The Gisele MacKenzie Show

NBC (ended 1958)


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  • Season 1
    • September 28, 1957
      Gisele's guest is Art Linkletter. Highlights: Gisele and Art duet with "Paper Moon". Gisele sings "Merci Beaucoup", "I Love Paris" and "Tammy". Art Linkletter sets the stage for a song-by-song account of Gisele's career "This Is Your Life" with humor.
    • October 5, 1957
      October 5, 1957
      Episode 2
      Gisele's guest is Dennis Day. Highlights: Gisele and Dennis duet to "Blue Suede Shoes". Dennis sings "The Wiggle of the Kilt". Gisele sings "La Vie en Rose", "Middle of the Island" and "An Affair to Remember".
    • October 12, 1957
      October 12, 1957
      Episode 3
      Gisele's guest is Ronald Reagan. Highlights: Gisele and Ronald duet on "I've Got a Crush on You" and "You're the Top". Gisele sings "Goody-Goody", "Fascination" and "Little Man, You've Had a Busy Day". Also the 4 Little Boys with "Jeepers Creepers".
    • October 19, 1957
      October 19, 1957
      Episode 4
      Gisele's guest is Bob Crosby. Highlights: Gisele's ex-boss Bob Crosby chats about their radio days and they duet to "Singing the Blues". Gisele sings "Tip Toe Through the Tulips" and "My Heart Reminds Me".
    • October 26, 1957
      October 26, 1957
      Episode 5
      Gisele's guest is Jack Benny. Highlights: Gisele MacKenzie perform on the violin as she and her guest Jack Benny reminisce over the days the Benny troupe toured London, and the two worked in Las Vegas. Jack and Gisele pick up the violins and run through a Chardis duet. Gisele sings "June Night", "Chances Are" and "La Fiacre".moreless
    • November 2, 1957
      November 2, 1957
      Episode 6
      Gisele's guest is Eddie Fisher. Highlights: Gisele and Eddie duet to "Mutual Admiration Society" and "You Do Something to Me". Eddie sings "Sayonara". Gisele sings "From This Moment On" and "This I Know". The Curfew Kids are in the finale with "Little Old Lady".
    • November 9, 1957
      November 9, 1957
      Episode 7
      Gisele's guests are George Raft and Dean Martin. Highlights: Gisele and Dean Martin finish "Walking My Baby Back Home" which they began at the end of the preceding show Club Oasis. Gisele sings "Melodie D'Amour" and "It's Not For Me". George Raft teams with Gisele and the Curfew Kids for a dance number "Top Hat". The finale has George Raft and Gisele doing the tango to "Orchids in the Moonlight". A salute to George Raft's first show-biz Tango 30 years ago.moreless
    • November 16, 1957
      Gisele's guests are Boris Karloff and Johnny Desmond. Highlights: Boris laments that he has been doing too much singing and dancing as a guest on TV shows and longs to become a monster again. Boris sings "Those Were the Good Old Days" from Damn Yankees. Gisele sings "Give Me the Simple Life" and "All the Way". Johnny croons "Keep Me In Mind". The finale includes all three rendering "The Girl Friend of the Whirling Dervish".moreless
    • November 23, 1957
      Gisele's guest is Margaret Truman. Highlights: Gisele opens with "Them There Eyes". Gisele joined by Margaret Truman and the Curfew Kids sing and dance to "The Huckle Buck". Gisele and Margaret duet with "I Only Have Eyes For You" and play the piano together in a version of "Sisters". Gisele also offers one of the numbers in her repertoire, the French tune, "Le Fiacre".moreless
    • November 30, 1957
      November 30, 1957
      Episode 10
      Gisele's guest is Anna Maria Alberghetti. Highlights: The girls grab a male singer named Henry Banke for "Fascination" and do a comedy aided by the NBC film department. Anna Maria sings "I've Got a Crush On You". Gisele sings "Till", "Never Go Away" and "Shine On My Shoes".
