The Girls Next Door

E! (ended 2010)





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  • Who would think the Girls of the Playboy Mansion would be my addictive viewing, and I'm a girl!

    The sneak peak behind the gates into the lives of Hugh Hefner's girlfiends is facinating viewing. They live a fantasy girly life, full of parties, pretty clothes, travel, dining, glamourous photo shoots, the animals surrounding the mansion & their pets, and the interesting relationship they share with eachtother and Hef. The show always has a few laughs and you feel as if the girls really good be your bestfriend in the way they share their stories with you. Holly, girlfiend 'number 1' is a personal fav, you can tell she deeply cares for Hef alot and is not shy about badgering him for marriage and babies. Briget is a girly girl aswell as a lover of Halloween and all things spooky and loves dressing up.
    Kendra is really fun really grows on you, she was very young at the start of the series but seems to be maturing a lot, but you can't hate her tell it like it is attitude. I also really like Hef's secretary Mary, who has been working with him forever, she always serves up a few laughs and tells it like it.

    There is never a dull moment with the girls!