugh Hefner and his three lady friends. Holly, who is Hef's #1 girlfriend. Bridgette, who is a giddy blonde still in college. Kendall, who is the athletic blonde who is really loud and immature. The show is a very fun with a nice look of what goes on the legendary mansion on a daily basis. The girls are fun and we get to see all of their different personalities shining through. The kills time if you are bored or can't find anything else on. It is one of my guilty pleasures. Check it out if you ever have time or are bored.
  • I love this show

    This is one of my fav shows it gets better the more i watch it, mostof the people in my family watch that have E! and love it and say they look forward to the new episodes. This show is suprissing at first they are not the "type" that you expect when you hear what the show is about. Holly! Bridget! Kendra! & Hef! Rock! You gotta love the girls
  • I look forward to every episode and I'm greatful for the chance to see how life is at the Playboy Mansion. Class act as usual.

    I can't quite put my finger on the reason I enjoy this show so much. I'm a 46 yr old mother of four men, Grandmother of one grandson, not the target audience I'm sure. I TiVo every show and have watched each episode several times. I think the girls are so cute and I see why Hugh Heffner has chosen to surround himself with three distinctly different personalities wrapped up in three distinctly different packages. Why not? The commitment is there from and to the girls. Like the magazine, the show is so tastefully done and happily they have left out any drama that could be candy to negative critics. I love the relationship between the girls. It's not perfect, like any family, and they allow you to make up your own mind about the relationships with the aid of the skipping record sounds and facial reactions. Holly's beauty, class and sweet special relationship with her Puffin makes what usually would be considered an irritating laugh, an endearing trademark.
    Bridgette, my personal favorite, is such a sweetheart. I love the fact that she has more realistic female curves. I think she is an awesome role model for anyone to admire. She is real, creative, and considerate and seems to take nothing for granted. I hope she gets a direction like Holly has. She deserves happiness and success of her own.
    I enjoy Kendra's free spirit. Wow can that girl move her ass. As a Mom, I have to agree with her Grandmother, the grill is difficult to see in such a beautiful mouth, but you can't take anything away from this girl without looking like your trying to change her. She's silly and spoiled and a joy to watch.
    I have to give the show a "10" and I look forward to new episodes and hope the girls keep Hef young and healthy for many years to come. Thank you for sharing the playboy mansion and the life within it with its many fans.
    C. Irwin, Hollister, Ca.
  • Hef's girls

    I think the girls are great. My son and I watch this show every Sunday night. We just crack up. All three of them are just beautiful. Holly has gorgeous eyes. Bridget is more intelligent than people think. And Kendra is hilarious. Most people think they are just dumb blondes, but they aren't. I don't know how they can keep up with all the mail that they receive. It seems that they are constantly carrying a stack of pics to sign and send off to people. Girls if you read this, keep up the good work and good luck to ya.
  • so funy!

    It follows the lives of Hugh Heffners 3 girlfriends living in the playboy mansion - Holly, Bridget and Kendra! It shows parties at the mansion and everything! Omg when i watch this show i just laugh!! Kendra is the funniest although Bridget is my favourite! I like Holly too shes just not as funny as kendra and Bridget.. I have seen nearly every episode and i love every single one of them! I would advise any one to watch it.. Its a little like the simple life but its better! watch it!! brillant show!!
    A + + + + + + + + + + +
  • I don't tell people I'm a girl who watches this show.

    It's the epitomy of a guilty pleasure. I think it's hilarious with their odd antics and stupid ways of viewing life but I can't help watch Holly's odd brand of devotion, Bridget's ditzyness and Kendras trashy ghettoness. I like Kendra the most because she's just the oddest combination of white trash, stupid, sporty, girly, and above all her faux ghettoness is just decadent.
    It's fun to watch girls do nothing with their lives and yet do it so spectacularly lavishly. It's mindless but entertaining. I watched all the commentaries on the DVD as well while working on other things.
  • This show is about Hugh Hefner's #3 girlfreinds and how there lives in the play boy mansion.It's very funny but not intended for the younger audience!Girls will most likely enjoy the show more than guys but who knows guys may too!

