The Glades

Season 1 Episode 13

Breaking 80

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2010 on A&E
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A man recently released from prison is found dead along the fairway. The victim was the caddy and life-long friend of professional golfer Scott Winters. Things don't add up for Longworth when he discovers the victim may have served time for a crime he didn't commit. The case motivates Longworth to commit to breaking 80 on the greens. Heather tempts Longworth with her cooking while Callie frets over their relationship. Daniel seeks a promotion from his intern status.moreless

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  • So good that I'm going to need to vent, which means this review contains spoilers.

    This was an excellent episode and an awesome way to end a season. Nice touch that the finale was on a golf course, since of course the premiere started on a golf course. The case was interesting enough, with a recently paroled man showing up dead on a golf course, the cause of death a blow to the head by golf club. Turns out that the guy may not have done the crime that he went to jail for and his famous golf champ buddy might not be as squeaky clean as he appears to be. It wasn't hard to figure out who the killer was. The real appeal of the episode was in the drama with the characters. At this point, Jim seems to be resigned to moving on, and Heather seems to be part of the plan. On paper, she seems to be perfect - she's beautiful, rich, unencumbered, they have chemistry, and they share a love of golf. She's also very decidedly into Jim, which was an interesting change for him. Callie, on the other hand appears to be rather jealous of Heather, which is a tad annoying since she is married and took her sweet time making a decision. I mean the woman treated Jim like a yo-yo before finally making up her mind, then being resentful when he's showing a bit of uncertainty when she starts to make excuses. Okay, I get that plans changed when Jeff snuck off to the prison and it was a little awkward with Ray telling her that she and Jeff were the only things keeping him going, but it still sounded like she was making excuses. She could have warned him that she needed to talk to him when Jeff wasn't around, or told Jim that she was going to see a lawyer and when she went to see Ray again it would be with divorce papers in her hand. So really, who could blame him for wanting to explore another option? He has fun with Heather, who actually admits that she enjoys spending time with him. He's on the course of his dreams with the woman whose been helping him with his longtime dream of breaking 80, and it happens. In shock and joy he and Heather start to celebrate and just when you think that something is about to happen between them, he realizes that it didn't mean as much when you don't have the right person there to share the moment with. That person wasn't Heather. Unlike Callie, Heather takes the realization well and is very mature about it.

    Jim goes to Callie to tell her all about his realization and they finally consummate the attraction between them (side note: Matt Passmore is so hot. Sorry, had to mention that.) and he gets to share the good news with her. The next day, they're all sweet and couplish with Jim making her breakfast, complete with bacon and freshly squeezed orange juice. They start kissing and before I've finished going "aaaaaaaawwwwwwwww" she gets a call from Ray-which of course, is equivalent to throwing ice water on the mood. She thinks that he was thrown into isolation because of something stupid. Turns out he decided to step up and play informant so he could get out, screwing up things between Callie and Jim. I'm already preparing for a season of excuses from Callie; they won't let him out of jail unless he has someone to stay with and he's already said that he's staying with her, it hasn't been long enough since he's been out of jail and she doesn't want to be the kind of woman who divorces her husband when he just got out of jail, she and Jeff are the only things that are keeping him from going back to his old ways, Jeff's going through something and it isn't the right time to tell him that his parents are splitting up, etc. The problem is, I still can't wait until the next season starts. I'm as addicted as ever.moreless
  • I quite like this series for the procedural component.

    The cases are interesting, they don't seem to take all the usual and predictable twists and turns that many cop shows take, at least not all the time. And I like the characters of Longworth and Sanchez. The characters and the men who portray them, bounce performances off each other with an ease that is captivating.

    I must admit that this is the first show I have seen where I find the the female lead character and is-she-or-isn't-she romantic lead (Callie) to be tiresome. The whine, whine, whine and poor-me personna is so grating that I am hoping Longworth just moves on and finds someone with, you know...a pair! Throughout the season Callie has played this cat and mouse game and this episode was no different, until finally Longworth makes the move and then a brief morning-after moment of bliss is presented as the cliffhanger moment when the convicted felon of a hubby calls to say he's been good boy, he's getting out, and he's coming home!

    I say: tough! Fish or cut bait. But don't leave what is a good cop show hanging on this woman's indecision. It marginalizes the really great aspect of the series: the procedural.moreless
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