The Girls Next Door

E! (ended 2010)





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  • The Girls Next Door in our area known as The Girls of the Playboy Mansion is a relaxing half hour and a look at a fabolous, dream life...

    Who doesn't dreams of being as rich as Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends? They get everything they want even without asking it! Their lives are fabolous and unbelievable. And the show partly breaks the stereotieps against the playmates. We can see that hey aren't as stupid and b*tchy as we used to think they were. I think Holly is actually smart, Bridget is so-so and also Kendra is not as stupid as she shows she is. Of course they play a role, but sometimes we can se it breaks out, for example when they visit their families. Of course it1s not a calm show, but it turns my brain of for a half hour and makes me laugh and feel good! The only thing that bothers me about The Girls Next Door is that Hugh Hefner wears negliges in 90% of the times. Doesn't he know how to dress up? It's ok when only the four of them are at home, but when groups of visitors go to the house it is annoying for me to see him not being dressed up!!!