    This probably one of the best reality shows this year!I absolutely love this show its hilarious mostly Kendra.I cant wait until the next season..i love this show never missed one episode! Holly is my personal favorite girlfriend next to bridget. Holly is hugh's #1 girlfriend. Bridget is the smartest one because she is currently attending college. Kendra is the sports CrAzY one and probably the funniest in my opinion.
  • Love the Girls! This show is worthy of my Sunday night attention...they've got me hooked!

    The show is influential, trendy, hot, sexy, but also tame and harmless. Show may not make it to another season if a certain extremist group has their way. View petition: All fans please show your support or there *may* not be a second season! I love this show, I was really impressed by it! Here's to hoping next season will include GND in the lineup!

    I think it is captivating, how the girls live there lives. It shows the world that they are real people too not just a stereo-type. This show also show how its like to live a life full of fun. The girls are very friendly to eachother which shows a lot of understanding that most women don\'t have. It also shows a sweet side to Mr. Hefner which you don\'t see through the media. I think the show is uplifting. I didn\'t think I would like it at first, but before I knew it I had watched 3 shows in a row. I feel it is one of the better new reality shows that has been put on the market.
  • I hate Reality TV! Now that that little piece of info is out of the way, let me state, that I have found my new favorite form of Brain Rot on TV...

    I am not usually a sucker for Reality TV... I think it’s the most UN-real stuff on TV... However, there is something about the show that I can’t explain... In addition, its more then just T&A for me... There is a real charm about this show that is missed on every other B level Caleb Show on TV right now... Come on admit it... Who hasn’t at some point wanted to know what goes on in the Grotto? God Bless you Heff you are my new Idol!
  • Totally unexpectly good.

    The girls are beautiful. Hef is sweet. What's not to love? I can't wait to get my Nov issue of Playboy to see the girls pics. They seemed so happy to get into the magazine. It's a look into a world that most of us will never be a part of. It isn't played up as over sexual. Totally not what I expected.
  • My new favorite show!

    I have to admit, I was skeptical when a show was made about Hugh Hefners girlfriends. A little strange that these beautiful girls would want a nearly 80 year old man, but very entertaining. Bridget is adorable, Kendra is young and spunky, and Holly is of course, Heffs favorite. I actually find myself making time for this show--Definitely something that I don't usually do. Very fun show!
  • E!'s look at Playboy Girls in their natural habitat!

    Oh, I admit it, I love these gals. My husband and I watch faithfully and just howl at their antics. It's such a "de-mystifying" of the Playboy Mansion, you'll love it. The girls are cute, fun and there's always a new situation to giggle about. The girls have a bridal shower! The girls go skiing! It's Hef's birthday! There are also moments of "history"--Barbie Benton comes by to talk about the glory days. Hef wanders around and laughs his strange 'gaffaw" now and again, but lets the girls shine. Whomever came up with this concept is a genius. Not only does it showcase all things Playboy, it actually makes porn look "wholesome" and fun! Even when the girls are naked it's almost like seeing dolls--with things fuzzed out. HUGE guilty pleasure!
  • Dont tell my church, but I'm hooked on the girls next door. Please marry Holly Hef. And why can't she have a baby, surly there's enough love and money for one more.

    I recently had surgery and spent alot of time stuck in a chair where my only entertainment was the boxed sets of the girls. Dont tell my church. Please marry Holly Hef. And why can't she have a baby, surly there's enough love and money for one more. I love seeing who comes to your parties. The girls seem so down to earth and don't seem to take all the wealth for granted. I'd like to see one of you especially Hef on dancing with the stars. And how about an episode showing all the girls who have been GIRLfriends. It may take 50 shows but that's all right.
  • Inside the Playboy Girls World

    They're often blond, very ambitious and always beautiful. They're the young women who travel from towns and cities across America in hopes of sharing one man's incredible dream: life at the Playboy Mansion. This unique eight episode reality series takes viewers beyond the gates and behind closed doors to reveal the world of Hugh Hefner's mansion as it has never been seen before: through the eyes of the women who live, play - and, of course, party - with him. It's the secret side of an American legend and the fabled home that has captivated the imagination of millions.
    Good Show
  • This show proves that if you find enough hot girls, anything can be watchable.

