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  • Someone stop me from watching this show now!

    Just kidding! The Girls Next Door is my guilty pleasure because it exemplifies the lowest form of reality television. Holly, Bridget and Kendra are Hugh Hefner's current girlfriends and have been for awhile. They all live in the Playboy mansion; Bridget and Kendra have their own rooms, but Holly is with Hef in "their" own bedroom.

    These girls are just simply blessed with access that all life has to offer. They are living in the adult version of Disney World and it just never ends. The TV show "shows" how they live their daily lives. You are thinking - wow that sounds interesting?

    At first, no, but once you watch one episode you just can't stop. It is quite entertaining and you are rooting for these girls to have fun and get what they want, ironically. The only thing that is a big annoyance is that Holly wants to marry Hef and he is not ready to get married again. Personally I think she is wasting some good years on a man who will die in less than 10.

    Bridget is the smartest of the group, she has a Master's Degree and wants to do something in broadcasting eventually. Kendra is a little flighty, but I think that is due to her age and the fact that she has no responsibility to anyone. Holly works at Playboy to show Hef she really loves what he has been doing all these years.

    You can jump in anytime to watch this show, but once you start - you'll never be able to turn back.
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