    • December 7, 1957
      December 7, 1957
      Episode 11
      Gisele's guest is Cesar Romero. Highlights: Cesar rumbas with Gisele. Gisele dances with the Curfew Kids to "The Lord Loves a Laughing Man". Gisele and Cesar dance the mambo to "Who's Got the Pain". The Curfew Kids dance with four little girls. Gisele sings "Melodie D'Amour" and a Christmas novelty "Too Fat For the Chimney".moreless
    • December 14, 1957
      December 14, 1957
      Episode 12
      Gisele's guest is George DeWitt. Highlights: Gisele and the Curfew Kids perform "Old-fashioned Walk". George and Gisele do a skit together.
    • December 21, 1957
      December 21, 1957
      Episode 13
      Gisele's guest is Edgar Bergen. Highlights: Gisele does a song-and-dancer version of "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers" with the Curfew Kids. Gisele and the Curfew Kids perform "The Christmas Waltz" and "Frosty, the Snowman". Gisele sings the French version of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer".
    • January 4, 1958
      January 4, 1958
      Episode 14
      Gisele's guests are George Montgomery and Molly Bee. Highlights: Molly Bee sings "Buzz, Buzz, Buzz".
    • January 11, 1958
      January 11, 1958
      Episode 15
      Gisele's guests are Russell Arms and Snooky Lanson. Highlights: Gisele's old Hit Parade partners visit tonight. Songs include "Love and Marriage", "This Old House" and "Let Me Go, Lover".
    • January 18, 1958
      January 18, 1958
      Episode 16
      Gisele's guests are Johnny Mercer and Stubby Kaye. Highlights: Gisele joins Johnny in a medley of his own tunes including "Accentuate the Positive". Stubby Kaye performs "Personality". Stubby and Gisele duet with "Too Close For Comfort".
    • January 25, 1958
      January 25, 1958
      Episode 17
      Gisele's guests are Mark Stevens and Randy Sparks. Highlights: Gisele and ensemble lead off with "It's Delovely" and "I'm Gonna Live Till I Die". Mark and Randy join Gisele in "Friendship". Randy Sparks gives out with "Walking the Low Road". Gisele solos with "No Love" and "Drummer Boy".
    • February 8, 1958
      February 8, 1958
      Episode 18
      Gisele's guests are Roger Williams and Robert Clary. Highlights: Gisele sings "Gypsy In My Soul" and "Magic Moments". Robert Clary sings "I Won't Dance".
    • February 15, 1958
      February 15, 1958
      Episode 19
      Gisele's guests are Jimmie Rodgers and The Four Preps. Highlights: The Preps sing "Twenty-six Miles". Gisele sings "Let's Dance".
    • February 22, 1958
      February 22, 1958
      Episode 20
      Gisele's guests are Folk-singer Randy Sparks and The Paul Smith Jazz Combo. Highlights: Gisele sings "Sweet Madness", "I May Be Wrong", "Let's Dance", "You Make Me Feel So Young" and "Come to Me, My True Love". Paul Smith treats with his version of "Chop Sticks". Gisele charms her dachshund Wolfgang with "You're Blase". Randy Sparks does "Belonging to Someone".moreless
    • March 1, 1958
      March 1, 1958
      Episode 21
      Gisele's guests are Eddie Foy Jr., Miyoshi Umeki and NBC cameraman Lee Mossman, who was "discovered" as a singer by Gisele MacKenzie so he gets a shot on her show tonight. Highlights: Miyoshi and Gisele duet with "Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes". Gisele sings some French lullaby's.
    • March 8, 1958
      March 8, 1958
      Episode 22
      Comedian George DeWitt makes a return appearance on Gisele's show.
    • March 15, 1958
      March 15, 1958
      Episode 23
      Gisele's guests are songstress June Hutton and the George Arnold's "Rhythm on Ice Revue".
    • March 22, 1958
      March 22, 1958
      Episode 24
      Gisele's guest is Edie Adams. Highlights: Edie and Gisele duet on "It's So Nice to Have a Man Around the House" and "It's Delightful to be Married". The Curfew Kids join Gisele for "Tip Toe Through the Tulips". The dancers perform to "I Left My Hat in Haiti".
    • March 29, 1958
      March 29, 1958
      Episode 25
      Gisele's guests for her final program are Miyoshi Umeki and NBC cameraman Lee Mossman. Highlights: Miyoshi performs "How Deep Is the Ocean". Gisele sings songs from "The King and I", she will be starring in the stage version in San Francisco as her show ends it's run.