    While The Girls Next Door is pointless and redundant, it is still a very addictive show. The only real reason a guy would watch this is because of the ridiculous amount of sexiness and skimpiness. All three of the girls are gorgeous, and they do enough different things to keep the show interesting. One thing that surprised me was how smart Holly and Bridget are. They're not geniuses but they have a certain charm about them that shows there are real, (somewhat) thoughtful people underneath the silicon and makeup. This is a stupid waste of time, but if you want to see really hot girls running around in bikinis every week, this is the show for you.
  • good show on E about three of hefs play boy bunnies helping him run his empire

    So these three girls are very good looking I get that and I believe that is one of the core reasons many people tune into this show but I also think its more annoying then anything and feels a little to staged for a reality tv show but all in all there is a ton of people out there that like it for its humor and scope and I guess I like holly but that kendra is just annoying just listen to her laugh and you'll understand and somtimes I think Hue Hefner can get pretty angry at them for the stupid stuff they do like when they got paint all over that white rug
  • Everybody wonders how Hugh Hefner can live such an extravagant lifestyle. This isn’t about Hugh Hefner though, its about his three leading ladies. The series follows Holly, Bridget, and Kendra as they carry on their usual routine in barely there outfits

    I’ve watched the first two episodes and I’m absolutely hooked. I was very surprised but the three bottled blondes on Hefner’s arms actually seem sincere. If anything, they look as though they are completely emotionally dependant on Hefner. Surprisingly, each has a genuine and distinct personality.

    Holly is practically a desperate housewife. As the head girlfriend, she seems to be in charge of making sure the other girls fall in line. She even gets blamed for Kendra’s lateness. She has a bit of a jealous streak and doesn’t like the fact that when she and Hefner are in public, her sole purpose is to be eye candy. Of course, Holly knows how to play the social game and never lets her true feelings be known. She goes out of her way to be friendly to the playmates and various bunnies that visit the mansion. It is clear though that her “friendship” is anything but sincere.

    Bridgette is very sweet but almost pathetic. She reminds me of Lisa Kudrow from The Comeback. She wants to be liked but is envious of the playmates because they have better bodies, are younger, and actually have pictorials in the magazine. She doesn’t seem to mind sharing Hefner, but she seems more caught up in her own insecurities than tending to Hefner’s every need.

    Kendra is young, aloof, and just wants to have fun. She avidly works out, has no sense of time, and seems to be around because she keeps Hefner on his toes. It almost seems like Hefner takes on a paternal role towards her. Of all three girlfriends, Kendra seems the least devoted to Hefner.

    Knowing E!, I was concerned this was going to be another over scripted reality show like the Anna Nicole Show. However, I have been presently surprised so far and can honestly say that I am addicted to these bunnies.
  • Watch the now ancient Hugh Hefner fish kiss "girlfriends" young enough to be his granddaughters.

    I watch “ The Girls Next Door” because of what it reveals about the Playboy mansion style of living and the people living there – namely Hugh and his so-called “girlfriends”. Now, Hugh is what, like, 70+ years old ?! His three featured harem girlfriends – Holly, who shares the bed with him; Bridget, who’s a Playmate wannabe; and Kendra, the roughedge tomboy – are young enough (and immature enough) to be his granddaughters ! It’s weird to watch them interact. Seeing the ancient, crack-faced Hugh fish-kiss these blond, vapid nymphs shows him to be afflicted with some sort of geriatric pedophilia. I’m sure that was very cool in the 60s and 70s at the peak of Playboy when he was in his prime, but now it’s just creepy. Tonight’s episode “Kendra’s Birthday” had to have had many off-camera, edited-out awkward moments between Hef and Kendra’s mother and grandmother, the latter which had to have been Hef’s age. How could she contain herself in the company the geezer legend bedding her own granddaughter ?!

    And the girls themselves seem to have no productive life of their own; they’re just eye-candy for his various outings, on call for bedroom duty, and just wasting time around the ole mansion playing with their pets and nursing their own insecurities and jealousies, especially when new chicks show up on the property. When you peek beneath the thin shiny blond and forced-smile veneer of this farce you’ll end up feeling sorry for Hef and the girls leading such a shallow, meaningless life, which makes for a fascinating psychological study …. which is why I’ll keep watching … for awhile ….
  • ...

    Personally, I like "The Playboy Organization". Hugh Hefner took a simple concept of a men's magazine with "girl next door" type nude pictorial and grew it a recognizable multi-national organization.

    What Hugh Hefner has is three twenty-something women, all with different personalities, but are typical platinum blondes with all the right attributes, who are his 'girlfriends'. These women all live at the huge and fabulous Playboy mansion and share Hugh Hefner when needed. There are cute little squabbles, cute little jealousies, wonderful little parties, they all share the magazine projects and they all share Hef. They're SO cute!! It's such a cute portrayal, right? You've got to be kidding. Or better yet, to whom are they kidding - the guys who write to "Penthouse Forum"? (Sorry, couldn't resist.) What a crock! But... that is the beauty of the show.

    Some guys will watch this and fall into the "crock". Other guys will watch for the eye candy and skip the informative narratives. (And there are plenty.) Some women will watch and be totally disgusted that an 80 year old man who talks openly about taking Viagra, and has had a below the waist implant romps around with these three twenty something 'girl friends'. Still other women will call them nothing but gold digging tramps who 'rob the old age home' for men with money and connections and have no self respect or morals.

    But...other cosmopolitan women will look at this and know it's 'full of it' because no woman is comfortable in sharing her man with any other woman, let alone live in the same house with them and also work together. They would kill each other, and Hef would have to find other women for his enjoyment. But these women don't. And week after week they get cuter, and more delusional about their individual relationships with Hugh Hefner. If you watch the program knowing that, it is entertainment, you can't help but laugh.

    But make no mistake, this show is as crafty as Playboy Magazine itself. And while it looks like these gals have the "upper hand", it's Hugh Hefner at his wittiest and smartest pulling 'just another one' on the media market. Ya gotta give the man a hand for that, 80 years old or not. Now that's real entertainment.
  • This show is so weird. Why is this on the air.That's 30 minutes I'll never get back.

    This show is so weird. Why is this on the air.That's 30 minutes I'll never get back. That show is really only for people who like girls. I need to scrub my eyes out, I'll never get that picture out of my head now. I feel dumber for watching that.
  • Words cant describe how rubbish the new show is! BIG thumbs down!!

    I totally agree the show is sooooo boring with out Bridget Kendra and Holly I miss them ! And I hate what that Crystal said ' Im not the new Holly. Holly is the old me!' PLEASE she wishes lol Crystal and the twins are a joke plus two sisters sharing the same man! Talk about incest!!! Grose!! Please, Please, Please do NOT waist your time watching this CR*P go and have a CR*P instead it would be a much better use of your time and much more enjoyable!
    What were you thinking hef?x
    Holly, Bridget and Kendra we miss you puffings x
  • Its the best reality show there is!! I LOVE IT!!!

    I LOVE IT!!!! Especially Kendra!! Its my personally favorite reality show there is! I never miss an episode, and watch them over and over again. There are all hot and smart, that makes it even better. Not to many women have both brains and a great body to go with it. They are all very nice and I don't think they let it go to there heads about being beautiful and living in the Playboy Mansion. They are down to earth, especially Kendra. They all have a sense of humor and love to live life to the fullest and I personally do that myself. I hope the best for all the girls especially Holly with Hef!! I would also love to meet them all one day!!
  • amazing these girls are so hot

    i would have to say this is one of the most amazing shows i have ever seen the girls being hot is also a bonus i would watch this shhow for ever if i could so i am going to bring an episode of this show to my grave w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w
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